Hitch found in new stadium plans


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Tottenham’s plans to build a new stadium have been dealt a blow after the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) found flaws in the proposal.

Spurs had hoped to build a new stadium adjacent to White Hart Lane, but the government’s architectural watchdog have aired criticisms some parts of the proposal.

Their concerns are based around the plans for housing, a supermarket and the public square that were part of the plans.

CABE’s design review read, “For these reasons, although we support the design of the new stadium, regrettably we cannot support the planning application as a whole.

“We are concerned that an overall masterplan for the site is not evident: the three components – the stadium, supermarket and housing – feel like very separate projects without convincing spatial relationships between them.”

Spurs design for the stadium had met with glowing praise, being included on the shortlist of stadiums for the 2018 World Cup bid.

However, this review could throw a spanner in the works until these details are rectified.

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  1. After 7 years experience in the architectural profession, I can assure you that this is a very minor blip. Similar flaws were found in the Ashburton Grove project and they were rapidly ironed out.

  2. Typical government crap… they let the area decline for donkeys years till it is a bit of a dump… when someone tries to improve it then they stick their nose in and think they know best. these people are overpaid busybodies who would better serve the community by cleaning the dog poo off the streets.

  3. Regeneration!!! Imagine how many people will go through that supermarket on match days, Not to mention the jobs it will create. Makes perfect business sense.

  4. Typical Government short sightedness they allow all kinds of rubbish shemes yet when somthing comes along that looks good over paid quangos justifying there jobs stop a well thought out project Gordan one Message kick these concerns in the preferable Bollocks ,Because i vote Labour and if this fails i wont.

  5. Guys, CABE is not the government! It’s an independent advisory body. Their job is to offer critiques on schemes so that they can be improved. They are basically doing the same thing that you lot do each week when you offer advice about who should be in the Spurs team!

    This really is nothing, they are not against the stadium, they just think that the ideas for the ancillary projects need some improvements.

    The biggest concern has always been that the transport links haven’t been strong enough to support a new stadium. However it seems that this hurdle has been overcome.

    Like Rafa, I ‘guarantee’ we’ll have a new stadium well before the next World Cup.


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