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Jermaine Jenas still believes that Tottenham Hotspur have a squad of breaking into the top four.

The midfielder is looking to help Spurs get qualify for next season’s Champions League, as well as earn a place in Fabio Capello’s England squad for the World Cup finals.

“If you look at our squad and the amount of internationals we have got in our team, and the depth that we have, it’s phenomenal,” Jenas told Sky Sports News.

“The chairman and the manager have spent the money wisely and have started to build a really good squad. I think most teams look at us as a threat and as a team that can break into the top four.”

He added: “I’m really enjoying my time at Spurs. I think my game has been developing year in, year out and this is where I call home now. I’m happy.”

When asked about his targers, Jenas said: “Champions League for Spurs and get on the plane to South Africa. It’s pretty simple.”

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  1. Jenas must be more deluded than Keane. It’s his lightweight performances that are holding the club back. Someone shake some sense into this fool. The sheer ignorance of this Tottenham Hotspur imposter is mind boggling.

  2. Jenas.. you weren’t good enough for the barcodes and are certainly not good enough for Spurs. You have developed the art of ‘ shirking ‘ down to a tee & are a total waste of space that averages 1 good game a season ( must be the home game to Arsenal as you were a disgrace at the Emirates ).

    For all those who think Jenas is a great midfielder, ask yourself this :- He hardly ever scores & is neither a tough tackling ball winner ( like Palacios ) or a decent playmaker ( a la T.Hudd ).I can honestly say that Jenas fits into the worst Spurs X1.. & what are all the beckoning hand movements about EVERYTIME he receives the ball ( & shortly before he gives it away )

    Get out my club you freeloading waste of a sperm


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