Harry puts the boot into the Arsenal fans


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Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has blasted the Arsenal fans for their part in the Emmanuel Adebayor celebration saga.

The striker, who left Arsenal for Manchester City in the summer celebrated his goal to run the length of the field and celebrate their his former supporters.

“I’ve got no time for people kicking anybody or being violent on the football pitch and he was wrong to run the length of the field,” Redknapp said.

“But it’s very difficult when you’re getting abuse throughout the game like he was.

“It’s not celebrating a goal that cause riots, it’s idiots who want to start riots. If I had been standing there and we had been giving him grief all game and he did that, I would probably say ‘fair play’.”

“Adebayor went over the top but, at the same time, he was getting a lot of abuse from the fans for the whole afternoon,” he said.

“What did he do really? Run back and go like that, saying he scored. I’m not saying it’s right but if you can’t go near the away fans when you score because you’ll cause a riot…”

He added: “Why do people need to shout abuse and cause riots? Why can’t they just watch a game of football? I don’t understand it. There’s no need for it and there must be something wrong with you if you want to do that.”

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  1. Well said Harry, you make so much sense and you have got balls as well to call all the supporters to throw abuse to players “IDIOTS”, even though our own supporters automatically become idiots as well due to your statement as we throw most abuse to people like Sol than anyonee else in any league of the world. well done harry u muppet. should have thought about it first before calling our own suporters IDIOTS.


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