“I ain’t got time for that sentimental stuff” claims Sol Campbell


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Sol Campbell has claimed that he is ready and prepared for a hostile atmosphere if he features for Arsenal against Spurs in the north London derby at White Hart Lane on Wednesday night.

Spurs fans still hate the defender for leaving the club on a free transfer to join their bitter rivals nine years ago.

Campbell said: “If the manager wants me to play, that is not a problem for me.

“Whenever he needs me, whenever he picks me, I’m there. I ain’t got time for that sentimental stuff. There are five games to go, and you have just got to be ruthless.”

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  1. I’m very sure you don’t have time for that sentimental stuff Mr Campbell but the spurs faithful still do and your name will forever be likened to that man who sold out our Lord and betrayed him with a kiss, ever noticed how parents never name their children after that man? So shall it be with you. You may think you’re loved on the gooner side but you’re just a mercenary and down our end you’re about as popular as a reggae band at a ku klux klan meeting. And just so you understand why its because of all the teams you could’ve gone to you went to them then there’s the manor in which you did it, telling us you love the club and want to stay all the time plotting to leave. Can you not see how you would be reviled? Yes Pat Jennings did the same as you but not in the deceitful way you did I think his was through a falling out but still his name is up there with the greats I fear yours will not be neither at Spurs or Arsenal. You made this bed Mr Campbell. Lillywhitetilidie.

    • Sol Campbell is well past his best and if he plays on Wednesday it could be very difficult for him, but who could not forgive him for joining one of the biggest clubs in the world with a glorious history and one of he all time great managers? Spurs fans have to ask themselves what precisely would Campbell have won if he had stayed – He may be getting on but I think 1961 was just a little bit before his time!

      • As much as it hurts me I have to agree with Mee. If Sol had had the likes of Blanchflower, Mackay, Jones, White and Brown around him then he would have been a fool to leave. Let us face it guys when he left he was our only decent player, and the intervening years have only proved him right in going to a club that could match his ambitions. If we had Wenger the trophy cabinet would have been full, and the football better.

        Let us get over this hatred business and give the guy a good welcome back to The Lane this week.

        Young Man of Troy

      • Yeah, it proved that he was right to leave and join our bitter rivals in the end, but its the way he did it that is unforgiveable, just before that in january, you may remember that steve macmanaman announced he was leaving liverpool in the summer and he suffered months of abuse. But at least he was man enough to announce it, not lie about it all the way to the end of the season and make false promises to fans that idolised him, that is unforgivable.

        • Bubble9 – I just don’t think Campbell knew what his plans were when he left Spurs and judging from his behaviour since he left Arsenal, when he insisted that he would be playing abroad, and then signed for Pompey – nothing has changed.

  2. Ahh, Sol. One day you will hopefully wake from up from your delusion, and realise what you did, and how you did it, was wrong. We all know spurs were in a bad state when you were there, but you could have said you wanted to further your career, and wanted to play at top level. But you lied and were deceitful, and worst of all you don't realise this

  3. i for one am praying that you start solzer. not only will it make the evening that much more enjoyable, watching you shit your pants in front of 36,000 0f the (second) loudest fans in the prem, but having you in the heart of the defence will only make it that much easier for us on the night. would love to see lennon skip past him and get the bastard sent off!

  4. Sol – I hope you play on Wednesday and get more of what you deserve from the club and fans you chose to betray. Traitor for life in my eyes (and I am not a racist or homophobe, I just hate everything you stand for!

  5. sol you went on and on about how you was tottenham through and through, how can you not up this day see what you did wrong.
    you left tottenham and joined arsenal….does that not say it all to you, how can you expect us to forgive you for that.
    even the goons hate you, they just like to rub it in that you left us for them but they all still know and think your a spurs man but how wrong can they be, your a judas and deserve everything you get

  6. he can say that he ain't got time for it but he can't say that it doesn't affect him because it does. i remember one of the last matches he played for the scum at WHL and lets just say he completed less passes than l'Arse against Barca!


    • Not a racist of any description fella in fact I am a black man, I’ve just been around long enough to know that there are some things that won’t happen like the kkk booking a reggae band at any meeting or there being bacon sandwiches at a Jewish feast not gonna happen is it? I just used that to demonstrate how unpopular Mr Campbell is. Furthermore contrary to popular belief just because it is illegal voice racial slurs or be discriminatory because of a persons race, sexual orientation, gender or religious belief it does not mean it does not go on. We have come a long way but there is still so far to go and yes I am speaking from first hand experience of racism within the workplace. So if the phrase I used to describe Mr Campbell’s unpopularity with Spurs fans offended anyone it was not my intention to have done so. Lillywhitetilidie.

  8. hahhaha you spurs fans are terrible. so what he left you get over it, and when we batter you on wednesday he will have the last laugh. ps well pplayed against pompey today

  9. He has won more titles in the last 50 years than Spurs… and as many at White Hart Lane… FACT.

    Tottenham got Rohan Ricketts from Arsenal… did you hear the Gooners crying several years later? NO!

    Get over it.

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  11. hackneyyid, let me assure you that Sol Campbell is an extremely popular player at Arsenal, and always has been. Rightly considered an Arsenal legend, of that there should not be the slightest doubt.

    • whatever every goon i know say they dont like campbell and hes a spurs man, what the hell are you goons doing here anyway, remember when he said he wanted to abroad and went to pompy…he screwd you like he did us..he only came back to you cos no other prem club would take him you mugs

  12. Listen I have plenty pals who are Gooners and there is plenty of banter make no mistake but one thing we agree on is Sol Campbell doing what he did of course the Gooners will accept him as a player course they will he was an outstanding player but to publicly come out and declare his loyalties to a club then do what he did. Its not right and any sensible Gooner will tell you the same. There was nothing honourable or decent about it, as men we carry our word as bond once you break your word who are you really? If all you have is your word and you dishonour that. If Sol had acted with a modicum of honour I don’t think he would be still be getting the stick that he is. Lillywhitetilidie.

  13. i just want to point out that u spurs only cheer for your players. even your players out on loan get booed by you. arsenal has always been a far greater club and always will be in this. fans are supposed to behind their players but not to the level that they will start to get booed if they do not perform well.

  14. abhishek. What the hell are you talking about. Arsenal fans are known for being extremely fickle. Look at what happened with Eboue. You boo him, he goes off crying, then when he starts playing well again, you start cheering him on. You dim-witted flid.

  15. “There was nothing honourable or decent about it, as men we carry our word as bond once you break your word who are you really?”

    Interesting… I wish I could ask Martin Jol how “honourable” he thinks the treatment of him was.

    As for being a “big” club… perhaps when you have won as many titles as Huddersfield Town have, you will be moving in the right direction.

    • I agree the treatment of Jol was deplorable but that was down to the chairman and whilst Mr Levy has not as far as I am aware come out with a public apology over that debacle I think it is widely accepted that I realises that a huge error was made but hasn’t he made up for it since though. What has Sol done? Nothing. Footballers speak to the media all the time he couldve calmed this some time ago and kept his dignity. Its not just about Sol leaving the club and going to Arsenal its the deceitful manor in which it was done. How can a man be taken at his word when his word stands for nought? As I said earlier we are judged by our words and by our actions and on both counts Sol has not covered himself in glory. Its right that a player should want to be as successful as he can be in their sometimes very short career but to betray the trust of the people in the way he did it is going to take a long time for that to heal. If ever true fans are as faithful and loyal as mans best friend it doesn’t matter that he shat in the hallway and you have to clear it up yes you may be vexed about it but you forget all that when you walk through the door after a particularly horrible day and get the best day ever so it is with football for the masses ok we just got dumped out of the cup by a relegated team but we will still love and support our team we wear our hearts on our sleeves all the time every fan does and we can’t change our support like some voters can at a general election no we stick with the team through the good times and the not so good times, so when a player comes out and publicly pledges his allegiance to any club then the fans love that player all the more. Its as if that player transcends the status of “gun for hire” and is now the town sheriff so imagine if the town’s sheriff robs the bank and leaves town with the mayors beautiful young wife to go work in the adjoining town? Lillywhitetilidie.

  16. I would argue that two titles (possibly, but unlikely three), an F A Cup winners medal (he did not play in the 2003 Final) and a Champions League final appearance is reasonable glory.

    Face it: the days of players of the ilk Gary Mabutt, loyal and true to one club are over. There is no purpose in taking the moral high ground. Players are – with very rare exceptions – mercenary. In actual fact, Campbell told Arsenal that he would be going abroad when he left… as Wenger said, to the best of my knowledge, you do not need a passport to go to Portsmouth! Sol showed no loyalty to Arsenal, from that point of view, but has come back to do a decent job.

    When you look at the number of players who have oddly left Spurs and then come back, you will see that everyone in the industry (including the managers and agents) suit themselves. From going on a tour of WHL (on my best friends Stag, which I organised) I can tell you that most of the people who work at Spurs would be embarrassed by some of the nonsense on here… perhaps save for the Directors. I had a right laugh with them and there was none of the bitterness or nastiness that is on display here. Of course there is passion on derby day, that does not excuse the coining of a girl on her way out of WHL by a so called Spurs “fan”. (As happened to a friend of mine).

    A club that is so obsessed with its neighbours that it releases a DVD of a 4 – 4 draw which left it rooted to the foot of the Premier League table might consider an evaluation of its priorities.

    For what it is worth, I thought that Jol was a decent guy, doing a great job. Spurs shafted him and have reaped the reward ever since. I say this even after the famous “play on” incident at Highbury, which forced the incompetent FA to change the rules in respect of this issue.

    You are moving in the right direction… this season is a big improvement on last year. Just get some pespective and concentrate on your own club… I believe that Woodgate has ripped you off more than Sol ever did. Three appearances this season… but no one seems to mind. (To say nothing of his past “indiscretions”.)

  17. I think Sol cannot expect anything less than a tirant of abuse. I dont think many supporters expected him to stay and perhaps would have accepted him moving to someone like Man Utd. But what sticks is he jumped to our bitter rivals and him supposed to be a Spurs supporter all his life and came through our youth set up as a homegrown player. But these days players are just going where they can get success and some extra dosh so loyalty is not there. He will always be hated and thats how football is, and why rivalries are what they are else football would be dull.

  18. So the issue with Campbell is that he crossed a fierce divide and apparently “let down” the loyal fans in doing so.

    Does this in any way sound familiar?:

    2002 – 2004: Portsmouth
    2004 – 2005: Southampton
    2005 – 2008: Portsmouth

    By your own logic, you must think that Harry Redknapp is “Judas scum”.

    Or… am I wrong?

  19. As a Gooner I'd love you to abuse him as much as possible because it really geed him up for us last tine he joined. Thanks for that which no doubt helped us to another double in his first season because his form (for us) had been dodgy up until then.


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