Huddlestone hints at big Spurs surprise signing


Tom Huddlestone - Tottenham Hotspur Football News

Tom Huddlestone has tweeted that there is a surprise signing at Tottenham’s training ground.

Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddlestone on Twitter: “Can’t believe who just sneaked into the training ground the back way! Wow.”

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    • He is on the wind up, tapping into our pensive imaginations. very funny. I replied to Thud on twitter: " jimmy greaves? then said that was ridiculous. Garth Crooks? "

      • Not a good joke by THudd if he is.
        What we do today will go a long way to saying what kind of season we will have.
        We have been overtaken by at least 2 teams now and need new faces to catch up

  1. I can reveal a well placed source as told me spurs are on the verge of a blockbuster signing now im not sure who Tom is talking about as this player was still in Spain last nite, but spurs are on the verge of signing Guiseppi Rossi for 28m. This move will be funded by Crouch going to QPR for 10m and Pav to porto for 8.5m. Remember I broke the charlie Adam story 1st last season.

  2. It was Jeremy Beadle, he’s brings back “Beadles About” so you better watch out Luka, your top of his list, said he was gonna tell you that Spurs said all is forgiven and you can go to Chelski……..NOT LOL

  3. Its Drogba. I cant believe it, i just seen him, i live near Chingford tottenham training ground. leave ur comments on what u think.

    • As the tension mounts….i love it great sense of humour,although one of Gaddafis sons is reported to be a footballer and he would come cheap and want a move anywhere at this moment in time hmmmm.Fact is stranger than fiction.

  4. he can’t believe it because he saw a fitness and nutritional coach being let in by the back door, and lumpy Thudd night crapped himself.

  5. Tommy Hudd may have been having a laugh at our expense.Well we now might be having a laugh at his lardy arse puffing round the pitch on matchdays…….porky tosser.

  6. Exciting day. Parker, the relegated dynamo from the Championship! What a great wheeler-dealer our Levy is! Thanks to him we now have a disgruntled Modric and that great star Parker in midfield. What a day's work! Can't wait to see the action.


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