Spurs midfielder insists the players are still playing for Pochettino


Tottenham Hotspur are not enjoying the start to the season that many believed they would after reaching the Champions League Final in June.

With Levy breaking the club’s transfer record by bringing in Tanguy Ndombele, along with Ryan Sessegnon and Giovani Lo Celso, it seemed as if the Lilywhites would push on and challenge in the Premier League this campaign.

However, fast forward to the start of October and Tottenham are only just hanging on in the top half of the table, winning just three Premier League games from eight.

This also comes along with two games without a win in the Champions League, including a humiliating 7-2 defeat to Bayern Munich at home.

Spurs were also knocked out of the Carabao Cup by a League Two Colchester United last month, leaving just three competitions for the rest of the season.

Harry Winks claims that there are no excuses and that the players are trying to put it right. He also added that they are still playing for Pochettino (Football London):

“Of course we are. He’s our manager and he’s been fantastic the last six seasons he’s been at the club and he’s taken this club to new levels and brand-new heights and that’s thanks to him.

“We’re going through a rough patch and it happens in football, every club goes through them.

“It’s important that we stand up as men and we get through these dark times and hopefully we can get back to playing and winning as much as we can possibly can.

“In the last six years we’ve come such a long way and we’ve become a title-challenging side.

“Today we’ve not shown that and this season we’ve probably not shown that, we’ve shown it in parts in certain games where we’ve played really well.

“The whole majority of the season we’ve not shown what we’re about and it’s important that we look back on it, reflect and own up as men and say it wasn’t good enough, no excuses and the only way we can put it right is in training and in the next match.”

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  1. Good to know the team are playing for Poch, Harry. But how about everyone playing for themselves and the fans?
    YOU are always up for it, so no problem there, but many of your teammates are floating through games
    and not working for each other, being out of sync with each other, and not covering each other.
    No sustained pressing periods like a few years back, and less and less imagination up front.
    We need a top class right back because of the stupid decision to sell Trippier, and we need a top class
    left back (Sessegnon?) to finally replace a fading Rose and Davies. Perhaps we need to play 3 at the back again,
    with wing backs roaring forward, and three of yourself, Sissoko, Ndombele, Eriksen and Dier (although like Alli, I’m
    very concerned for Dier’s future with us, while Eriksen’s ghost fades into the distant past) in a sweeping central midfield.
    Whether Lo Celso becomes that Eriksen player just behind the forwards of that 3-5-2 remains to be seen.
    Only Kane, of that once great axis of Alli, Kane and Eriksen, is worth his place. Son, Lamela and Moura continue having
    their moments but there’s not enough consistency among any of them to eke out a really successful season for
    the team.
    Wanyama is also a fading memory, while Aurier and (unfortunately) KWP have never, and will never, do it for us.
    We’ve never replaced Dembele or Walker properly, and it will be tough to replace Verts/Toby (but they’re visibly
    slowing up too). Sanchez needs his confidence bolstered but right now needs to be in a defensive unit with Toby
    and Verts in a central 3, and while concerns still exist about Foyth, he needs to be part of that mix in central defence.
    Neither he, Sissoko, or anyone else will ever successfully provide the pace and balance on the flanks that Walker
    and Trippier did. My goodness, we have work to do at Spurs, and even with a couple of quick fixes in January, I fear that we’re going backwards before going forward again.


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