Jenas has nothing to prove, oh really Jermaine?


Jermaine Jenas feels he has nothing to prove as he looks to break back into the England squad.

Spurs fans will disagree with that however and feel that he has plenty to prove to the White Hart Lane faithful after some poor displays last season.

Many had tipped and hoped that Jenas would leave Spurs this summer, but he still appears to be in Harry Redknapp’s plans.

With a midfield packed with the quality of Aaron Lennon, Luka Modric, Niko Kranjcar, Sandro, Wilson Palacios and Tom Huddlestone – is there really room for regular first-team football for Jenas?

He told The Sun: “I don’t think I have anything to prove but I do feel as if I have missed a season in my career because I didn’t play many games at all.

“Obviously, I was disappointed to miss out on the World Cup squad.

“But this is another campaign and I must do all I can to make sure I don’t miss out again.

“I’d like to think there is room in the England squad for someone like me who can pass the ball. I’m mobile too.

“And there’s definitely more goals to come from me – that’s what gets you really noticed.”

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  1. The worrying thing is that Jenas got back into the first 11, albeit for a friendly. Where has the Sergent been during pre-season? We definitely need the steeliness of Palacios, without him we lack a back-bone… a bit like Jenas!

  2. ' someone like me who can pass the ball'. Loooool how deluded is he? He is probably the poorest passer of a ball at the club, where does this inflated opinion of himself come from? I fear that we are gonna really struggle to offload him. Was hoping he would be sold and we keep O'Hara but its not looking good.

  3. I can't believe my eyes, did he really say this about himself? If so he's not only the worst player, ever, in a Spurs shirt, he's also the most deluded. Sure there have been poor players [Andy Gray and Jason Cundy are top of my list] but no-one like JJ [remember Jol calling him that, 'we missed JJ'?]. We've had disappointing big signings before [Fox, Rebrov, Postiga] but no-one who does the actual harm that Jenas does. He does harm because he looks like he's playing but he never plays, he just lays off immediately to anyone else in a white shirt, he never takes responsibility, never runs with the ball, never leads – He hides, with great energy, for 90 minutes – and once in a very long while scores against a team in a red shirt to make him look like a top draw player. In this so far non-event of a transfer window the biggest disappointment is that he is still around.

  4. You have lots to prove at WHL after your injury. So don't think of considering a place in the England squad for now.See if you can overcome a stiff competition tha's awaited at WHL.
    Good luck & work at it

  5. Palacios has been injured Coops, same as o'hara and Sandro doesnt arrive till september so i imagine Harry feels that role can be naturally filled and therefore is only tinkering with the left wing or the 5 man midfield. One thing is certain, come august 14th, if the squad is fit, Jenas will be on the bench. I'm tired of people saying Jenas has promise… he does the odd great run/goal but when its 1 in 15 games thats not potential thats a fluke. He's had years to come good and unlike Hudd who literally shed stones to be in the team Jenas offers nothin of value. You would get the same work out of sidwell, denilson, lucas, nolan, cattermole, murphy etc etc. Average players, if anything the rest would offer more defensive protection.

    on a sidenote when is Keane going to pack his bags and fuck off

  6. "someone like me who can pass the ball"! He can only pass sideways or backwards, and often puts the defence under pressure with long back passes which can be intercepted.

    "I don’t think I have anything to prove" is the final nail in his coffin, so far as I'm concerned. If he thinks he has nothing to prove, and thinks he's good enough for England, then he's very deluded and is unlikely to work hard enough to make any significant improvement.

    I'd play any of O'Hara, Livermore, Parrett, Bostock, Rose, mason or Townsend rather than Jenas. My hope is that Harry's putting him in the shop window now, in the hope of selling him before the season starts.

  7. 'Arry is not stupid, he will read into Jenas' comments are rightly put him in the "shop window". The young up-and-coming players are hungrier and more skilful than Jenas and will put him in the shade once again, especially when Palacios returns from his minor injury, hopefully before the start of the new season.

    Any player who has clearly underperformed in recent seasons, starts spouting things like: "I don’t think I have anything to prove" clearly needs to be kicked up the backside…

  8. Every season since he started, i have said to myself, what a waste of space he is, and than in the last few games of the season, he turrns it on, so I hope he will continue in the same vein next year.

    Last season, he wasn't missed in the least, so this year, i dont think he is worth giving yet another chance to.

  9. why cant this tosser get the hint
    arrogant talentless mug – footballs version of robbie williams

  10. once again jenas talks about how good he thinks he is. it"s not washing anymore. every time he has a bad game.thats most of the time. theres a good chance that he"s in the press the next day saying,i think we should be playing better,we let ourselves down.or some crap like that. when the real reason we lost is because we were playing with 10 men in the team,because any time he is in the team,that is how i see it.he isn"t worth counting when he"s in the team..personally i will be so happy when he does go. he has been fooling so many people for far to long. he"s no footballer.i could do better than him.and i"m 42. he does make me laugh though. when there was rumours that he might be getting sold last week,what happens.he supposedly gets injured.its about time we got rid of the imposter ,who is getting thousands a week.


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