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When one travels with the Spurs life can be quite hectic. Take the recent trip to Barcelona. I don’t get a free ride, I am there to play my part. I then, under candlelight – when I can – write up my exploits. Because I am not computer literate (yes, I can use a computer, but it is not something I am comfortable with) I have to pass my article on to another to get it out there). I am also married with children, and that takes up a lot of my time as well. But, as somebody will point out, nobody is putting a gun to my head, there are plenty of other jobs out there, and I don’t have to write these articles. But I am glutton for punishment and blue runs through my veins, so why should I shoot myself in the head (and I might miss, then what)?

So, after arriving back home, I had to go back to work and finish off my duties and then back again the next day to continue my other tasks. If I work at the weekends, I do get a day off in the week, and that is spent with the family (but my misses works).

Anyway, you are not reading this to be bored; so to what makes us all tick? The mighty Cockerel.
Let us look at some statistics.

The game against Burnley saw Pochettino win his 100th league match. That is in his 169th game. None of our past 21 Premier League games have ended in a draw, with us winning 16 and losing five since a 1-1 at Brighton in April. Only Bolton in 2011-12 (18) have had a longer run without a draw from the start of a Premier League campaign than Spurs this season (17).

As for Burnley, they failed to register a single shot on target in this match. It’s the third time they’ve done so in the Premier League this season – no other side has done so more than once.

Lamela, who some criticised had 47% of Tottenham’s shots in this match (7/15) and 67% of our shots on target (two out three). Eriksen scored our first 90th-minute winner in the Premier League since April 2017 (Son v Swansea). We also saw his first for us as a sub in the Premier League, in his 10th appearance from the bench in the competition.

And we will continue marching on. The Burnley game though was very depressing as they only came to frustrate and annoy; they intended to get a draw and the way things were going they looked like they were going to get it. But we doggedly kept hacking away until we got our goal. The cheers went up immediately, we deserved nothing less than three points. It was just a pity that we didn’t get more goals.

This was our last home game before Christmas, but not the end of our trip up that greasy pole. We still have to face Arsenal in the Cup and Everton in the league (both away) before we can finally dust off our work mentality and put on Kris Kringle’s costume. And then pretend I’ve just climbed down the chimney, a chimney we haven’t got, with a sack full of Spurs presents (ok, not all “Spurs” presents), in the middle of the night when nobody is actually up to see you, other than the poor misses (who will be kept up to watch you perform your stupidy). Then go to bed, only for the kids to come knocking on your bedroom door in the early hours of the morning to get you up. Less than twenty-four hours later (which had cost the earth) it is all over, and you wonder what the point was? Then I am back to work and Wembley for the next instalment of the Spurs locomotive run.

The Burnley day wasn’t really anything to write home about, but write I did. Let us hope the next instalment will be a bit more exciting.

Too early to wish you a Merry Christmas, but have a great week and cheer our team along. We’ve still got two games before the fairies (or is that Elfs) start to sprinkle their magic dust to give us a push towards our forced Christmas stuffing… and a well and truly stuffing. For what? Gluttony? There are enough Penguin waddling homo Sapiens out there to want to add to the overstuffed population. No, Christmas should only come when Spurs win a trophy (or trophies)… then it would be something worth celebrating and getting stuffed for (I hear the shouts of wanting Christmas, no matter what.. but trophies will be the icing of the cake).

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