Haven’t we been here before?


Momentum. Pre USA trip we had it, now we’ve lost it. Only temporarily hopefully but as each day goes by the optimism engendered by the two signings and the pinning down of Bale diminishes.

Déjà vu is setting in. Starting the season with one of the team’s stars having his head in the wrong place has become a regular event, combine that with beginning with no strikers and you begin to wonder what Frazier Campbell is up to these days.

Believe what you read and our transfer kitty depends on whether Real think Modric is worth more than what King Kenny paid for Andy Carroll. Levy gets the right deal and suddenly the in door at WHL starts revolving quicker than the British medal ticker at the Stratford velodrome? Seems unlikely to me. Too many agents and not enough Champions League.

As our preseason stutters, Chelsea are buying a team ready for Guardiola (“thanks Robbie, cheers for the silverware”), the gooners have made at least one astute signing in Cazorla and still no-one has given Van Persie the big pay day he’s after. No doubt our Daniel is being notoriously tough in umpteen negotiations we’re not privileged to, from this distance though it appears that we’re standing still whilst others are making cute moves, especially when the unconvincing performances on the field are taken into account.

It’s a week and a bit until the Sports Direct Arena and yet again it looks like we’re going to start a season half-cocked. It’s three weeks until the end of the window and the thought of having no-one signed by teatime on the 31st with Luka’s features staring out from the screen still dressed in lilywhite fills me with horror personally.

Waiting to see what the manager has learnt, both with regards to tactics and handling the media, from his time at Chelsea is torture. Is he Juande or another Jose? Lazy comparisons I know, but I’m nervous.

Given the above, a flying start to the season seems unlikely. A few solid results would change it, but at the moment my expectations for the first few weeks are to say the least, low.


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  1. to be honest I love my Spurs, but i have to say having wached the rowers and cyclists, how hard they work giving everything for the cause. some even needing carring from the boats to the medal podium. until footballers start giving the same effort end commitment to the team, frankly I dont give a sh*t about them or the fat wages. Most if not all pro footballers are overpaid, underworked, fragile child like people. We are the fools for maintaining the interst in them so they can demand the silly wages. I have suported Spurs for the best part of 40 years now and I long for the days when a player would carry on with a bandage around his head, socks around his ankles. I knoow they were the bad old days for some…but i do miss them.

  2. Levy, once again – and for a few more pennies, is going to cause bad season start for Spurs. Management does not seem to care. Why should the rest of us be worried – we do not make money from any of the transactions. We are the source of money for Levy to play with. Let him play. Modric offer of $40M last year, went down to $30M this year and it will be $10 next year because Modric will screw this team – to pay Levy back – when AVB and DL least expect it. Both Levy and AVB should br fired for mismanagement of the club and for treating human beings as disposable rugs.

    • I'm not in so much of a hurry to blame AVB, after all, he just got here. All the money he has for transfers is the money that DL allows him to spend, and that money would not have been spent on purchasing Hulk for £35m – £40m. That would have been highly dependent on the Modric sale, yet still would not have been a realistic transfer target. Sign Lloris/Stekelenberg for goodness sake, make an offer to sign Ganso or play Gio Dos Santos as a CAM, then make a realistic offer to sign Leandro Damaio and then Atsu from Porto or Sturridge from Chelsea or maybe both, then we'll have a team that could challenge for 1st but would likely end up 2nd or 3rd. This tight pocket impersonation reminds me of Wenger from a year back. This simply won't do and at this pace, I'm worried that Spurs may not even be able to comfortably handle the likes of Liverpool, Newcastle or even Everton for that matter.

    • What a load of tripe!
      Firstly Modric still has 4yrs left on his contract, Levy has said Modric could go and the price was £40m not $. Real have only offered €30m which is approx £24m of which they would have to pay £5m to Dinamo Zagreb as part of a sell on agreement which would net Spurs £19m!
      Taking into account Spurs paid £16.5m for him do you really think a profit of £2.5m is good business for a player of his quality?
      I would hardly call that mismanagement, in fact he is doing his job correctly in protecting Spurs assets.

    • Really? you blame AVB also? Get real, I'm a loyal Spurs fan and dont rate AVB so far from what I have seen of him but he in NO WAY is responsible for the transfer policies at Spurs. You are right in the fact that the CEO one DL needs to pull his finger out and fill the voids that AVB wants ASAP.

      Also players except a few still are reluctant to sign for us. I for one would like us to spend BIG on a world class player and prove that the management are comitted to push the boundaries and challenge fr the title…

    • grow up idiot these players are paid well and have a binding contract with us why should we sell on the cheap if HE signed a new six year deal and stated he ws loving playing for spurs then his greedy agent gets in his ear . who only whats a pay out for a new move fuck him he will move when they offer the fee levy wants end of. how about we offer 25 million for ranaldo they would tell us to fuck off same gos.

    • George you are a complete plonker as Delboy would say.I think everyone else has explained how it is to you hope you now understand.We are not in the great USA so its ££££££ here thats real money.DL is the man who does the money in this club and he does it fairly well.I you do,t like it then turn over/off .I don,t think you support Tottenham or even like the club so stop trying to wind people up.Have a nice day.

  3. Having Luka stil at Tottenham terrifies you?
    Did you have restricted view seats or something last season.
    He's a wonderful player and we've all ready blamed Harry for playin him deep.
    Give the boy a break.
    Agents rule football, if an agent got a deal for you or put it in your head that you can get three times more money and win trophies playin with and against the best if you moved you'd tear there arm off
    Grow up.
    If he goes wish him luck. If he stays support him.

  4. would you sell your house for half the price george, just because somebody wasn't willing to pay the going rate? if andy carroll was sold for 35m then im sure levy will get 35m for modric.

    mismanagement? levy is the best in the business at getting the right deals, you only need to look at who we sold this year to understand that.

    you need to get out more and understand the real life we live in. spurs are run as a business not a charity!!

  5. George are you serious? This club cannot ask for billions from some shiek instead they are reliant on that profit line to slowly build a sustainable future, £40m is a lot of money DL will sell even if it’s down to last day because that money may not effect this transfer window but it will make A bigger impact next TW or even season rather than panic buying don’t forget we have some real quality younge have replacements, sandro, gylfy, jeans, huddlestone, livermore, carrot… Modric barely impacted last season and we finished forth with potentially some quality available again in huddlestone who was phenomenal before his injury, we have wait and see but in Levy we trust!

  6. Relax. Adebayor is on his way. Modric will stay and like it when we dangle a fat new contract in front of him. Gio will start scoring and make Defoe click. We're in a much bettsr position than when we lost Berbatov and Keane and had no one to replace them. Besides I don't think we need a 20-30 goal per season forward to make top 4. 18 was enough last season.

  7. What I want to know is what has happened to the: Reported 17 mil for Crouch and Palacios, 12 mil for Pav, 11 mil for Nico and Charley, 4.5 mil for Penaar, 6 mil for Hutton. that's 50.5 mil. Minus 10 for Vertongen and 8 for Gilfi. We still 32.5 mil left enough for a couple of strikers. We can buy Moutinho with some of the Modric money.

    My point is, there is no need for this annual p*ss about. Why, why, why does Levy do this every window??

    • Yeah everyone keeps going on about that, where has all the money gone? Thing is unfortunately, buying new players isn't the only outgoing cost for a club. For example, how much did it cost us to buy all that land up, all around our stadium? I bet it was more than 50m!

  8. George, what on earth are you talking about? “They should be fired for mismanagement of the club”? Our club is one of very few EPL clubs to be in a sound financial state, all thanks to Levy. We are not the sort of club that can afford to play fantasy football with signings, but that’s why we will last, just look at Rangers and Pompey. If it means we are not always in the Champions league then so be it. Modric signed a contract, no gun to his head. If he is sold then he needs to be replaced, we have to pay £8.5 mil to his last club, doesn’t leave much change does it?

  9. Protecting the clubs assets… all well and good, but it don't win yu matches!
    At this moment in time we're starting the season with one recognised striker, who couldn't get in the first team last season, a key midfielder who doesn't want to play for Spurs and all be it still a good keeper, one who is 41 this season.
    If your happy wih Levy protecting our assets and not investing in the club, just don't expect much out of this season.

  10. John…spurs need bigger stadium…thats where money goes….20000 people waiting list for season ticket is a joke…..bigger stadium=better income=bigger wages=better players=happy fans=dead arseanal

  11. If Modric stays then he will want to play rather than sit around watching daytime tv and getting fat.
    The big problem is signing a striker willing to come to underachievers like us. Particularly for 'only' 6million a year which is all that Levy will pay. Never mind we ought to be good for 6th and a cup run which is all we have ever done really.

  12. You poor sc*ms. . The last year you were going to end above arsenal.. Ha ha .. Now you dont have a complete team , you were laughing coz our best players leave us, now what is you best player want to do??..Forever in Arsenal’s shadow..

  13. DL is brilliant. He sees the value in his star. He gives him a raise which comes in a contract extension. So if any team comes calling, DL has the upper hand in negotiation. Modric 2 years ago and Bale just last month? Why Modric would sign a 6 year extension? He has to ask his agent.

    Modric is in a no-win situation. He has to play to his ability or AVB could bench him for a period of time. Then his career is screwed. Don't forgrt his contract ends at age 30. I really think he will shine further under AVB especially if we land some serious strikers. He's such a fantastic playmaker.

    Andy Carroll's 35m pounds were just suckered. Look how Dalglish fucked Liverpool with idiotic splashing. I bet DL would be laughing when he read the news 20m for Downing, What, 17m for Henderson? And the best joke was 7m for that air headed leaded feet Charlie Adam.

  14. Football is a business. If we don't have the oil money, so be it. Football should copy what the Americans do with their football with a salary cap. Then it is a fair game with good management vision and strategy. I am alright with Spurs not winning. Just play the best football they can play and give me entertaining football.

    That image of my ever stern faced father screaming at the door holding that telegram from his brother still imprinted in my brain oh so clear. I was 10 and that was the only impression of a Tottenham championship. We are Spurs fans for life. Winning would be nice but winning without the oil money these days will be so much more special.

    So far, Vertonghen and Sigurdsson seem like real deals. Levy has to realize we will be challenging the title with a couple of world class strikers.


  15. Would love to see Damaio,Ade,Willon and Caser(keeper) added to the squad.This woud add in the right areas we need to give us a chance to be there at the end of the year.Sell Bentley,Jenas,Gomes and Gallas to help with wages and funds.Should get about 5ml total for these lot.


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