How Heung Min Son has jeopardised Tottenham’s Premier League and Champions League hopes

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

If you think of the ideal game for Spurs today, it would have been something like an easy 3-0 win, wrapped up early enough for Pochettino to rest key players ahead of the Champions League on Wednesday.

If you think of the worst possible result, a loss in which two men were sent off and the remaining nine were forced to run themselves into the ground for zero points would be up there.

Tottenham were in full control of the match against Bournemouth this afternoon after 30 minutes and were unlucky not to go ahead through Alli or Moura.

However, the match flipped on its head after Heung Min Son succumbed to a moment of madness just before half time, as he lost his cool and lashed out at Lerma.

Son was shown a straight red card, leaving Tottenham with ten men and a mountain to climb.

With the team chasing the game, Juan Foyth then overextended into a nasty challenge just minutes after coming on in the second 45 and also saw red.

Despite going down to nine men, Spurs actually played very well, defending superbly while still offering some decent football going forward.

However, after running themselves ragged, Tottenham conceded a goal in injury time, leaving them without a single point for their efforts.

Not only did Son’s red card throw away any points for Tottenham today, but it also means the club will be without their main goal threat or the must-win tie against Everton.

It also means that many of his teammates who will be starting against Ajax on Wednesday were forced to put a monumental effort in today.

If they are not careful, Spurs could find themselves out of the Champions League, and out of the top four within the next week.

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  1. Why did you not write a similar article when Harry Kane got his last injury. He challenged for a ball he did not need to. The players are tired but that comes down to the boss (poch) the chairman and the board if they have anything to do with the buying of players. In the end it could be it that will cost us and how many of our players are suffering due to the failure to add to the squad.

    • What a stupid argument. Harry Kane tried to challenge for a ball to help the team and got injured. Son lost his temper and threw the game by getting a red card. How are those situations the same?

      • I don’t think it is a stupid argument as Spurs have lost their last four games. One win against West Ham or Bournemouth would have secured us a top four spot. Our team is over stretched because of our huge injury list and the remaining players have had to play too many games. We don’t have a adequate cover for injuries and that’s largely because Mr Levy failed to add toe squad in two windows. This could financial impact on the club next season if we don’t get top four. Furthermore,it could hinder our chances in the next transfer window. Mr Levy has given us a marvellous stadium and wonderful training facilities but his failure over the last few years has been his recruitment of players.

      • I will tell you how Harry did not need to make that challange there was no danger to the team but to him and his fitness there was a world of danger. When did you ever see ageuro make a tackle like that it was nuts. It has cost him and us and when we are working with such a small squad you need to play smart. Son was prevoked although that don’t make it right but Harry was just stupid with his record with injuries

  2. It is exactly what Levy deserves for his total lack of fore-sight.The pressure on the players and manager with the limited resources available have been there for all to see in the last few weeks.It is rumoured that Levy will give Pochettino £100 mill to rebuild the team this summer,to do this he will sell Erickson so we will have the Bale “bonanza” r fiasco again.Do NOT blame the players they have been brilliant…….as long a ENIC are in charge nothing will change.

  3. Son reacted instinctively to a kick at his hand while he was trying to pick the ball up. Shouldn’t have done, but it was totally understandable given Lerma’s (and the rest of the Bournemouth team trying to kick him) provocation. However, he didn’t punch the Bournemouth player, who went down like he’d been shot, and it’s such a shame that referees aren’t allowed to read these situations properly, and judge through VAR. Can you imagine a rugby player being yellow carded or sin-binned, let alone sent off, for pushing another player, even forcefully, in retaliation for something? No! They send off players who commit REAL damaging ‘fouls’ or dangerous play, and violent fist/kick forms of ‘retaliation’. And what about the football laws that allow players to get away with clear ‘pre-meditated’ fouls to stop goal-scoring situations, or pre-meditated ‘nasty tackles’? Yellow for those, of course, but when a player reacts instinctively through provocation (ie no pre-meditation at all) and without making a fist or kicking out, he gets a red!!
    Something has to change because as much as teams have to keep their discipline, there are too many sides getting away with stuff that referees turn a blind eye to. It didn’t just ruin Spurs’ CL preparations and the last PL game top 4 situation, it ruined the game as a spectacle. Maybe it’s time to look at a ‘sin-bin’ situation, rather than straight reds which cover so many incidents (many of which are far worse or innocuous than others).

  4. No fiction writer could have written a more unbelievable scenario. Bar a miracle, and it seems Spurs are to be denied that, next Sunday will see us playing a must win game against Everton. If our luck
    stays the same they will beat us and we then we are Europa League bound. This will effect our ability to sign the class of player we obviously need desperately. The cream will go to Champions League teams. Poch’s Job has just been made a whole lot harder.
    We are now paying the big price in not making any signings. Erickson has checked out, Alli is way below par. We have ONE goalscoring threat against Everton. Levy has single handedly ruined our team and will continue to do so if he repeats his transfer antics by not making any signings until end of the window. We need some Top Class Signings to compensate for our certain departures. If not, Poch will be gone and we will be a mid table team for the foreseeable future. Our chance has gone and Lady Luck seems to have deserted us. We will see what the future brings……..


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