Not One Hotspur but One-Half Hotspur


I know results are the name of the game and at the moment things are not going too bad for us, but how long will our luck hold out.

Apart from one game this season – when we were absolutely awful throughout the match – every single game has seen us play well and dominate in one half and totally outplayed and dominated in the other. If we could put 75 – 90 minutes together in a match we could be unbeatable. However, only doing it for 45 minutes a time we will get our come-uppance. We were lucky to get away with wins at Man U and Southampton, and even at Reading we struggled.

AVB did his ‘daft’ tactic again at Southampton of taking off our only striker and putting on a midfielder with 15 – 20 mins to go hoping to hold on to a victory, and once again we nearly let in a last minute equaliser – as we have on other occasions already this season.

I am very concerned about our One-Half performances, i just hope we can put that right quickly, otherwise we will find things tough in the coming months.

By CheekyCockney

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  1. We brought in a midfielder who did not play well. It was then onslaught after onslaught from the Saints since we had lost control of the midfield. AVB should realise that the best way to defend is to keep possession of the ball and attack which we failed to do in the second half. Instead, we were chasing the ball. Removing a striker did not help matters. We should have put that match to bed in the first half when Defoe had three clear chances. We should have easily made it 3-0 at half time.which would have eased the pressure. Nevertheless, we were lucky to have held on till the end but what a struggle it was..

  2. Sadly this is a mental thing, which will take time to overcome- spurs also need to practice keeping the ball when under pressure & without the urgency of wanting to score. Moutinho was a big loss, so is Modders, these guys give us something when the chips are down. Defoe & Lennon are useless in these circumstances & need to be taken off, with a different game plan of keeping the ball & greater team understanding.

  3. Isn't there a danger of us having two bad halves ie losing the good half instead?

    I know this has happened for several seasons in the past. and we have just missed out on the CL or a trophy Perhaps AVB will be able to sort us out.

    We are a bigger club than the red scum down the road, we deserve to get back to the glory days.

    I'm sure that AVB can do it and put us back in our rightful place.


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