How much Spurs spent on player agent fees compared to the rest of the Premier League

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Tottenham Hotspur have been proven as the exception to the rule that spending doesn’t equal success with new research showing their agent spending is drastically lower than their Premier League rivals.

Their notoriously frugal spending resulted in agent spend of just £93,164 per point as they secured automatic Champions League qualification once again. After becoming the first team in Premier League history to make zero signings during the summer transfer window, the North London team look set to reduce this total further still in 2018-19.

The North London side spent £7,173,667 on agents in the 2017/18 season, the 8thlowest in the entire Premier League. Even Swansea City, who were relegated back to the championship, spent more on agents than Spurs.

Analysis of Premier League agent spending data for 2017-18 carried out by Betting.Net showed that clubs forked out an average of £193,970 on agents for every point earned during the league campaign.

Chelsea were the worst culprits, spending £25,143,786 on agents despite finishing outside the top 4 – which equated to £359,196 per point. Their total spend was second only to Liverpool’s £26,793,503, but the Reds’ investment was enough to secure fourth spot, with £357,246 per point.

Manchester City’s marquee line-up meant they spent big on agents, forking out £23,475,309, but their record-breaking 100 points meant the eventual champions only spent £234,753 per point.

Premier League
Agent spending table Final league table Points Cost per point Notes
£26,793,503 LIVERPOOL MANCHESTER CITY 100 £234,753.09 Champions League
£25,143,786 CHELSEA MANCHESTER UNITED 81 £222,249.30 Champions League
£23,475,309 MANCHESTER CITY TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 77 £93,164.51 Champions League
£18,002,193 MANCHESTER UNITED LIVERPOOL 75 £357,246.71 Champions League
£13,390,605 WATFORD CHELSEA 70 £359,196.94  
£12,056,512 EVERTON ARSENAL 63 £167,629.98  
£10,560,689 ARSENAL BURNLEY 54 £61,109.57  
£9,918,530 LEICESTER CITY EVERTON 49 £246,051.27  
£8,387,694 WEST HAM UNITED LEICESTER CITY 47 £211,032.55  
£7,733,988 BOURNEMOUTH NEWCASTLE UNITED 44 £168,403.64  
£7,409,760 NEWCASTLE UNITED CRYSTAL PALACE 44 £140,309.59  
£7,317,716 SWANSEA CITY AFC BOURNEMOUTH 44 £175,772.45  
£7,173,667 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR WEST HAM UNITED 42 £199,707.00  
£6,296,804 SOUTHAMPTON WATFORD 41 £326,600.12  
£6,241,527 STOKE CITY BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION 40 £110,383.13  
£6,173,622 CRYSTAL PALACE HUDDERSFIELD TOWN 37 £66,643.65  
£4,754,226 WEST BROMWICH ALBION SOUTHAMPTON 36 £174,911.22  
£4,415,325 BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION SWANSEA CITY 33 £221,748.97 Relegated
£3,299,917 BURNLEY STOKE CITY 33 £189,137.18 Relegated
£2,465,815 HUDDERSFIELD TOWN WEST BROMWICH ALBION 31 £153,362.13 Relegated

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