Huntelaar’s wage demands to K.O. Spurs deal


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Harry Redknapp believes that Klaas-Jan Huntelaar’s wage demands are likely to rule out a move to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Spurs boss has already confirmed this interest in the Dutchman and revealed that talks have already been held.

“Daniel (Levy) spoke to Real Madrid and went over to meet the people, but his wages are beyond us,” Redknapp said in the Daily Mail.

“I think Stuttgart were trying to do a deal, but Real Madrid were not prepared to do the deal they wanted.

“I am sure we would have the same problem. I can’t see it happening.”

He added: “Wages are difficult. We pay good money but we don’t pay crazy money so it’s hard.

“I was interested in Gareth Barry and Roque Santa Cruz but we couldn’t get anywhere near them.”

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  1. I do not think it is such a bad thing to go over the top to secure one really good player if it benefits the team as a whole.

  2. I think this is fair enough. If you give in to one players demands then it sets a president for others to do the same and then where does it leave you?!! Look what happened to Newcastle!

  3. George

    you would have been one fo the Leeds Fans that demanded that Peter Risdale spent big and if he didn’t would have been calling for his resignation.

    When he did try to live the dream and failed you would have been the first one calling for him to be hung drawn and quartered.

    Chairmen will never win with fans like you around. You have to be realistic.

    I don’t accept that we have to splash cash around like confettit. Us and Newcastle have consistently spent more than Arsenal and look at thwer it has got us.

  4. if we have any intention of breaking into the top four we have to buy players who are top four club standard, we need to take a risk, buy Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. he will score goals and get us back in europe, which will bring in more money for the club and then he will pay for himself! look at our form last season (forget the first few games, lol) we were playing top 6 form, add Huntelaar and then we have top four form! sort it out levy!!

  5. Totally agree COYS78 very well said, but George – I’m afraid what Jim said was an understatement – you’re a complete f*cking idiot!

  6. Time for george to realise that Levy is doing a good job. I bet you was anti Sugar as well the man who saved the club.

  7. I’m not 1 for saying off with he’s head!
    and I was never anti sugar or will never be anti levy ether
    but I will say is sager take us as far as he could
    question is how far will levy go to take us to the next step
    to compete with these very rich clubs Who will pay the wage bill and high transfer fees its a billionaires play ground now and the goal posts keep moving
    so are we happy being the best of the rest

  8. Well its no big surprise now is it ???????? We can’t afford to pay top noch wages to attract the big stars of the game, without these stars we won’t break into the top 4, without the top 4 finish we won’t be able to make any serious money from Europe, without the appeal of Europe the big names won’t come to us…… so its back to square one. I personally don’t understand how other teams, such as the scum Arsenal managed to break the cycle, im sure they are paying Ashavin in the region of £90k a week, initially Spurs where going to buy him, but we lost out to the scum, now it looks like the same thing will happen YET AGAIN.
    I dont care if we dont buy a striker, i have faith in the 4 we already have, hows about a decent centre half ehh ? whos with me on that one ??????

  9. Macca

    “I personally don’t understand how other teams, such as the scum Arsenal managed to break the cycle”

    They have a half decent manager, and scout worldwide.


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