In Focus: Hugo Lloris

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Tottenham Hotspur slumped to their third game without a win in this years’ Champions League this evening.

Spurs led the game 2-1 late on before a red card to keeper and captain Hugo Lloris changed the tide.

PSV grabbed a late goal to share the points, all but condemning both teams to a failed qualification.

We take an In Focus look at Hugo Lloris and where it all went wrong (readers who do not like any negativity, look away now):

Tottenham were far from their best tonight, but at 2-1 up, they seemed to be edging their way across the finishing line.

Three points tonight would have started them on the right track to qualifying second out of this tough group.

However, for the countless time this season, Spurs conceded a late goal to see their points snatched away from them.

After handing Barcelona a free goal in the second minute last time out, Hugo Lloris was directly at fault yet again between the sticks.

With ten minutes to go, the PSV striker was put in behind, and it looked as if Alderweireld and Sanchez would just about converge on him in time to smother any realistic shot.

But what’s this? Lloris is coming off his line and completely wipes out the approaching forward, giving away a dangerous free kick and earning a red card for his troubles.

It seemed as if the best call would have been to step up, close down the angle and let the defenders do their jobs, but be there to make a save if they didn’t.

Lloris’ red card completely changed the dynamic of the game, and the captain simply has to hold his hands up and take responsibility for Tottenham’s likely exit.

Whether it is a lack of form, entering his twilight footballing years, or the drink driving incident still playing on his mind, Lloris looks nowhere near the keeper he once was.

Have your say! Is Lloris’ time up as number one? Are the mistakes too often now? Or should he be given the benefit of the doubt?


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  1. Being a quality shop stopper is not enough these days. Both Deshamps and Pochettino pamper to him and never publicly criticise him. This hasn’t worked as he is not stopping these unforced errors. Not trusting his defenders. No surprise Jan Vertonghen wasn’t out there to help calm everybody, for both the Barcelona error or the PSV one tonight, plus the World Cup Final. His kicking has always been iffy. When he arrived, he timed these rushes superbly. What has changed? I remember goals at Wembley last season, by Salah and Rondon where he didn’t come out and was in no mans land. De Gea made a couple of bad mistakes for Spain, but he hasn’t made any since. I think our goalkeeping coach and indeed the French one should be helping him with his decision making as it is shot. This week he said he didn’t think we would be his last club. I don’t like the fact there is no pressure for his place. Maybe it is time, like Alderweireld, if their heart is not with the club any more, we need to get replacements in. It is sad, but we need to improve and have players happy to be with us. Let Vorm go and get another GK in to compete with Gazzaniga.


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