Jamie Carragher believes that Chelsea’s spending has made life more difficult for the likes of Tottenham to compete at the top and questioned why other clubs have not found similar loopholes to the Blues if their spending is legitimate.

The news of the Premier League charging Manchester City with breaking the competition’s financial rules on over 100 occasions from 2009 until 2018 (Guardian) has understandably dominated the headlines this week.

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According to reports, Pep Guardiola’s side could face stringent punishments, even including potential relegation, with Spurs and the other members of the big six said to be pushing hardest for action to be taken against them (Sky Sports). 

In light of that development, Carragher has questioned the legitimacy of Chelsea’s spending since Todd Boehly took over the club, expressing doubts regarding whether the American businessman would have found loopholes that other clubs have not.

He suggested that the Blues’ spending makes it much more difficult for clubs like Tottenham, Aston Villa and Everton to compete with the big boys unless they are also prepared to spend huge amounts in the transfer market.

The former Liverpool centre-back told The Overlap: “Not yet (made Chelsea better after their heavy spending) when you look where they are in the league. 

“Just because you spend money, it’s no guarantee of what you are going to do, so Manchester City have spent a lot of money, but they have had great expertise. Even Manchester United are an example of that on the other side.

“I have no problem with different teams getting involved. I think it’s sad when clubs here, even like a Tottenham, who are classed as the top six. Everton, Aston Villa and West Ham, who have had great success in the past.

“The only way they can feel like they can get back up there is by spending big money. If Todd Boehly and Chelsea have found a way around the rules, in terms of not breaking them. Putting players on eight and nine-year contracts. I would say ‘good luck to them’.

“If they have found a way to beat the system and they can go out and spend this money. They haven’t broken any FFP rules, I would say ‘okay, maybe he is ahead of the game’.

“But I think there are just that many smart people within football. I can’t believe it just takes Todd Boehly, who has just come into the English game and he has, all of a sudden, found a way that no one else has ever thought of.”

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Even if Chelsea are not violating FFP, they are taking huge risks over the medium to long-term future by spreading the cost over an extended period as they are offering players long-term deals.

If those signings are not successful, the club could have a huge problem on their hands a few years down the line.

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