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Jermaine Jenas admits that he was glad to return to the Tottenham first-team after injury.

The midfielder came on as a substitute during Saturday’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester United, which was his first appearance of the new campaign.

“When you’ve been on the sidelines for so long it gets you down, you see the lads out there and you just want to be part of it,” he told the official Spurs site.

“It’s been enjoyable being back in training and getting 45 minutes under my belt in what was a tough game.

“I’ve only trained so to go into a match situation and come through unscathed is ideal.”

“We scored early, we were getting about them and Jermain scored a fantastic goal.

“They came back with a fantastic free-kick from Ryan Giggs, then Anderson scored and that knocked us back a little.

“We came out for the second half firing, the keeper pulled off a superb save from me, Crouchy hit the bar and from there, it was a bit of a sucker punch third goal and that knocked the wind out of our sails. But that’s why they are champions.”

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  1. The word champions was last years team the weakest lik for me was cudicini i thought this lad was a good buy but he looks small and struggles .This to me made all the differents plus utds energy all over the field evra looked ten yards faster and GIGGS and SCHOLES looked 21 instead of 35 .How rooney and fletcher run the way they did defied medical science and the best miracle is Oshea he should be injured Fergie must have give ROONEY some of maltes cross is ex horse is food the way he sprinted around the field .He wasent that fast for England or evra he beat Lennon sme one should sneak down there training while ferdinand not looking.

  2. JJ was relieved ???

    I was fuckin’ gutted, as soon as he came on our midfield stopped working and lost all shape.

    He is shit, and our start is mainly due to his absence in MF.

    JJ first game, Spurs first loss !!!!!!!

  3. I’ll bet Sir Alex Ferguson trains his team as if it was a military squadron. Man U has such a regimented style of play so that when you beat them, then it means what it means, you’ve really defeated them hands down. For one, they never let off!

  4. never has a more over rated waste of space ever pulled on a spurs shirt
    jenas is the last of the real shite members of our squad and he needs to take his over paid under performing ass off to some other mugs.
    i have never hated a spurs player but this mug takes the piss
    mr sideways /backwards , thats all you get from him
    technically poor and as hard as julian clary with a handbag

    palacios /hudd /modric /kranjaer /lennon even bentley … all better than this retarded looking love child of gareth gates and p.o.b

    come in number 8 , your time is up … now f*** off !

  5. i saw the game, Jenas was our best player in the 2nd half, easily. He should be in ahaed of Huddlestone, he runs all day and his passing looked good the other day

  6. You Jenas haters make me laff.

    He is inconsistent, infuriating even, and something of an enigma.

    But when every manager he has ever had, and plenty who haven’t had him, rate him so massively, then I have to ask who is deluded.

    Bobby Robson, when asked who the most talented player he ever worked with was, replied instantly ‘Jermaine Jenas’ (Bobby who managed, amongst others, Barcelona, and an England squad which included Paul Gascoigne!). And Mourinho, the most successfull (and therefore, by inference, the best), young coach in the game, wants the guy he MUST HAVE SOMETHING, EH!

    Read my lips, he IS an enigma, he IS frustrating (I am repeating this so that it is clear that I am saying that), but what on earth makes you imagine you are a better judge of his abilities that these guys – just what are YOUR jobs again? Just what makes you imagine that he is (potentially) good enough for Inter but so poor that you can’t wait to get him out of WHL? Remind me again, when was the last time the two teams won their respective leagues (n.b. I am a Spurs fan – this is an anti anti-Jenas rant, not an anti-Spurs rant)?

    What really concerns me is that this negative feeling so many Spurs fans have against the guy (irrationally, IMHO), may be transferring itself onto the pitch when he is playing. Perhaps you could try SUPPORTING the guy, you are SUPPORTERS, right?

  7. Well said Sean. Agree with everything you said. He is just an easy target for lazy fans.

    Great player and him and Wilson are our best central midfield partnership


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