“I’m at Tottenham at the minute, but let’s see what happens”


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David Bentley admits he is uncertain of his future at Tottenham Hotspur.

The winger has struggled to make an impact at White Hart Lane since his switch from Blackburn in 2008 and has found himself behind Aaron Lennon in Harry Redknapp’s plans.

“Hopefully I will get fit and as strong as possible and look to have another good season,” he told Sky Sports News.

“Whether I get out on the pitch, you never know. You can be as fit as possible but not play any football, so we will see what happens.”

On the possibility of making a move elsewhere, Bentley added: “We will have to see, you never know. I’m at Tottenham at the minute, but let’s see what happens.”

The 25-year-old admits that he may be forced for a place on the bench at times.

“I think when you are at a top club that’s what happens,” he added.

“The Champions League is great for the club and great for the fans and hopefully it will be great for me. But you never know and we will have to see what is going to happen.”


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  1. Doesn't sound like he is looking for the move, sounds more like he is willing to stay and fight!

    Hope he does though I think it would be hard to impossible for him to push Lennon out of the starting team with the extra games we have for next year he will surely get his chance if he stays.

    One thing I am sure about is if he goes we will lose money and then he will end up coming good again, I am sure of it.


  2. I think that this guy after an awful start and a few run-ins has bite the bullet and become something close to the player we'd thought would improve the side. If it wasn't for his performances when Lennon was out for 4 months, then we'd be looking at Europa League football instead of a CL finish. His ego must have taken a huge dent, but fair play to the guy in coming back with a different attitude entirely.. We see everyday about buying this player or that and generally the sub-heading is sell Bentley, at least tell me why?

  3. I hope he stays and fights for a place,next season we could easily end up playing 50 plus games and will need a quality squad not just a team to cope with the fixtures. I still think the best is still to come and although we have seen glimpses of his talent he has,nt been as good for Spurs as he was in the past.Who can forget the goal he scored against the scumbags,they sure cant forget

  4. he's a true spurs fan i think he was trying to hard when he first came and now he seems more relaxed and playing more like the player we have seen over previous seasons,hope he stays and harry keeps the faith and gives him a fair crack at showing people what he can do

  5. We definitely need to keep the likes of Bentley if we are seeking to challenge on many fronts- he is great squad player and he has to get over the Lennon inferiority and accept he is 2nd best unless he consistently demonstrates he’s more of threat than Lennon.

  6. It’s refreshing to hear some constructive comments about Bentley. He was quite solid for us last year and I’m sure we will need him to step up again next season. Unless we get a massive offer and recoup our purchase price. What are everybodys thoughts on Bentley playing on the left if we get injuries but Lennon is still fit. His lack of pace doesn’t allow him to get to the by line so maybe coming off the touch line on the left, coming between defenders and crossing the ball to our new striker…???…ala Ash Young. Just a thought but it seems to be all the rage with natural right footers playing on the left and vice versa

  7. A complete waste of money…sell him before we lose any more on him. He has no pace and no flair and he's too flash. Arsenal reject!!

  8. I hope he stays with all the potential games next season. He will offer that extra dimension if we need it! It sounds as if he has settled and he knows what he has to do which is get his head down and work hard and he will reap the rewards.

  9. He really needed to grow up but he's got his head down more recently. I mean wrapping your luxury sports motor round a tree, drunk, when you're playing like complete pants was just pathetic and i wanted him out. He looked so lazy as well but maybe Harry can still get some more from him, if so then he'd be a usefull asset but i think Harry would sell if the fee was big enough. I doubt he'll give him away…

  10. He played behind the striker to some effect at Blackburn. He'd be useful for a 4-5-1 formation in the tougher away games. If he's willing to accept he's second to Lennon then let's keep him. He's slow but his delivery and Crouch's height can be useful.

    • Yes he should stay.Harry wants to build his own team but deep down he knows that Ramos signed excellent players and bentley's one of them.

  11. ohhhh. how nice we are all standing up for bentley. wot a good player he really is.dont worry its not his fault, hes a spurs fan how can we sell him. well i'll tell u something,15MILLION POUNDS STRAIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN.HAVE U GONE MENTAL??????? we should sell him while we can, before we have to beg a team to take him for free.good riddance hopefully…

  12. Yeah, let's get rid of everyone that doesn't look like producing.

    If only we had sold Bale last summer and flogged Pavlyuchenko to Brum in January. We'd be well better off!

    Why sell Bentley at a loss on 15 million and then buy someone like Pienaar for another 15 mill just to have him do the exact same thing Bentley is doing – watching Lennon from the dugout?

    • yeah. but even when with blackburn, he never commited himself properly. Bale always showed true talent, he woz just unlucky. and i still think pav is pants.
      so say all u like cross, but Bentley?????? pure shite


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