Is Bale set for £44m Spurs return?

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According to The Daily Star, Gareth Bale looks set to for a Real Madrid departure after the Champions League Final against Liverpool, whatever the result.

And according to the article, reports in Spain believe the Real Madrid superstar is heading back to old club Tottenham with chairman Daniel Levy working on a £43.7million deal.

The article goes on to say how it will be a major boost for Mauricio Pochettino if Levy can successfully negotiate a transfer with his Madrid counterparts

It adds how ex-Spurs star Gary Lineker would applaud it, too, with the former England man fully convinced that Bale would return to the Premier League a better, more skilful player.

Lineker, who had three successful years at Barcelona, said: “It looks like he is set to leave Real Madrid but he has done terrifically well there and won pretty much everything.The rumours are that Madrid are looking to sell him and it will be interesting to see who jumps in for him because he has a massive amount of talent – if you can get him on the pitch.

Lineker added: “Unquestionably, going abroad has improved him. He was brilliant in his last couple of seasons at Tottenham and he is a wonderful footballer. It’s always good to get different experiences of different styles which he’ll have got by playing in La Liga.He will have learned so much, there’s no question about that. And he will be a better player for it.

Lineker added: “He’s certainly played well the last two or three games and scored a couple of great goals. Gareth’s only real problems are his lack of consistency in terms of playing time and the injuries he’s picked up in the last couple of years.”

Welshman Bale is ready for a stunning return to the Premier League after five highly successful years in La Liga and will undoubtedly like to go out on a high in his last appearance for Madrid with a fourth Champions League medal.

The article adds that Real want £69.9m but given their determination to offload Bale, the deal could go through on Tottenham’s reduced fee however the only major stumbling block would be his sky-high wages of £350,000 a week which would smash Spurs’ current structure but would possibly raise a bit conflict in the dressing room too.

Would you have Bale back at Spurs? Or has that ship sailed? Let us know your thoughts below

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  1. Not sure if he would come back to his old stamping ground , not sure that Levy would fork out that much of a fee , his wages just might be negotiable after all he is the man that will be saying yes to any difference in money , his injuries bother me and for sure Spurs got the best years out of him .

    • I would argue that Real got the best years out of him, as his medals tally proves that.
      Hopefully, if we can get him and keep him fit, we’ll advance no end.

      • Medals are won by a team, not a lone player. Man Utd have proven when Alex.F left, that that team isn’t just the players on the pitch either, its the manager to.

        Bale has so much to offer spurs, if Spurs were to buy him and Martial from Utd we’d have an amazing attack at Spurs, but I do think we’d need to stop playing this slow boring possession football with 4231 formation. I’m very tired of seeing spurs have the opportunity to break and instead they pass sideways or backwards. Our defence has more passes between them than most midfields in the league. It’s embarrassing.

  2. if poch gets his 150 million summer war chest and we spend 60 on bale thats still 90 million to get a defender and defensive mid …get it done and make a statement i say

  3. In my view it is usually a mistake to have a player return. In this instance we have so much dead weight that he would be better than a lot of the options we have. The problem is, how to shift the likes of Lamela, Sissoko and Llorente? Who on earth would want them? I doubt Levy will fork out unless some are shifted. Unfortunately the ones we want to go tend to remain.

  4. I’d have Bale back everyday of the week. His experience would stop us failing in later stages of competitions and also what he could teach the younger players is priceless. What a coup for our first year is the best stadium in the world to have one of the best players in the world. It would also stop other players looking to move elsewhere with such a statement of intent. Mostly positives, the only negative are the injuries, but he could be rested in smaller games.

  5. Thought he was prepared to take a massive wage cut but get a significant signing on fee?? If Levy can get him for the reported fee £47m then I’m sure a fairly sizeable signing on fee would be possible. Even if it was 10m we would still have made money on Bale from the original sale, so yeah, why not! His experience alone would do wonders for the dressing room but injuries are a big concern. Still,think he could take us up a notch though if he did sign

  6. Would love him back, but he won’t be the player he was with us over those incredible three seasons …whether greater experience on the world stage, or not. £40m to £50m sounds right for a fee, but Levy would limit him surely to £180k pw and then bring his other key players’ wages up accordingly (he’s got to do that anyway, even if afterwards, Spurs are still behind their competitors’ ‘overpayments’ to players). The deal would surely send an important message, but we still need to be looking for that all-important deep lying creative midfielder (or playmaker) who can free up Eriksen and the forwards, as well as the flanks.

  7. On one hand, emotionally, having him back would be just amazing. As much as I like Sonny look at the goals Bale has scored, great 1st touches and ripping defences apart as he goes! On the money side Levy would need to box clever but he knows how to do that and put an incentive laden package together to cover the wages without disrupting the team. But the huge upside would be in the brand visibility and merch boost to introduce football at the new stadium. As mentioned Bale has won the CL 3 maybe 4 times – what experience to introduce into the dressing room in a year that is already developing higher expectations than this last one. But this year’s experiences with Toby and Moussa injuries makes one hesitate despite all the potential positives.

  8. If this is true,which I doubt Spurs would never pay
    Anything like Gareths present wage.
    If LEVY could somehow resolve this,then yes we
    would welcome him with open arms.
    A new Stadium and GB ? Yes please.

  9. Wouldn’t pay anything for him….some of us,will remeber theway he left us.
    Good riddance I say.
    Younger and better prospects around Europe to look at and go for…ones that might play more than 15 games which I doubt he will. (Won’t mention his name) It is time to move on from this subject.

  10. Given our new stadium we can potentially stump up big salaries but after several years, or earlier hopefully. The problem is if Bale were to get £350k p/w then Kane and co. should demand equal or if not more wage.

    In a bigger picture, this will cost Spurs much more than simply paying Bale what he demands, ultimately, it’s not the £18mil Bale salary that is the concern, but the ripple effect of the entire team’s salary if Bale were to re-join.

    Assuming everyone gets a pay rise, this turned from £18mil to £200mil+ additional expense to be spent on players. If only a few get a pay rise you’ll have a detrimental effect on the team’s performance, attitude etc.

    As much as I love Bale to re-join he’ll probably have to settle for a minimum of 50% pay-cut, which is still above £150k p/w, and this still makes him our top earner. Therefore, it’s unlikely he’ll re-join. Only Man U, City, and Chelsea can afford him realistically. I’m sure he’ll pick Spurs if we can meet his conditions without a doubt, but that is unlikely.

  11. we need someone to put a winning mentality in the squad and bale will do that for sure doi persobally would love bale and vardy with kane watch us win the pemiership with toby and jan backing us

  12. My issue with Bale, who in his last season at Spurs, was possibly the best player I have seen play for the club, is his wages – £50K a week he is on, he would need to drop £200K a week (which would still be outside our current structure) Personally I would like to see someone younger and less prone to injuries – Pusalic, Zaha or Martial, one of those three, I like the look at this Barrios guy from River Plate, Sessenoung and DeLight. We would get rid of the deadwood – Toby, if he cant be persuaded to stay, Rose, Sisskopko, Janssen, Llorente, NDokou, Lamela and possibly Dier, That should pay for who we need to bring in.


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