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Spurs fans are know for their superb and loyal support, so we’re calling on you to come and join our Facebook group.

We’ve currently got 1,843 fans – which is a considerable amount less than Arsenal’s 777,212 – come and give us your support and join up the next time you’re on Facebook.

Our members are a chatty bunch who are always discussing the latest developments and rumours at the Lane.

Thanks for your support and Come on you Spurs!

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  1. You might as well ask people to support the 'Beethoven' group, to prove his music is better than 'Take That'. True value does not require the vindication of popularity.

    Doglegz… you're "giving it the bigin" on the internet now, you idiot.

  2. I hate facebook and all sites like it.

    The anal have 777k members? That’s why they ain’t got a firm then – there all givin it the bigin on facebook instead lol


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