Is Harry having a dig at Spurs fans?


Harry Redknapp has had a slight dig at Tottenham fans after they watched their side slump to their first Premier League defeat of the season.

Wigan’s Hugo Rodallega netted an 80th-minute winner to give the away side and all of their 40-strong travelling support something to shout about.

Harry said: “I fear these games more than any other games. These are not games that you enjoy.

“People turn up here today and they expect you to walk all over them.

“After two minutes, we give the ball away and they’re, ‘Ooooh’ – they’re on your case.”


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    • Such a mug…yeah watch it Harry you don't want to annoy shaky. Best thing to happen to our club in years and he is right, he has given us so much to cheer about and we lose a game and people boo, man up…

      • harry was probally as peed off as we were …not the first time and wont be the last when we are expected to beat a lesser side

  1. TOTTENHAM SUPPORT was a disgrace today. After the effort the lads put in on Wednesday, for the fans to BOO the team for going off at 0-0 today was a joke. We are so full of ourselves with regard to our 'atmosphere', the Lane was SILENT on 70 minutes, just when the team needed that extra lift. Harry said to the BBC 'it's easy to get behind the team when they are winning'. Everyone should have a look at that interview, because it was as bad as the Emirates at Tottenham today!

    • They got booed because they were useless. A lazy bunch of overpaid let downs. None of them were up for it today. They couldn’t be bothered. We turned up at great expense to cheer them on they, the ‘players’, didn’t even bother to turn up. That’s why they got booed. You probably advocate no tackling in rugby and no sports days in school because the useless fat kid feels a tit when he comes last by a mile. This is a mans game. If you take the plaudits when it’s good then you’ve got to be able to take the criticism when it’s bad, and today they were so very bad. Now go back to your rose garden you self righteous condescending liberal.

    • harry should stop blaming evertone else and look at himself. no one thought it would be easy but he played into their hands with the team he picked, plus where are the signings so many times spurs dont score goals

  2. It called anxiety, everyone knew after 20 minutes what was going to happen. Most of the side seemed to be going through some sort of training drill. I was not one who booed the team but was certainly frustrated by a lack of effort.

  3. I was at the game today and too large a minority spent the time moaning and never cheering. It was disgraceful to hear the fans booing three days after qualifying for the Champions League Group stages. Harry was spot on. Lets get behind the boys not put extra pressure on them.

  4. For players and a team to be considered great or to acclaim to be a great or even a good team you have to win games.The game on Wednesday was a super night but lets not get carried away here we have won nothing yet and as yet we are not much better than Everton.To prove we are a better team than them or than last year we have to at least match the fourth of last year or better it while playing in the champion league ,losing to Wigan with great respect will not make us better than last year if anything par for par at the minute we are slightly worse there is a lot of work to do yet before we claim to be a top four team never mind a great team.

  5. It's as much down to the team to lift the crowd as it is the other way. From the outset our attitude stank of arrogance, we allowed Wigan space and time on the ball instead of going for the throat, and that's where it all went wrong. BAE was dreadful and rightfully taken off, but if Jenas had put in the performance Palacios did, there would had been a lynching. Lennon is a shadow since the WC, and as for the forwards display, regardless of Keane playing, if the service and attitude isn't there, then there's not much ANY forward can do is there? Wilson really needs to be looked at as this has been going on since Xmas!

  6. harry was having a dig at us today just when he is winning us over and becoming a hero down the lane but , lets be honest its not the first nor will it be the last time he does so . i am not bothered what he thinks about us as he keeps changing his mind on us from one game to the next . he claims the players need to be harder so do we harry thats why we had the hump so try not to slag us off for that when we were basically agreeing with you . as for the booing i hate that but i understand how an 1/8 of the crowd booed but what about the 7/8 of the crowd whom didnt . the squad despite what harry says is not good enough in fact we need 5 or 6 more quality players and then let some of the dodgy ones go to be a top side . we are no where near chelscum or manure so dont fool yourselves people but we need to catch and overhaul the scum forever COYS

  7. Harry said it wasn't the Champions League hangover but I think we all know it was. Playing near-enough the same 11 that played on wednesday was a mistake. He even said after the match Niko was the one who looked the sharpest – because he only played 10 minutes on wednesday.

    It was a tired performance but the boos at halftime were a little harsh.

  8. Lol lets all laugh at the tiny totts, 2 games in one week to much for you lot, that how it goes when your in the Cl. Just remember there are no gimmes in any of those competitions. We lost heavily to you lot last season, so today was sweet revenge!

    • I can't agree with you more. Wigan deserved their victory over the spuds. I am still celebrating the win and of course the Gooners win at blackburn. from a goner.

    • where abouts is wigan again, oh and by the way you see how many spurs fans will make the trip to that sweaty armpit of a town in the return fixture, regardless of if we lose we will still be there, you lot are a joke i was in the south stand yesterday and i could believe that you lot couldnt manage to fill one coach to follow your team, but i guess you lot was too busy adjusting your flat cap & talking to your whippet, northern mug, your still going down this season with manuel at the helm, i can assure you that this loss will stick in the mind of harry & the team & that it wont be forgiven, the next time we meet 9-1 will feel like a rub down compared to what will happen @ your shitty stadium !!!

  9. If it was any other team in the sky four they would walked all over them so yes Harry we are having a dig at you,what are you doing playing the same team as wednesday night,we looked tired and jaded from the start,maybe when we have got our full fitness but today was asking for trouble and that’s exactly what we got,get the players in we need or were screwed,rant over! COYS

  10. Careful
    Harry what u have done so far has been spot on however 2day was a disgrace total lack of effort! I don't mind losing if we try and to be honest he should have seen that 2day and to mug the fans off is beyond believe sort the team out Harry! +bring in a top striker we r short!!!!!! Need someone like drogba but with a spurs heart!

  11. Who the hell would want to play for Tottenham? Any potential signing who could decipher the crap written by the average Spurs fan would go and sign for North Ferriby United in the Evo-Stick League instead.

  12. I was there, and the crowd was so negative. Harry was right to have a dig. Wake up guys. Even the top 3 have bad home results too. Yes, we were poor today. But at 0-0 we were in control of the match in second half and people were moaning. Stop it. 1 point would have been better than 0. It could be the difference between 4th and 5th. But no, the players sensed the impatience and lost control of the match – because of the crowd. Very upsetting. No team plays well every game – and we are just learning how to handle the afermath of Champions League games.

  13. Have to agree with shelf side 78, untill we get those key Players, and I think Gallas is one of them, we can’t kid our selves that we’re in the same class as the three clubs that finished above us.

    We’re not far away, but not there yet.

  14. I was there, and the crowd was so negative. Harry was right to have a dig. Wake up guys. Even the top four have bad home results too. Yes, we were poor today. But at 0-0 we were in control of the match in second half and people were moaning. Stop it. 1 point would have been better than 0. It could be the difference between 4th and 5th. But no, the players sensed the impatience and lost control of the match – because of the crowd. Very upsetting. No team plays well every game – and we are just learning how to handle the afermath of Champions League games.

  15. We will pick our selves up. This is gonna happen from time to time. Corluka injured from midweek, Kaboul replaces him, and was really poor. (Ekotto was even worse). Gomes was injured too – Cudicini came in and let the soft goal in. Defoe was actually quite good first half, Crouch was lively but not given a sniff. Then Crouch came off injured at half time – so more to contend with. Bale and Lennon were well marked. Redknapp also experimented – at one point we were playing a 3 man defence – King – Dawson – Kaboul. That didn't work sadly either.

  16. The problem is players don’t have the time to learn the aftermath of a CL game .This was a 3 pointer a no brainer we should have won we must now pick ourselves up and win the next game because when the CL does start we will drop down the league like a stone if we don’t win now.Arry should have made more changes he needs to see players are tired and rest them or does he not trust the rest of the squad if so why did he buy them.We will buy Tuesday know our 25 players Arry must show some faith in the other guys and stop flogging the same players to death.

  17. I used to go to the Lane sometimes, but I have to agree with Harry… We have the biggest bunch of idiots in the crowd there and I prefer watching other teams as a neutral than going to the Lane to be surrounded by absolute tossers that claim to support the same club as me. Bunch of utter twats and if I were a player, I's steer a wide berth if being SUPPORTED by fans were important to me. Never have any group of fans turned so easily on players as those at WHL do. Sickenningly fickle fans and probably the only ones in the country who're even more annoying than those mug Geordies!

  18. Last year Phil Brown identified the Spurs crowd as being the biggest weapon a small club has when going to the Lane. He said that there were certain teams the Tottenham 'Faithful' expected to walk over and if you shut them out for half an hour, they would turn on the home side and anxiety would creep in. This was echoed by Mick McCarthy.

    No team has any divine right to win anything and we all need to be behind the side for every single game. This is going to be a long, long season and the 12th man will be needed at every game.

  19. Always a potential trap after the highs of mid-week…..watching from Australia but the crowd didn't seem willing to support them. Followed Spurs for 50 years and unfortunately this can be our way. Fortunately the WHL crowd has the ability to turn up next time and bear no grudges. In a single phrase I'd say Harry could have freshened up the side even more from the start.

  20. i took my missus for the first time today, overall it cost £200 with travelling ! the performance was an absolute fucking joke, right from the very start huddlestone gave the ball away i knew what we were in for! only king played well. palacios has got to go he is unbelievably crap. i didnt boo but they deserved that, i dont earn that much and to pay to watch that sickens me. typical tottenham. redknapp and levy are mad if they dont get anyone in they blatantly need two strikers imo,get rid of pav and keane get suarez and fabiano and a decent midfielder like sessegnon and a left back !

  21. Yes Harry you are right. At times yesterday if it wasn't for the moaning you could have heard a pin drop. I hope we are not going to adopt the same arrogance towards other teams that our neighbours poses."We don't have a divine right to beat anybody"Should always be our mantra. But Harry this is a squad game now! You also got it wrong my friend. So time to show a little humility don't you think? Lets hope we have all learned our lesson so we can have as few "Bad day's" as possible.

  22. Stop moaning Harry if take the cheers you gota take the booing aswell,get us some world class players or it will be another 50 years before we get back in cl,spurs were worse than poor yesterday,was not the fans fault Harry so dont have a go at the people that pay your wages,.Get your finger out and sort the team out not the fans we will be here for ever some of those players wont be here next year will you?

  23. Harry's got a point regarding supporters anxiety transmitting to the players on the pitch.. and this has been a problem over the years when 'smaller' teams play at the lane and fans expect the team to walk all over them. However, Harry's selection for yesterday did not make any sense to me when you consider we have the squad to negotiate these kind of games, when you have successive games as we've had.. on the trot. I don't understand why Palacios played in a game where the impetus was on us to attack.. and I don't understand why in particular Niko did not start when with his fresh legs could have proved the imagination we obviously lacked. Pav or Keane should also have been given a run out as they were less tired than others. It was a hangover but we should be dealing with that with this squad. Dawson and King also had off days and Dawson's slowness to push up for the goal was also a factor. Wigan exploited our defensive ineptitude with ease and could easily have made it a more embarrassing scoreline. Learn from your mistakes and push on. We're good enough for top 4 if we get these things right.

  24. Get real everyone, I watched the game from my home in Dubai and in comparison to Wednesday night the atmosphere was shocking. Harry is right I could her groans and moans as early as the 3 minute.

    I agree the performance was not good enough and as we have seen for the last few years (Wolves last year) we struggle to break teams down. However how much of a lift do you think it gives teams like Wigan when our fans start getting on the backs of players. We need to have the best atmosphere regardless of winning or losing.

    Just to point out as well Chelsea lost 3-1 to Wigan last year but went on to win the premier league! these things happen and whilst annoying at the time they are just a blip in a very long season.


  25. I did boo at half time but I was booing Phil Dowd!! Everyone else around me was too – we had a right moan about his inept performance.

    Wigan did not want to play football for 80 minutes (in fact there were 2 comedy moments in the match where the ball broke for Wigan and no-one dared venture into our half). But the ref a) allowed their players to waste time from the 2nd minute b) ignored constant shirt tugging, leg tapping and obstruction c) only gave us or them a foul if a player went to the floor. I think Harry took Lennon off because he was in serious danger of lamping the [email protected] after getting clattered for the nth time but not getting anything.

    I'm not saying "he didn't give us…". Even the decisions he did give us were awful!

  26. All you read here is excuses, I think every fan has a right to express their attitude, why not?. If the players aren't proffesional enough to handle it then there in the wrong job, its a sport and its part of the game, up and down, win and lose, cheer and boo. If you can cheer and shout your head off when things are going well why cant you do the opposite, why cant you be annoyed by the team you care for playing like a bunch of little girls. If anything these so called "super fans" who show no emotion when were playing like shit, make me wonder if they give a toss. As far as im concerened no excuse for the performance on saturday, none of the other big teams play like that even with CL games and so on. God im so scared of teams like Stoke and Wolves now its embarrassing.

  27. Even the the ever-presents at the top of the table in living memory occasionally have the odd rubbish result against so-called lesser teams such as wigan or west ham. Its a fact of life. Its unsurprising to note that fans feel frustrated with such a performance and choose to voice that frustration. Many would argue 'why shouldn't they?'.

    I say a teams fans should push their team all the way to final whistle, in particular when there are no goals or just the odd goal in it. Im a driving instructor (stick with me) and it always amuses me that if a learner has stalled the car at lights or a roundabout that some mindless individuals choose to voice their frustration by sounding the horn, which has the clear effect of unsettling the learner into making more errors and, therefore taking twice or three times longer to get the car in motion again. This is just like when your team is struggling to make headway in a game (eg: wigan at whl 29-8-10) – after a while patience wears too thin and the idiots start booing or jeering or singing negative songs. This has the same effect as tooting that learner driver at the lights – its un-productive, uninspiring, even soul destroying at times.

  28. I always remember 'that' champions league final in which Man u beat Bayern to the trophy in the final minute of the game – if you were there or watched it on tv, then cast your mind back, did anyone hear anybody doing anything other than roaring their respective teams onto the final whistle? Even when things were going badly for united the fans never wavered in their support. I wonder what the result might have been if they had started jeering instead of cheering?

    So fellow spurs fans, next time you feel the urge to start booing at our own players, think twice, because if we collectively continue cheering the boys on we'd be far more likely to scrape a result from the jaws of victory, and as manchester united have proved, that can be the difference between falling at the final hurdle and making history.

  29. few things i been going to the lane some 40yrs ,and our fans can be fickle just like others we are all the same want our team to win all the time and exspect them to do sometimes.
    Ihave been a season ticket for god knows how many yrs ,Harry i dont like,but he was right talking before the game we said he should maybe freshened it up thats Harrys perogrative .They were poor yesterday but get used it it quickly Harry and others .
    What my concern is i am havin to sit in the paxton for my sins, i thought the support from the park lane and shelf was resonable ,but the booing ath at half time was a F******G disgrace we new they wernt performing you could tell and they new it ,but to boo at half time was un-belivable i except this from the the part timers at the effemanites[scum] and chelski i know it was only a few not hundreds but still i hope they are proud of the BOOING their own team

  30. Me personnally in 50yrs yrs have moaned slagged them off but neaver booed not once ,what does it achive support your team when they are struggling thats WHEN THEY NEED YOU
    Plus when we move i hope our PITCH IS A LOT BIGGER becaused they done the same as young boys and doubled up on bale and lennon and left them no room with two defensive midfielders[which we didnt need] we ran out of ideas also CROUCH premier league know how to play him yet again ineffective hardly won a header [but harry luves him] long balls garbage build up allways to slow
    also i agree those beloved fickle geordies!
    ALSO PHIL DOWD U ARE A DISGRACE handball u dick!

  31. Is Harry such a good manager ? He was out thought his plan of lumping it up to crouch is basic Wigan dennied us width and easily delt with crouch. Crocuhes movement is poor and we will not succeed with him as striker. Kranjcars movement gave us what we needed something that the strikers did not do until pav came on. Defoe is an exteamly average player. 15 odd goals in around 5 games highlights that he is hit and miss. When wigan sat behind the ball we needed movement something that neither crouch or Defoe offered. Palacious was the same no movement left us predictable launching it into crouch in what was the worst football I have seen for ages. I know he is not fan favourite but keanes movement is by far the best of all out strikers and he and pav would have been suited to this game, in a game we needed to play football and through the team all harry could do was revert to what he knows launching it to the big man. Out date tactics that leave spurs easy to play. Without moderic we suffered purley because out strikers are

    So bad why can’t Harry see this. ?

  32. how much does harry earn and how much does each of our players earn? i bet even our lowest paid players are on double if not triple money the average working man earns

    so if the average working man forks out in our world "big money" on a ticket,they have EVERY right to boo the team if they are playing crap.some people only get the chance to go and see one game a season because financially they cannot afford if that one game happens to be wigan then of course he or she can boo the team!!

    i think sometimes these big paid managers and players lose the sense of reality and dont realise how easy they have got it! i would quite happily pay to get a game in front of the faithful and i know for a FACT if i was to get the chance to play 38 games a season in the prem i certainly wouldnt put in a half decent performance at any time,as the players did against wigan this season..and AS they did against hull last season,wolves last season and stoke last season!!!


    got to win these games to get a sniff of top 4 this season.thank god money city lost today

  33. I agree with Harry. The Lane can be one of the best grounds in the country when the fans are up for it. Spurs 2-1 Chelsea on 5/11/06 was incredible from start to finish – 90 minutes of non-stop encouragement – and there have been many similar atmospheres over the years. Too often though the place is like a morgue, with only small pockets of singing (and some of that the dopey "if you hate Arsenal" song).

    Learn the songs (about our own players), make up some new ones, and sing them to lift the team. That's what "support" means. If you're having a cr*p day at work, what works better – somebody cheering you up and lifting your spirits, or someone telling you you're useless and a waste of space? If you're feeling tired, would a silent library fill you with energy? Don't let inferior opposition capitalise on an atmosphere of nervous silence.

    Yes, the team played poorly at times on Saturday, but that's when they need us the most, to drive them on and fire them up in the right way.

  34. Making excuses for a poor performance went to the game and we played really bad if we play like that all the time we will struggle we to sign a world class striker, decent centre back and another creative midfielder like Modric to unlock teams

    • King, Dawson, Gallas, Bassong, Kaboul, Corluka can all comfortably play CB… How can supporters think there's still a need for more CBs?

  35. We had a bad performance from the team. It can happen sometimes. It was basically the same 11 players playing their 3rd game in 8 days. Never in my 33 years has there been such an array of talented players all in the same Spurs side and without a doubt, it's been a VERY VERY ;long time, if ever, that we have bbeen able to enjoy Spurs playing such great football as a team. That's not an opinion, it's fact. Not since the great Gilzeam was on the turf have Spurs been as good to watch. We are probably one of the 3 most entertaining teams in the league at the moment. Supporters should not be jumping on players' and managers' backs the second there's 1 dodgy performance. Bunch of fickle idiots who can't appreciate how good they've got it and whos memories apparently can't stretch back as long as a couple of weeks. Very very sad for the team and the club, who deserve a lot lot more imo.

  36. Fair point, the crowd were on the team's back from early in the game, every mistake was accompanied by moans and groans and people shouting various from the stands.

    Nothing wrong with sneaking a last minute goal on an off-day, some of us need to realise that you're not going to get an ideal performance every game – yes I was frustrated during the game as well ;p but we should be lifting the team and encouraging – I'm sure none of us would perform if we had 36k people looking over our shoulder and moaning at every mistake or missed opportunity, instead of supporting you.


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