Jenas: Mourinho and Inter interested me


Jermaine Jenas

Jermaine Jenas has admitted that he was tempted by a possible switch to Inter Milan.

“It was something that would turn a footballer’s head because you want to play in Europe and Inter went on to win the Champions League last year,” Jenas told the Evening Standard.

“The Jose Mourinho factor was there and a lot of players would love to play for him. At that particular time I am not going to say it did not interest me.

“I am very happy in the Premier League and I like being in London but Italy had not come into my mind until Mourinho started talking.”

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  1. I was at San Siro last night and Jenas had a good game. Believe me we need him more than Huddlestone. I can't understand why Harry kept stylish Tom on and took the Croat off, that made zero sense.

    P.S Im writing this from Milan and Bale today is all over the Italian newspapers and T.V. One called him the best player in the world. I think on last night he is. Itr was an honour to see a player like Bale. He made the whole of Inter look shit, went past them, like they didnt exist.We gotta lose King and Gallsas and the bald fucker at full back, what he knows bout football could be written on a stamp.


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