If rumours are to be believed, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy may have paid the FA for the right to use Wembley up until the end of the year.

National papers such as The Sun, are reporting that Spurs have made this secret payment after realising that their stadium is far from complete.

The club announced last night that fixtures versus Liverpool, Cardiff, and the pre-announced Fulham would all be played at the national stadium, but fixtures beyond October 14th are still to be confirmed.

So, are Tottenham planning to stay at Wembley until beyond Christmas? And will that be allowed under FA rules?

It is in breach of Premier League regulations to have more than one home ground in a season, but Spurs were originally given exemption due to circumstance and the fact that only a small number of games would be played at Wembley.

However, now the number of games at the national stadium has tripled and could grow even further. Will Spurs end up having to play the entire season at Wembley to adhere to rules and regulations?

On Monday, an FA spokesman said: Tottenham have the option to play a small number of Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches at Wembley. Their intention is not to, and they have only scheduled the Fulham home game at Wembley stadium.”

Now that information has changed, and further Wembley fixtures have been announced, the situation could change for Spurs. Many are questioning just how many constitutes a ‘small number of games.’

Even if Tottenham are allowed to move into their new stadium come completion, if they have already played a number of months at Wembley, would a move only disrupt the team? Should they now look to postpone until next season to ensure a smooth and fresh start?

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