“I don’t want to be disrespectful to Tottenham”


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Robbie Keane expects to return to Tottenham Hotspur this summer.

The Republic of Ireland international scored 16 goals in 19 appearances during his loan spell at Celtic following his switch before the close of the January transfer window.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp has previously claimed that Keane still has a future at White Hart Lane.

Keane said: “I’m a Tottenham player aren’t I? I’ve got a contract with Tottenham so I will be back there unless someone tells me different.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful to Tottenham, I’ve got a contract there so as far as I’m concerned I will be back there.

“I’m delighted with my goal, obviously, that’s why I’m here, to score goals.

“I’m judged on scoring goals and I’m happy with my performance.”


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  1. Yeh well as I remember wasn't he a Spurs player, before he swaned off to Liverpool! when it suited him! Would be interesting to see if he would go back to Liverpool and fulfil his boyhood dream again now that they in Europa League and we In Champs League!

  2. Think both he and Spurs need to move on. Never the same after his stint as Liverpool. Wish him all the best but will be surprised if he returns and is not sold on to release funds for a bigger name.

  3. Sell him now as he's 29 and as the most resale value now.

    We need 1 truley world class striker and the sale of Keane will help fund this.

    Defoe is a good striker but is not world class. He only scores against the weak defenses and if he's not scoring then he doesnt give us much else.

  4. i don't know about anybody else but i am really worried about our strikeforce & their lack of goals, i could score goals against kilmarnock does that mean i can play against the prems elite, i lost alot respect for keane when left us in the shit to join his boyhood club & i didn't want to be him brought back, i would have left him in pool reserves, it simply has not worked out but fear that he is one of redkapps favored ones, it time to cut our losses on pav & keane & use the combined fee to buy one world class striker, i don't think we can afford to miss chances like in the games against stoke, hull & wolves next season.

  5. Davethedog hit the nail on the head. Keano likes a bevvy, he's great in the dressing room and works hard on the field. Although he did appear to be one of Harry's favorites the Dublin trip was the straw that broke the camels back. We saw yesterday what happens when the boys are partying. No hard feelings, thanks fro the (distant) memories. 8-10 million would be great though.

  6. Keane Is part of the side that under achieved for years, As soon as it suited him he ran off the Liverpool stating it was the team of his boyhood dreams (rubbish, a short cut to cups and medals more like). Dream on MR Keane If you think Spurs will be happy with mediocrity in the season to come. We cannot afford to have next season as a ONE OFF season of CL football, IF we are going to progress we need several years of consistent qualifying for the CL and we need to be seen by other teams , players and refs as one of Europes best teams, season in season out. That way we may just get teams home and away to lay-down before the game has started (just like teams do for manure, the old Liverpool Chelsea and even Arsenal). Refs may also start to award us penalties at home in the last 5 mins of matches a la Manure.

  7. Doesn't want to be disrespectful to Spurs?

    So taking the players to Dublin against Redknapps express order wasn't disrespectful? The sooner hes gone the better, we haven't exactly missed him have we.

  8. Sell him along with, JJ, O'Hara, BAE, Defoe, Crouch, Bently and get some people in who can command the midfield and score goles

    • Ha Ha!! Good joke. Everyone is going after Bale, I'm sure there is a reason for that, Dont you? As for Crouch I only just relised why he was in the team since he heads it in field for Bale to get. Bentley has played really well so to sell him would be ludicrous. Defoe and Jenas are both good english internationals and at least one will be picked by Capello. As for Ohara I agree on that he is a rubbish player who hates tottenaham so lets get rid of him now

  9. Defoe only scores against weak defenses? oh like Man Utd, Man City, Everton, Chelski (big bottle to smash the pen home) this season……

    • Sorry I Disagree with you defoe has gone missing second half of the season… he was level with prem top scores just before christmas and now the top scorer is got like twice as much as him. Defoe is hot for 3 Months and Cold for 9 Months.. To be fair the Assist Assassin that is Aaron Lennon has been injured that might explains his downfall but he is deff not consistent enuff for me.

  10. Keep Keane and bin defoe , one goal in 2010 and that was a penalty , scored 18 goals in league and 5 of those against wigan and 3 against hull , not a top quality striker in our squad .

  11. Well over 100 goals for spurs says it all! If he don’t play for spurs again so be it but he was a great player for us. And I still think he could do a job for us! COYS

  12. please will all the so called spurs fans slating defoe piss off back to your holes. You lot think this is 'football manager' or pro evolution, losers. We finally get into fourth and your expertly devised plans include in them the sale of half our team, I wonder why they call us fickle??

  13. Spurs4life? u want to sell bale and defoe? omg! defoe have only scored one goal in 2010, but that maybe because lennen have been injured, and bale! are you stupid

      • ………and stop writing 'omg!' like a ten year old texting another ten year old. Incidently, most keyboards have a 'shift' button below the 'caps lock', it's the one the arrow on it. It can be used to capitalise the first letter of sentences and names. It comes in handy when not wanting to sound like a moron.

  14. Well Keano you have been disrespectful to us by jollying off to that joke of a scottish league just so you can get some games. We haven’t missed you and your sulks. Hardly a good temprament we need for our now bonded squad, or is it the fact that suddenly you may get to play in the CL that gets your juices flowing. Or had you realised the promised land of erm Glasgow turned out to be the cess pit that it is and that plying your trade away to Motherwell was about as much of a come down as having to turn out for a local pub team.

    • He did not choose to go to Celtic. Celtic came for him and Spurs were happy to offload him. After that unfolded, he was happy to go rather than warm the bench at Spurs. I really like Keane and he has contributed a lot to Spurs over many years. In fact, he has been more loyal than the majority of players running around in the EPL. That said, his best days seem to be behind him, he is now 29 and the time is right to cash in. I think 6-7M is all we will get.

  15. People 16 goals in 19 games is really impressive – give him a third chance even tho its in the scottish league.

    Also the ppl saying defoe is terrible and should be sold were the same ppl who were calling him one of the best finishers in the world a couple of months ago. These were also the kind of ppl who would say ' i dont want to support spurs anymore' when we were bottom of the table less than 2 years ago – and then come crawling back to white heart lane when we do well…………….I along with all the other SPURS FANS sincerely hope you do stop supporting spurs sooner rather than later…….o no….wait……you wont because were in the CL…how stupid of me

    • I said Defoe was crap before he left, when he came back and will say 4ever, 2nd rate and bottle job with no idea against the big teams. He has never been a great or even good finisher. Redknap despite the 4th position is a 2nd rate manager and had the other teams around us not had such a nightmare season would have only got us into the Europa league (4-2 against Burnley sums it up). Keano, Defoe, Crouch, BAE, JJ need 2 be gone ASAP along with Redknap and co and I have supported Spurs through think and thin for over 40yrs, even if we had gone down last season would still support them.

  16. If i remember right, Keane was re-bought (for less than we sold him) for one main reason, and that was to help avoid relegation last season. he did help us achieve that because he enabled a struggling team do better than we were (which was rubbish). therefore he did his job to help fend off what would have been a financial meltdown had we been relegated. When we were safe – then Harry started looking upwards a bit towards progress. So Robbie was no longer essential as we pushed on to top 4 this season so he was loaned out. I see this as a fair shout by Harry and we needn't see Keane as a villain but as part of last years solution. I now agree however that keane is probably below us so will either move on to help another side escape relegation or will be a good squad player. All depends who we bring in

  17. Keane is past it at the highest level and has been for 18 months. Might as well bring back Greaves…f….ing stupid, get rid…of the Liverpool supporting Celtic fan to Wolves or Scunthorpe

  18. I agree with many here that Robbie Keane's time with Spurs has come to an end. He is a quality player but since his return for his 6 month stay in Liverpool, he hasn't been the same. With the way we play now and the personnel up front it would be a waste. He'd sulk again as he did.

  19. Surely this is the time to asset strip Liverpool. Sell Keane and buy Torres he wants CL. Sell Jenas and Bentley and buy Gerrard – he wants CL. Pretty sure Glen Johnson will be coming to us, we need a right back and he did play for Portsmouth so deal done!! that should help for Europe!!!

  20. My sellin list for the summer: Keane, Jenas, JOH, Crouch, Bentley, GIO as much as like to see him stay..Thats at least 40 milllion.. Lets have Torres.. COYS

  21. Thought it was a strange purchase by Harry, like winning the lottery and returning the money!. Keane has to be the most over-rated player in my time as his goalscoring only hit any great heights when playing with Berbatoss. Now both are at an all time low, whist we have climbed higher than ever before, co-incidence?, no.. just a better team without either of them. Spurs are on the verge of great things, lets not go backwards again, young ,hungry and team orientated, and Keane isn't any of them. Keane, Jenas ,(lost faith now),O'Hara,Alnwick, and personally I'd cash in on Palacios as his form dipped worryingly in the latter half of the season.


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