“I’m not saying we’re going to finish in the top four”


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Harry Redknapp has called on his players to continue with the same attitude which has helped Tottenham to the top of the Premier League.

His side made it three wins out of three on Sunday, when they came from behind to beat West Ham United 2-1 at Upton Park.

He told the official Spurs site: “It gives you that confidence to start with,” said Harry. “When you have a bad start you win a game, lose a game, draw a game and you look at the league table and don’t seem to move.

“We had that last season. We a had a terrific run when I came in but we were still stuck in a relegation battle even after Christmas.

“Once you have a bad start it can be very difficult but if you have a good start, it can set you up for the season.

“We are up there and that’s where you want to be.

“I’m not saying we’re going to finish in the top four but we have good players and a good squad and if they keep fit and keep showing the same attitude we’ll do well this season.”

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  1. Top 4 talk is all crazy. At best aim 4it. Then will finish 5th or 5th. The Top 4 is the Top 4 and I have seen nothin this year that changes my mind. Spurs improvement is great but ManU will be key test. Possibly a soberin one 4 spurs or the makin of them.

  2. Spurs this season have several things in their favor.
    (1)We have started better than in any season for many years.We have POINTS.This will help later in the season.
    (2)The club is financially quite well off.They are,unlike others in the premier league having to gamble their very existance on doing well this season(Liverpool?).
    (3)Unlike in many other seasons,the club has a depth of quality players that is possibly unsurpassed by any other club in the premiership.Injuries will happen to every club in the league,
    but with a superier ability to replace the injured or those with a temporary loss of form Spurs should continue to do well all season.
    (4) Competition for places will increase the players desire to play well. B.

  3. If some of theses prophets of doom have their way there would nevr be any change in the top 4. The old order will change as it does in very walk of life.
    Ther is no way that the top4 will remain the same in perpetuity. When Spurs won the Double their closest challengers were Burnley. At that time nobody would have predicted how far Burnley would fall and how long it would take them to get back.Spurs have a better squad than some of the top4 depthwise and talk of a top 4 place is not crazy. Ambitious perhaps. Obviously being older than the average poster I retain a healthy scepticism of no change ever and forget about evolution. The top 4 will change and nobody is likely to predict it accurately otherwise the bookies would go bust.

  4. the time in the season when it really matters providing we keep up with the top 4 pack is the last ten games when the pressure is there and the lack of experience shows. Look at villa last year, and us couple years before when we lost out to arsenal. Think we have a gooder chance this year as any previous tho

  5. Nothing is crazy in the premier league today. Who would predict that Newcastle will go down last season with Owen aboard. Yeah, CRAZY. Who would think that Keane, Defoe or Chimbo will come back to Spurs. Yeah, CRAZY. Who would value Ronaldo for 80m. Yeah CRAZY……Spurs in the Top 4 – for the believers, will never, ever be CRAZY.

  6. The last time we came close to cracking the top 4 we were undone by lasagna and our inability to get results against the teams above us.

    Last year we more than held our own against the top-six sides and we have definitely overcome our inability to beat the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool (and with a bit more luck would have beaten Man U and Arsenal last year too).

    If we can achieve a little consistency we should be able to aim at 70 points, which may well prove enough for a top-four finish. Stranger things have happened, and I think it is possible that not one but two of the top-four are dislodged this season.

  7. Lucky for top 6 but would happy with 5th there are alot of fans getting involved with the hype and until Christmas can we get an idea as to where we will be and its a long season anyway COME ON YOU SPURS prove us all wrong


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