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Harry Redknapp admits that Roman Pavlychenko is now showing the form which made Tottenham buy him in the first place.

The Russian striker has scored eight goals in the past six games and maintained Tottenham’s hopes of a top four finish this term.

“He hasn’t done himself any harm by scoring goals,” Redknapp said. “People must be looking at him. Looking back he did that against England for Russia (in 2007).”

Redknapp said: “It’s amazing. He’s scoring goals and technically he is a fantastic player and a terrific player. He has the appetite for the game – the transfer window came and went and he realised he wasn’t going back to Russia. He knuckled down and is in top form.

“From the way he was playing and training, he wanted to go back to Russia, that was the message I was getting getting, but we didn’t want to sell him.

“He’s got his chance and is in the team. It’s given me a nice problem. The amount of goals he’s scored is fantastic for us. If he can continue to score it gives us every chance.

“He’s working harder and putting a shift in. That’s all I’ve ever asked of him.”

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  1. Harry should have admitted he got it wrong. Putting Keane before Pav in many games has meant that we are not certain of a top four place. Getting rid of Keane has now helped the team.

  2. Amazing how he’s producing performances now he feels wanted. Everybody knows harry has his favourites and pav wasn’t really one of them but he can’t ignore him on this form. Good luck to the lad. He’s got more ability in his left little toe than crouch has in his whole two metres. Super super pav.

  3. If only he’d been there at,Stoke,Wolves home and away,Hull and even those against Chelsea,Man utd and Arsenal.Makes you think doesn’t it there must be at least another nine points amongst those games,still never mind.

  4. Can’t remember the last time Spurs has a +25 goal average! It’s very impressive and Harry is doing a fine job. I really hope Pav stays he is showing his class now. It’s a real shame Palacios is one yellow card from missing two games that will be a huge blow. It’s going to be tight for 4th and we do have the hardest run in on paper but you never know things might go our way.

    Keep it going lads! COYS.

  5. It was good to see Pav scoring again and proving how wrong we have been to have kept him on the bench for such a long time. What a lot more goals he would have scored and what a lot more matches we would have won had he played.

  6. It was good to see Pav scoring again and proving how wrong we have been to have kept him on the bench for such a long time. What a lot more goals he would have scored and what a lot more matches we would have won had he played.

  7. Thankfully Pav scored against Wigan and against Bolton, otherwise I’m 90% sure that he’d still be sitting on the bench. Now we just need to find him a striker partner who understands, give and go, running in to open space and the onside rule. COYS

  8. i have allready wrote that if harry give a chance to pav he wiil get the results.i hope that lennon will be fit soon to help the team continue this good form.i wonder what a great team we will be with lennon on the right and bale on the left and pav and defoe infrant.another thing i want to say is that allthou palacios is a great player he allways make me afraid of those square passes he do wich are very dangerouse especialy when we play against bigger teams.

  9. Pav is quality; but lets not Knock Arry or Crouch who have both been fine 4 us. Crouch just losing a bit of confidence & we the fans need 2 show we appreciate him- lets not 4get it was his 2 that got 3 pts away to blackburn. And Arry also 2b fair has stated if u show right attitude & do business u will get chance- this it appears Arry is partly doing. Yes his style of management aint my cup of tea- & opportunities have come due 2 circumstances as oppose 2 Arry giving opportunities but he is sticking by his word. Lets encourage the team 4 this 4th spot!

  10. No one likes a smug git who says I told you so but I told you so, Pav was always a good striker ok when he arrived at spurs he didn’t wow us but by then he had already played more or less half of Russias domestic season but he still scored goals for us. It hasn’t helped him being down the pecking order when Robbie was there either and as for us starting with head on a stick Crouch big mistake, in my humble opinion our starting strikers should be Pav and JD barring injury or huge dip in form or suspension. Crouch for me does give us different options but as an impact player coming off the bench after say sixty five minutes into a game if we need to make something happen. As much as I like Robbie unless he realises that it’s a squad game as much as its a team game then we may have to let him go and blood one of the many younger players we currently have at the club. What’s happened to John Bostock? The good thing about this is we don’t have to shell out for new player, the player himself is glad for the playing time and tries to impress the players stock value raises win win all round I think. But please Harry as good a job that you’re doing please no more starting with Peter Crouch and more Pav and JD please. Lillywhitetilidie.

  11. i disagree slightly with u lilly, i think against stoke we should start crouch, because of his height, u know what to expect from stoke, drop defoe to the bench.

  12. Yeah natrug. Play crouch, knock it long, and play to stoke’s strength rather than have a nippy little forward snapping at their heels. Thank god you’re not the manager.

  13. Ok each game on its merits but still for me its Pav and JD I mean its not as if Crouch is prolific in front of goal if he were then we wouldn't be having this debate. No I stick by my earlier sentiments use the head on a stick as an impact player off the bench. Saw a snippet somewhere that we were looking at the Danish international Simon Kjaer (think that's how you spell his name) now that could be a very sensible buy but it being world cup year you just know the prices for players are going to be grossly over inflated wait and see eh. Lillywhitetilidie.

  14. Got to say…(harrys style)Leaves alot to be desired, but overall
    you can’t knock the fact that we are in 4th.Even though it could be
    argued that any manager worth their salts, should be able(having one of the best prem squads)to achieve (one of the best positions).Have to say, i switched the tv off after 35 mins. we looked flat and predictable (bar Bale)….like I said , if this means finishing in the right place then so be it.I love defoe, but cant help but get that ‘Cheryl cole feelin'(Where I look at my misses while shes asleep and pretend in hope that shell awake as Chez). He lacks a brain ..I have had to except this fact, but he just seems to have more confidence in his game when playing without Giraffe man….he looks to pass and has a compitent partner to work as a foil and gives better options.
    (oh awoke to the song of 3-1)

  15. Nice problem means he may not want Keane back! It is a hard decison to make, but perhaps Pav will still not want to stay anyway come summertime. At the moment in this form you would not want to let him go. Same as Bale, both have suddenly changed into totally different players and are the main reason for our fine form of late.


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