‘ITK’ claims Spurs back in for Bellamy


Craig Bellamy - Tottenham Hotspur News

If you’re one who believes the old ITK ‘whispers’ on the forums then apparently Spurs are in for Craig Bellamy.

The poster Roger Morgan claims that Tottenham could be set to raid Manchester City for the second time following the loan deal arrival of Emmanuel Adebayor.

Bellamy at Spurs anyone?

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  1. I smell some BS – tbh last summer I would have said yes but now I am saying no, we need more quality – lorente and cahil would be good and it looks like parker too.

  2. Bellamy’s not bad. Quick, fiery, would be a good squad addition. Slightly injury-prone is my only concern. Same with Owen Hargreaves.

  3. u bet i ‘d take bellamy …..the pace of bale , lennon and bellamy would leave defences in there wake ..bring it on i say ..!!!

  4. Not likely. The addition of Adebayor already gives us a number of combinations which we did not have before: 442 with EA and JD up front, 4411 with VDV just behind, 4231 with Bale Modric and VDV behind. Bellamy would only then fit in to a 433 which we don't ever play. And what would be the point in bringing in another striker on loan on very high wages (plus I don't ManC will be willing to subsidise his wages for him as well) to spend half the time on the bench?

  5. Now Adebayor was bad enough, but at least the guy is still dangerous. Bellamy was last seen underwhelming the Championship… How many REJECTS do you want? They are rejects for a reason. Once reject may work, but any more is wishful thinking….No, no, no.

  6. You lot obviously know nothing about the game…This guy could not cut it in the Championship, would kick up a fuss if he is not a regular and cannot play 3 games in a row..What are you lot on!!!!..Please lets move on.

  7. Would rate our strike force if Bellamy came too and it has been a while since you could say that. Also you could pair him up with Ade when VDV is not fit.

    If need be sell Pav and Gio and Crouch and get Bellamy in.

    Ade – Bellamy – VDV – Kane would be a big step up from the start of the window.

  8. There’s ALOT worse players we’ve been linked with. He would be a good addition to the squad. Just as long as he doesn’t expect to play every week. A good player to play here and there. Just can’t see him playing every game.

  9. does any body here thinks that all this old has been that arry want is going to improve our squad?? i now read that we want joe cole as well, now this is not a good sign. arry is up to his old ways, and spurs will suffer for it. who in theyr right mind is going to pay for those rejects when arry is off? we will be left with an old and totally usles squad, and we need to rebuild it all over again. well done harry. he is changing out the players that got us to 4 and two 5 places with all the players he would love to had at p,mouth. ffs harry, get the fuck out. next in line for spurs i guess must be david james, would be like harry. and what do we have junior team?? harry will ruin this club. wake up levy!!

  10. calling someone old as an insult is the same as calling someone a name because of their colour. Ever heard of ageism? Its the same as Rascism. I suppose the Sun dont get in to that very much do they.

  11. To Jake

    (Spurs have too many players as wingers and even as strikers. He would be completely useless. ) You know shi t about football.


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