“I want to stay at White Hart Lane and fight for my first-team place”


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Jermaine Jenas has revealed that he wants to remain at Tottenham Hotspur and fight his way back into the side.

The midfielder suffered an injury hit campaign last season and has fallen down the pecking order at White Hart Lane.  The 27-year-old has been linked with Aston Villa and Inter Milan.

Jenas told the News of the World: “I want to stay at White Hart Lane and fight for my first-team place.

“I am looking forward to the new season and I am fit and ready.”

“I want to make up for lost time,” he added.

“Manager Harry Redknapp has built a great squad, we’ve got the prospect of Champions League football for the first time and I think we could win something.”


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  1. oh god no… dont let him stay ship him out as he is useless. the only good things he has ever done was score against west brom in a 1-0 home win and score against arsenal countless times :P jenas is not good enough.. the kids in the reserves im sure are better than him and im sure anyone of you fellow readers/fans are better than him.. send hutton, keane, jenas to villa and get young in exchange ?

  2. Not good enough unfortunately – can't afford to carry "1 good game in 4" players. Would be a decent signing for the likes of Villa/Sunderland etc.

  3. Hark at what he said….."We've got the prospect of Champions League football" Go get your dictionaries and look up the word PROSPECT. You're not in with big boys yet.

  4. Glad to hear it. We only need a striker should rumours of Keane leaving come true. We have the makings of a brilliant squad here and once all our injury victims and loanees come back, we will be ready to challenge.

  5. i watched the match at dean court and even had my shirt signed by him and a) he did not care about signing my shirt and nor did he care about if he played well or not. even in training he was shit.

  6. has anyone else noticed ARSENAL commenting on all SPURS forums , F*CK OFF , comment on scums sites ,not ours . As for " big boys " , scared much , NUMPTY .

    • No, sorry mate, just can't make out what you're trying to say here. You're reply is all over the place and totally incoherent……TRY AGAIN!!

  7. Was at the Bournemouth match too and Livermore and Bostock look more assured than Jenas, who have probably played less than 4 Premiership matches between them. Jenas used to be ok, 3/4 seasons ago, but even back then he should have been even better. As for now,…

  8. OMG – I can’t believe all these negative posts against such a quality player. Are you all mad! Jenas is the mustard. Nah! just joking – he’s a bowl of w*nk. Jog on Jermaine…

  9. Think this is good news, not guaranteed first team footy but we missed him last season when Wilson and Hudd were both missing, we've got Sandro now and now know Modders can play there, and will probably end up with Scott Parker, Michael Carrick or Joe Cole but JJ will be good squad player with all the extra games – good experience and box to box player, think 'supporters' should lay off of him a bit

  10. He's a good backup player, though depending on whether the youth get sent out on loan I'd prefer they get the chance to shine over a player who has never quite looked the finished article.

    Saying that I think Jenas still has the potential, but he has to show it this season; maybe with the competition for places and bright prospects at his heels he'll step it up a gear or 2?

  11. our squad is too large. cant afford to keep too many average 'squad' players around. hutton, jenas, bentley , ohara, keane could raise funds of £35 million + , of which we can get a quality striker and centre back. carvalho at chelsea is wanting out?

  12. jenas is a terrible player, when he is on the pitch its hard to even know if he is playing. he offers nothing to the team we need to cash in on players like this.

    if we sell keane, taarabt, hutton, jenas, pav, (thats already around 30m minimum)

    then we have options to bring in players such as joe cole on a free and then 2 top players for 30m + whatever levy adds on top (10-15m) thats enough cash to bring in players which will actually make a difference and not just warm the bench.

  13. Funny this is what everyone said about bentley, pav, bale, gomes, dawson etc. at points last season – then those are the players who got us that 4th spot. Without them we would have come 13th again!!!
    People don't learn very quickly – do they? Jenas could come good like they did.

    • you just described most Spurs fans down to a tee! sad but true how ungrateful those can be. I remember not too long ago when Bale use to put his heart into every game he played but would still get stick for it. They must not remember Jenas gave us a reason to celebrate at the expense of the gooners a few years back. He could still be useful this should be his last chance and if not just part ways with him but no reason for him to leave in that way

  14. Jenas, you are one of the most pointless tottenham signings EVER! You rate up there with Rebrov, Vega, Toda, Dotherty, Trammazzani, Cundy, Armstrong, Richards, Milosevic and so on and so on. The only difference is that you have stuck around the longest which to be honest is a shame. The sooner you get out of the LANE the better! OVER RATED TWAT!

  15. Hate to ' shoot the fish in this barrel ' but along with Crouch, these are two players who unlike Steffan Fruend
    H Postiga, Rebrov and Ramon Vega have zero technique . Have watched Crouch time after time and like JJ
    cannot see how they made it as pros let alone WhL. They would of been GHoddle's worst nightmare , Linekar's
    thorn in the side and Ozzie Ardiles would of refused to play with these fonies…I rest my case.
    I only got to 2away games last season and as s*** as Bentley was atleast he is capable of keeping the ball
    rolling, damning I know. ' Their's only one Aeron Lennon '

  16. In that case you may as well get on yer bike becase i've seen more fight from a poodle than when your'e on the pich. Do us all a favour and DO ONE.


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