“It could very well change tomorrow because we’re really just inquiring”


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Sunderland boss Steve Bruce admits that he might need to find an alternative to Alan Hutton.

Reports claim that Spurs value the Scottish right-back at the £9million they paid Rangers in 2008, while it is said that Sunderland value him at around £4million.

“I guess with Alan we need to have a Plan B. It could very well change tomorrow because we’re really just inquiring,” Black Cats chairman Niall Quinn told the Northern Echo.

“We’re looking at people but we’ve no idea of the fees because as soon as you go to a club and ask what it would cost it’s all over the papers.

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  1. Nial Quinn…….dear oh dear……..bet you wished you hadnt said "20 million" for Kenwyne Jones now dont you!
    Most blatent negotiation tactic ever – "we're really just enquiring" – really? I saw Brucie druelling over how much he wants him and you lot are probably going to end up paying a minimum 7million for him which id happily take as a spurs fan! COYS

  2. I will be really pissed-off if we sell Hutton to Sunderland for 4 million – he is worth much more than that. I am heartily sick of Sunderland trying to get good players off us on the cheap. They should be made to pay the price we want or go and look elsewhere. When they bought Bent they immediately tried to make it look as if they got one over us. And to be honest I am still smarting at Bents behaviour towards our fans when he scored against us at the stadium of light (A misnomer if there ever was one) that was the height of disrespect.

    I say pay up or shut up.

    John Ardilles

  3. We don’t need hutton and we don’t want him. When he joined our club I thought he would become our regular right back for the next few years something went wrong he obviously didn’t adhere himself to harry so I trust in our gaffer and accept that he isn’t right for Tottenham Hotspur. Sorry al you have to have something inside you,something special to play for spurs and you haven’t got it. So ship him out for 5m and be done with it!

  4. Great going forward but a poor defender…..anything over 4mill is a bonus. The mistakes he made against Arsenal in 2 different games! Calamity!

  5. i could not understand signing a r/b from scotland 4 so much money, let me re-phrase that, i could not understand why we signed a r/b for so much money, but f..ck that have we signed turan yet.

  6. How can they say that, He (Hutton) has impressed very much during his loan spell and a deal would be very favourable to Sunderland, then have the cheek to knock 5mil off his price label. Give us 7mil and an apology, he`s all yours.

  7. we dont need to sell hutton, if we sell hutton we need to find a replacment which is not going to be cheap. hutton is a decent backup to charlie and wouldnt mind keeping hold of him. and selling him for 4m will not be worth it. i say lets keep alan.

  8. Hutton was bought on David Pleat's suggestion… 'the NEW Richard Gough'. Listen, we have never replaced Richard Gough. 'Richard the Brave' was everything at Tottenham. Hutton's not even half the player that Goughie was


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