Tottenham fans have been waiting impatiently in recent weeks and months for an announcement from the club as to when they will move to their new stadium.

While the team was expected to be playing at the new stadium by September of last year, there have been continuous delays due to issues with the circuitry and safety systems.

Tottenham have since then allowed some fans to visit the facility in a familiarisation event and also screened last week’s Super Bowl game between the LA Rams and New England Patriots at the ground.

A flurry of videos and photos have flooded social media and it’s fair to say that Spurs fans have been taken aback by the beauty of the 62,062-capacity structure. This has only served to add to their frustration at the lack of an announcement from the club.

However, the club finally made an official announcement today regarding the progress at the new stadium.

Through their official website, Tottenham announced that while the work on the safety system at the stadium is near completion, the North London derby against Arsenal on the 2nd of March will be played at Wembley as the new stadium won’t be ready in time.

Some Spurs fans reacted to the news with apathy and said they were expecting yet another delay. Check out how some fans reacted to the news:

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