Interesting comparison between humble Spurs reactions and Arsenal gloating

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham have had pretty good success in the North London derbies of recent years, but unfortunately they fell to an Arsenal 4-2 win at the weekend.

Spurs led 2-1 at half time thanks to goals from Eric Dier and Harry Kane, and tensions boiled over a little after the former nodded his home.

Dier celebrated in front of Arsenal fans, placing his finger over his lips to silence them, something the Arsenal bench didn’t take too kindly to.

It all seemed like the passion of the derby and something we want to see more of, but Tottenham Funnies pulled up an interesting side by side of the off-the-pitch celebrations.

After winning the derby, a number of Arsenal players took to social media to celebrate, with the term ‘North London is red’ appearing in many posts.

Comparing this to Spurs last derby win earlier in the year, in throws up an interesting debate.

Tottenham players were actually extremely humble in their celebratory posts in comparison.

Is this yet more proof that Arsenal are now the underdogs, and Tottenham are in fact the bigger club?

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  1. Maybe Arse players and their usually muted fans were more vocal because it was after all their chance to t stamp some form of authority over us? We on the other hand were more philosophical as losing to them although hurtful wasn’t the be all and end all of our season. We had just played a hard fought in a proper European Cup match, which was far more important then Sundays game, equally losing to Chelsea would’ve been more painful to bear. Barca is a far more important game by a country mile and we must concentrate all of our efforts on that game. Secondly, for all their crowing about this unbeaten run, yes its admirable, but only gives them parity with us, and lastly we heard all this crap last season about North London being red, well, that turned out well for them, didn’t it? Gloat in May, not before the years end

  2. Are you really surprised? It will probably take a couple of defeats to make these turd worms to find some dog shit to slither into. Do not feel pity …,.it is where they feel most at home.


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