Joe Cole signs four year deal with Liverpool


Joe Cole

Liverpool have signed former Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole on a four-year contract.

The England international departed Stamford Bridge at the end of last season and had been linked with both Tottenham and Arsenal.

Cole, 28, has agreed a four-year deal at Anfield and will  undergo a medical in the next 48 hours.

His wage demands of around £90,000 proved to be the major stumbling block in Tottenham’s hopes of landing Cole.

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  1. Whew, that was close – they can have him, now if only Bellamy does not come our way then we have been doubly lucky …

  2. Only wanted to go to a team with champions League footy ehhhh ? Wanted to put your football first and the money second ehhh ? You just turned out to be another greedy money grabber. Good luck , i hope you rot on the bench, we dont need a player who is motivated only by money. COYS

  3. Thank God for that..There are still clubs that sell Benayoun to Chelsea for £4.5 million and replace him with a bloke who was booted out of Chelsea for more..If Cole was that good Champions Chelsea wouldnt have released him..I said at the end of last season that Liverpool should get used to mediocrity and Cole is the first step towards that. £90.000 a week, No wonder Liverpool are a joke of a club nowadays.

  4. I can't see him playing more than 30 games in the time e' signed for obviously we didn't wanna give him [email protected] of cash n a big old contract wen e's the next sicknote……good player but i think itz better we turn our attention elsewhere, nice one Arry!


  5. Another greedy player, its time to cap all wages and let them suffer like everyone else in the country who have seen their wages cut or their pession.Lets say a top wage of no more that £5k a week.If you don't like it then you and your greedy agent can do one.

  6. Nice to see your move was for footballing reasons and not that Liverpool offered the most. Enjoy the europa league Mr Cole!!

  7. could be a good move for 'pool. to be honest i was never sure where harry intended playing him, when we've already got niko and modric…also with dos santos having a decent world cup i was thought it worth him getting another chance. they can all play in that free role. but with fabiano now looking like he staying at seville, i'm wondering who we're actually going to bring in. we did well getting top for but to sustain that with the CL as well surely we need a few more quality bodies in. i'm still hoping for an experienced centre half and left back to replace ekotto. he's just got not going to cut it at CL level.

  8. All Spurs fans are glad its done now, i think he was only ever a smoke screen to distract from our real targets and why would we want him when we have Modric?? Trust in Arry, he'll get class footballers who want to play and we'll let the other teams pick up the gold diggers!!

  9. thank god, scumbag, modric is 3 times the player Cole is.

    what an escape—made my day—liverpool have signed another Keene—but Chelsea wont but him back.

    No loss to Chelsea, no loss to us. great news!!

  10. you finish above us once in over 40 years and suddenly any player that snubs you in favor of us is a money money grabber. jeez you lot are deluded. liverpool was, is and always will be a bigger club than spurs.
    As for the "good luck in the europa" comments, wouldnt it be funny if you "did an everton" and lost in the qualifying round. Europa all round!!

    • Enjoy being the next Leeds, you have the manager and the players for it, all u need is Davidm O'Leary to give his blessing … LOL COYS

    • cock sucking moron liverpool twat, why not just sell the laptop you stole from that car rather than using it to post your crap on s spurs site you tosser. Piss off back to you small club in manchester

  11. So now at least we know that money was the determining factor that drives Mr Joseph Cole which is what most folk suspected anyway. As much as we at Spurs would have liked to have seen Joe in a spurs shirt I never really saw it as a starter purely because of his wage demands which would in my opinion would have served to cause divisions within the club. So all the best to Mr Cole as I think he’s going to need it Liverpool fans are maybe more fickle than we are. Pretty certain our Harry had a plan B anyway. Lillywhitetilidie.

  12. Was only going to be any good as a squad player in a busy season… We need some of those but not at £90k a week! It's a shame as I think that Redknapp is the only person able to get the best out of him. Oh well, he can join Damien Duff thinking about what might have been in a few years time.

  13. Strangely, part of me thinks the Nutter with the Putter would be a good signing, especially if Gudjonsen can't make the move permanent & we offload PSB to another of his boyhood favourite clubs.

  14. Well well, Im glad he decided to put footballing reasons first and joined Liverpool for those reasons lol missed a banana skin there imo be surprised if he plays 20 games for the bindippers Go get Turan ‘Arry a far far far superior footballer to Joe Cash er Cole sorry lol COYS

  15. Amazing, if he signed for us, we would have said what a brilliant signing, but because he did not, he is now a gold digger and a rubbish player, he is wht we needed, but hopefully Harry will will find just as good.

  16. Lol do Spurs suddenly think they area big club now, your getting ahead of yourselves in the near 20 years of its existence you have only qualified for the champions league once, and you suddenly think you can be talked of in the same ilk as some of the more succesful sides in England ala United Liverpool etc.

    Face it spurs fans you will always be a small club compared to us, we have a bigger fanbase, a more grand history and can attract bigger players even in the Europa league, heres to a great season with Aquilani, Gerrard Remy Torres and Cole ey lads.

    • Fact, Spurs have always had a bigger fan base, Fact we are a bigger club on the way UP not on the way down … as for big stars what about Modric? Gomez? etc. etc. you have a 30+ Gerrard, Torres who will leave as soon as Chelski offer 30mill and they will… then where is your Europa league team then? Enjoy Championship football next year as that is the best u will get … my god, all you could get is Hodgeson to manage you and you think that is big club standard – You were once big but now more like another Leeds United …

    • LOL weren't Leeds scaling those dizzying heights once upon a time?

      You're a sinking ship, mate. Ask Mascherano.

      8th for you next season I think. Just behind Everton!

  17. Fairplay, most footballers play for the money, Joe is no different, Levy wouldnt or could ppay that amount of money for him and Liverpool have. good luck to him and them, he would have been a nice squad player, but to be honest I think he looked at the Modric situation and thought he wouldnt play ever week.
    Liverpool are a big european club who will have a good season next time, but for me, I dont think Joe cole was needed at Spurs, he was needed more at Liverpool and fairplay to them, they got there man.

  18. I think Saurez and Bellamy with Richards if we can and this croat keeper and that is enough.Get rid of Keane ,Jenas ,O Hara ,Hutton and maybe Pav and we will match any team for fight and skill .Not much needed just a bit more firepower to kill of those teams we did not beat last season.

  19. come on people lets not lie..if the headline read "JOE COLE SIGNS FOR SPURS" it would put a little smile on alot of faces..however,thats only because joe cole is a big name in english football! is he better then modric??? NO…better then kranjcar?? NO..would have been nice to have him as a squad player on a cheap wage.but lets face it,the guys a [email protected] went to liverpool because they offered him the big money that chelsea the scum and us didnt wanna offer him

    turns down a season in the champions league with a young exciting future for europa league and a jaded ageing squad.


  20. Best news all year don't need the wanker he is overated just like Liverpool no more champions league for the rest of his career

  21. Ha spurs muppets.Gangster redknapp has a great habit of having good first seasons,portsmouth, west ham, year you will be back middle table.joe cole came to liverpool.because spurs havent got the pulling power for players like liverpool.And saying liverpool fans are fical,ramos was the best thing since slice bread when he coached,jol,santini all in 6 years yous cant even stick with a manager.This is your first year in the champions league,and you still have to quailify and knowing spurs they will bottle it.Enjoy it while it lasts and stop parading around like you's are one of the elite clubs in england.5 european cups 18 leagues then you my be in there.

  22. Darren if you new what i no about your so called big club the only thing thats real is your songs. Your famous comeback and the next three years where lets say one big blur . Why do you think even when Gerrard and Torres where missing you still won with four lungs Kuyt . I wont tell you my secret but Joe Cole and Woy have gone to the right club and i expect Liverpool's Tempo to increase and Joe Cole to run faster and lose wight in his chubby face with Gerrard and the boys. Fulham also played well above there expectation and also had players with massive weight loss and a high tempo even Zamora .? The Liverpool nickname was Duracell Bunnies wind them up and they run all day until Therumourman spread his gossip. Remember your famous player snorting the Line yes your club is steeped in History the wrong kind you should change the words to you will never walk alone to we will not stop running .

  23. The real reason Joe went to Liverskint was King told Harry if we sign Joe he wont have the worse knee and all the sympathy and hero comments will be about Joe so Harry told Levey to offer 70 grand and the greedy little boxer lover of losers . Went to Liverskint on 90 grand and free House insurance in case Everton fans rob it good luck Joe our bench would be a lot Warmer than Liverskints and the cold River Mersey will chill the bollocks of you


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