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Dom Le Roy

There was a season not so long ago when we had one of the best midfield-fives the premier league has ever seen.  There was Scott Parker doing the dirty work alongside the incredible Luka Modric in the middle, Global Superstar and best left winger I have ever watched (alongside Giggs) Gareth Bale on the left, the technically supreme Rafael Van Der Vaart playing in the attacking cm role, and Aaron Lennon on the right (ok I know he wasn’t great but his lightning pace gave us real balance.)  

During this season there was a stage when it really looked possible for us to break the glass ceiling and actually challenge for the title, maybe with the addition of a centre back and a centre forward.  At this time the two players that we were being linked with, and who were very much available to buy, were Gary Cahill and Carlos Tevez.  And then the January transfer window closed.  And we had signed Ryan Nelson and Luis Saha.

That transfer window set the club back a number of years.  With the signing of Tevez and Cahill, it is not unrealistic to imagine we would have challenged for the title that year. Instead we finished fifth and missed out on the Champions League. Nelson and Saha made no impact whatsoever and most people have already forgot they ever even played for Spurs.  Meanwhile two of the best players to ever play in the premier league ended up leaving us for greener pastures, and Van Der Vaart got older and became far less influential.  That transfer window was THE moment that passed us by.  And here we are again.  

This transfer window could change everything and finally establish us as a genuine powerhouse of the Premier League. With the signings of Wilfred Zaha and Ruben Neves we would have (in my opinion) a top draw player in every single position on the pitch, and would make us a force to be reckoned with for every other team in the league and those in Europe too.  But we won’t.  I know this because we never do.  We will be quoted £75million for Zaha and Levy will not sanction such a move.  Neves is Wolves’ star player and has signed a new contract and they also have financial muscle, so he too would be a huge price, possibly £40million. Again I could not see Levy being adventurous enough to pursue such a deal.

We will sign one or two good players before the window closes I am sure, but they will not be the ‘perfect’ signings that we need.  Zaha is the player with the x-factor that would be perfect alongside Alli and Eriksen, and Neves would be perfect in the deep-lying playmaker role replacing Dembele.

We will not get a ‘perfect’ signing, we will get good, or even very good ones.  And we will continue to be a good, or even a very good team, but to win the Premier League or the Champions League, it will always take more than that.

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  1. I applaud you.The TRUTH at last.No doubt you will be shouted down by the usual crowd but every single word you have put down in this article sums up ENIC and until ENIC leave it will always be so.

  2. So very true. That season we signed Adebayor and Parker we got off to a poor start and it cost us CL. The year Leicester won the title, if we’d been more ambitious than Janssen we would have won the league. We have a top four side. We can make semi finals in domestic cups. We can make it out of the groups in CL. But more that, we need more weapons and depth. The club will not spend what is needed on another decent striker and their wages. New players miss pre-season and a chance to bond quickly with the squad. It’s all too familiar and depressing. So very Spursy and Levy!

  3. With Levy and Poch at Spurs this season we will go backwards forget the league forget the champions league and forget about the cups we will just be an average team playing in one of the best stadiums in Europe i wish they both would leave where are all the money men when we need them

  4. Agree that we need to act or be left behind. Not sure about nevas or Zaha though. I think we shouldve went for mahrez and shaquri. They have that x factor. I’m not sure who we will get if anyone!!

    One solution would be to keep the squad we have together and sort out alder, rose and dembeles contracts. And build on last season. I still feel we are missing a good back up player for Harry Kane. If he gets injured in august/Sept and is out to January our season could be a wrote off.

  5. A very intelligent article, Mathew. Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it. 2 seasons back if we had picked N’golo Kante (a great off the ball DM, to compliment Dembele, a great on the ball DM), we rather than Chelsea will have won EPL. Instead we got Sissokko. And then we lose the window for the whole team.

  6. We didn’t sign Janssen the season Leicester won the league, we signed him the following season

  7. I now liken the split in the Spurs fan base to Brexit
    On the one hand the Levy supporters – the remainers
    And on the other, the deluded Levy / ENIC out crew who believe without any actual substance or fact that a change of ownership will bring back the glory days to our club and we will instantly start winning some silverware!
    Be careful what you wish for kids….you know how that ones panning out!

  8. People tend to forget Redknapp was whoring himself for the England job at the time was acquired Nelson & Saha. He’d lost the faith of Levy, who was not going to back him in the transfer market after that. Redknapp gets binned the following Summer.

  9. Very old school- Too bad you haven’t noticed the changes happening or maybe you just get your football kicks by whining and complaining about the GM. Spurs are going to disappoint you this year and do extremely well. You might be happier if you switched your allegiance to Man U. Mourinho assembles teams the way you seem to advocate and he’s actually good at it but he has been totally undermined by Woodward, who refuses to buy the targets that Jose set. I am finally a happy Spurs fan who believes in this project and think both Levy and Poch are on the right course. Stay tuned.

    • You and Matt must realise that there are THFC supporters who are not happy with the way ENIC are running our club.I see no mention of Man U or Man City or the desire to follow them,we wish we had their money ,but true supporters remain loyal to their club no matter who their chairman is.We have had a recent history of chairmen who have failed our expectations but to switch our loyalty might be an option for you but not to people like myself ,I support THFC and always will I do not support ENIC and I am still of the opinion that everything that ENIC is building is for the ultimate benefit of Lewis’ fortune.Finally I detest everything that Mourinho stands for,and I have no interest how other clubs are run,that is the business of their supporters.You are finally a happy Spurs fan,good for you,I like the author of the article believe that we could do better and move on from being a “nearly” team

      • Just for the avoidance of any doubt, I was merely commenting that no chairperson is going to spaff money on a manger that has lost their faith trust.

  10. Will someone please explain to me why Levy is still in charge? Or why the club have absolutely no ambition to win a trophy. I’m tired of being a Spurs fan. 6 years I’ve watched us get so close and that was always good enough. Just being nearly men. It seems that’s on for Levy. If all of us fans decided to not be a fan anymore, or maybe just say we are sick of this, then maybe things will change. But I already know not enough fans will do that. And Tottemham will always be Tottenham. Plain and simple.

  11. Stephen I agree with you that Mahrez would have been an even better fit than Zaha, and he would have been my number one transfer target this summer, purely for the fact that he is left-footed and would have fit perfectly on the right alongside Eriksen and Alli, but that boat has sailed. Zaha is the next best thing, and if you watched him in the second half of last season he took his game to a new level, finally combining the pace and skill with a consistent final product. I might be made to sound stupid, but if he moves to one of the big boys I think he could be worth a bet to win player of the year this season. As for Neves, he is is the best player that has ever played in the Championship and would walk into every premier league teams midfield bar maybe Man City and United now they have signed Fred. Again I might be made to sound foolish with these comments and he could end up being on the bench for Wolves all year, but you’ve got to back your opinion and say it how you see it haven’t you!


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