How the Spurs players rated in the 1-0 defeat to Manchester City

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Hugo Lloris – 7 – A solid enough game from the Frenchman, with some good saves and mostly commanding display. He could have come out of his goal to help Trippier in City’s goal but it is unfair to put the blame on him. His distribution was average and his terrible goal kick almost gifted City another goal but he made up for it I think with his saves from Mahrez and Aguero.  

Kieran Trippier – 4 – I am not really sure what to make of that performance as a whole because he improved a decent amount in the second half, but the right back gifted City the only goal of the game with an inexplicable decision and terrible defending so his rating surely has to reflect that. His role in Spurs attacks are actually understated as he helps a lot with ball progression as this game showed but his defending is not at the level of a Champions League team unfortunately.

Toby Alderweireld – 8 – Very impressive performance from the Belgian as he had a lot of blocks and interceptions as the last line of defence for Tottenham. He also started many of Spurs attacks and his distribution to full backs and midfielders were impressive. He kept Tottenham in the game in the first 60 minutes which proved important.

Davinson Sanchez – 8 – This was undoubtedly the Colombian’s best game this season. He was very calm and composed under pressure, he did not make any passing errors, and he cleaned up at the back well enough. He was on Trippier’s side in defence which meant he was under more pressure and he helped his right back for most parts of the game.

Ben Davies – 6 – I would like to give the Welshman a higher rating by just looking at his defensive performance as he was solid there trying to contain Mahrez and Bernardo. However, the role of a full back is to play well on both sides of the pitch and he offered next to nothing there. His lack of ball progression really hurts the team’s momentum as Lucas and Alli had to come very deep to collect the ball which hindered attacks.

Eric Dier – 4 – One of the worst performers on the night as I cannot recall what he did well tonight. He was decent enough at the back and he showed real energy when pressing but not a real presence for sure. His decisions on the ball were very frustrating as he seemed to pass only backwards and sideways. The best way to understand his performance was seeing the difference in Tottenham’s performance after he was replaced by Winks.

Mousa Dembele – 6 – Knowing what he can bring to the table, it was a subpar performance from the Belgian tonight. He tried carrying the ball forward to start attacks but he was rarely successful or he stopped himself short to take the safe options. He was very strong in his tackles but his positioning left him chasing shadows at times. This season just feels like his last in the big leagues as he’s losing his edge which is a huge problem for Spurs with the lack of midfield options.

Moussa Sissoko – 7 – The Frenchman had another very solid game surprisingly and with a little better luck and decision making, he could have gotten himself an assist tonight. He made some head-scratching errors on the ball but he grew into the game and raised his level especially in the second half. He started a lot of counter attacks and he was surely the right choice for this kind of game where Spurs was on the back foot from the start.

Erik Lamela – 7 – He was the best player for Spurs for most of the game as he was the most energetic presser and the main creator on the team. However, he wasted some solid half chances by staying on the ball a little too long and he wasted a glorious chance late in the game to earn a point for his team. He still remains the most in-form attacking player for Tottenham and he should continue to be in the starting XI with players still recovering from injuries.

Lucas Moura – 4 – A very poor game from the Brazilian as he never really got going. I cannot recall a time in the game where he threatened City defenders and on top of that he got booked for a dive. Not much to say about this performance as he was rightly subbed off in the second half, and with the quality of players Tottenham has in attack, he could lose his starting spot soon.

Harry Kane – 5 – I don’t really know how to rate Kane’s performances this season as a striker cannot be good without quality service but he just seems off in many ways to me. His distribution in the attacking third was a big positive and he battled the City center-backs all game long, but unfortunately there wasn’t a good chance for him to score which is worrying.


Harry Winks – 8 – An amazing cameo from the midfielder as he single-handedly turned the midfield battle into Tottenham’s favor after his introduction. He was brave, smart and energetic as he kept his team in possession and started many attacks by pushing the ball up. He is undoubtedly the starting midfielder in my opinion but his fitness concerns will decide his season.

Dele Alli – 7 – I was certainly encouraged by Alli’s performance. He offered so much more than Moura in his limited time on the pitch, and he almost had an assist after his smart pressing of Mahrez and beautiful lay-off to Lamela. He is also an underrated performer for Tottenham as his presence in the attacking third opens up channels and creates opportunities.

Christian Eriksen– 6 – A very rusty performance from the Dane as expected after his time away with an injury.

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