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Joey Barton - Tottenham Hotspur News

Arsenal, Tottenham and Stoke have reportedly made enquiries about Newcastle’s Joey Barton.

The midfielder was made available for a free transfer by the Magpies on Monday afternoon after falling out with the board.

His agent Willie McKay said:  “I was totally surprised when they never offered him a contract,” McKay told talkSPORT.

“I think it’s a wee bit suicidal by Newcastle because how would you let your player of the year leave on a free transfer, approaching his prime.

“He had a great season last year and he was, for me, pivotal for the club getting £36million for Andy Carroll because he passed every ball to Andy Carroll, for every goal.

“He’s a very good player and approaching his prime. I just can’t understand what Newcastle are doing.

“Derek Llambias and Mike Ashley stood by Joey when he was under real pressure so I’m not going to come out and slag off Newcastle’s board but I think they have made a mistake. He was going to take a drop in wages to sign a new contract.”


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  1. no x999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999.99999

  2. Yes and no !

    Yes because he has passion and great team leading ability and gets stuck in when the going gets tough .

    No because he’s a cunt !!!

  3. Barton is proven quality and pure class in every aspect of the game. Well worth a punt at £8m let alone free. Sign him now.

  4. Yes and No !

    Yes because hes a fighter ,a player you need around when the going gets tough and he also has a sweet delivery of a dead ball .

    No because he's a c**t

  5. Yer he deserves a chance sell that shit we have up front while your there Harry and hurry up and buy a decent forward how much longer u gonna make us wait

  6. No. Just no. Where would he fit in anyway? He’d just be taking up more of our already ridiculously tight wage budget.

  7. I would definitely take him. I saw the home game against Newcastle last year, he took a lot of banter from the fans yet gave a bit back with a cheeky grin, bit of a character obviously but perhaps we need a bit of that! Harry is one of the best man managers around so would be a good mentor for him.

    Would be a good alternative for Lennon who else do we have who is an out and out right winger?

  8. 100% yes – i know he is has been a Orrible C**t (3-4 years ago now!) but there were games last season when i thought ‘wish we had a hard tackling, passionate, orrible C**t’ on the pitch. We are too nice sometimes and all you need is one crunching tackle and the crowd are livened up and the teams wakes up. he is also a very talented footballer.

  9. No fucking way. That ape can fuck off. Even if he s a half-decent player, counts like that do not belong in a team alongside proper quality like Rafa and others. A disgusting EDL-supporting troglodyte who should be at Leeds, Millwall or Chelsea. Spurs are better than him and his ilk.

  10. No [email protected] way. That ape can [email protected] off. Even if he s a half-decent player, c&nts like that do not belong in a team alongside proper quality like Rafa and others. A disgusting EDL-supporting troglodyte who should be at Leeds, Millwall or Chelsea. Spurs are better than him and his ilk.

  11. NO Way!

    A) He’s been a disruptive influence in every changing room he’s graced.

    B) He’s a thug and totally against what we stand for and promote. attractive football and style (which has got us 4th & 5th last two seasons.

    C)We don’t need anymore midfielders.

    D) I’m sure Kane, Townsend and Livermore like their eyesight and don’t want to worry about flying ciggies during the xmas party!

  12. No way

    A) He's not going to add anything and totally against our style of play (which has got us 4th & 5th last two seasons.

    B) He's been a disruptive influence in every dressing room he's been in.

    C) We don't need anymore midfielders.

    D) I'm sure Kane, Livermore and Townsend like their eyesight and don't want to worry about flying ciggies every xmas party!

  13. In what way are we better Roy because if its silver in the cabinet then sorry ours is pretty bare and has been for years.Would i take him -yes is the simple answer.He is the bad bad boy we need sometimes to get the guys playing when games are tough.A rare player these days more of a player from 30 years ago when footballers kicked the sh8t out of each other and had a laugh later in the bar.

  14. Yes. Barton and Sandro together would dominate any midfield battle, winning possession and ( just as important – Palacios, Jenas take note!) know what to do with it. What a platform for VDV, Bale, Modric et al. Barton is younger, more dynamic and a better footballer than Parker, and he’s free! I also think he is a better and cheaper option than Diarra, who is no angel either.

  15. So it's a personal thing, let's not concern ourselves whether he's a good player or not, let's not worry about the team and it's success, let's just cast aspersions a plenty and pass on a player who's done his best to turn things around in a positive manner. Perhaps Adebayor, who after peeing off Monaco, Arsenal and now Man City will be a better addition? I'm certain Newcastle fans had the same misgivings initially but still voted him their best player of the last season.

    • youre welcome–since Nolan and Carroll left Barton and Enrique have spit the dummy out egged on by those twat agents of theirs cos theyre not getting any of that cash–Bartons causing the dressing room unrest!!! Hes sytematically undermining other players in this club and dressing it up as some sort of fans and players coup against AShley. The bedsheet brigade in their trackies will no doubt descend on sjp and make the club the laughing stock of football again–wise up lads. Ashley isnt my cup of tea but lets see who is in team on 31st Aug–in other words stop whinging start supporting

  16. yuore very welcome to him! Since Carroll and his mate Nolan left (Nolan to a champ club for an extra 10 grand a week) Barton has systematically undermined the club and present players–he and Enrique have tried to hold the club to ransom and try to get their hands on some of the Carroll money and dressed it up as some sort of coup is about to happen.Hes peed off because hes not getting a new contract end of story–well rid.

  17. Twitchy face will buy him so he can look good in the press if the bloke does well or take no blame if it blows up. Should keep bagpuss’ England dream on track.

    Spurs have too many midfielders (starters at that) and need a striker and/or and cb more. Just because a player is decent on a free you don’t have to snap him up.

    It’ll ruin the good team spirit spurs have, push mod closer to leaving and what happens if Barton isn’t picked to start. Twitter fans will rejoice

    It’s not worth the risk when you already have one of the best midfields just buy a striker or two damn it!!!!!

  18. Yes

    If anybody actually watches him play they would realise how could he is, he can play off of the right too and has a brilliant cross, the right is one position I feel we struggle in, Lennon is hit and miss and nobody else in our squad plays there effectively, he is better than Bentley, Palacios, Jenas and Pienaar and therefore if hes Free id sign him

    Let me tell you if Arsenal get him they will be a different animal next year because a real leader is what they lack

  19. No No NO – It is a personal thing, Spurs are a personal thing. He should have been booted out of football, so should all other players that act in similar way (Andy Carroll for one). Woodgate should have been booted too, but he kept his gob shut for ever after following his incident. Barton has no clue how to do that.

    On a football note, his wages would be far too much for him to be cover, if Newcastle wont pay him then how will we. Lets also face it, of all the bad players in the PL history, Newcastle have had half of them, and this guy is too much. He will probably stamp of Modric just so no one else would want him! The guy should be flogged (I mean with a whip!) not paid £60k a week.

  20. The EDL is the English Defence League – a bunch of skinhead racist thugs that have been kicking shit out of immigrants in the UK for the last 5-10 years and advocates Britain for whites only. Used to be called the National Front, and affiliated to the BNP (British National Party).

    Joey Barton has been convicted of attacking 2 black players in the past, leaving one without an eye. His brother is in prison for racist murder in Liverpool.

    This guy is scum. Just like Lee Bowyer. I was gutted when Spurs got Woodgate too, who is seriously dubious, but probably led on by Bowyer in the incident concerned.

    Anyone that says that we should lower ourselves to the historical disgrace that is the takeover of clubs like Leeds, Chelsea and Millwall should f*ck off and support those dirty little clubs – and join the EDL too.

  21. I would easily have Barton over the Lane.
    Better than Parker Younger than Parker and saves the £8Mil you would need for Parker.

    Harry would get the best out of him.

  22. The EDL is fascist and rascist but not the wankers who are Pro Pakistan and those who are Pro Scottish, welsh and Irish. Its only our national party that are rascist. Of course the Pro Pakastani/asians in our country dont leave bombs on trains in the tube=anything more rascist than that?

    We should start to take real issue with these bores who throw around the word rascist. Actually theres no such thing as we are all part of one race. What there is is that immigrants if we add up everything have given little benefit to the UK. Thats not me speaking but check out the latest issue of the Economist.Joey Barton in.

  23. When Wankers get the tit with EDL you can bet your life theyll call a senior citizen an old fart, thats the same as calling a black person a wog or a Jew a Yid.the above are ful;l of total bullshit. We need to be national if we are to save the UK. But lets not attack people because of what sex, age or culture they belong to.Its a far bigger issue than that,

  24. You people that say being anti-EDL is somehow being anti-English (it’s the implication of what you say) are cunts. Plain and simple cunts. You don’t understand a fucking thing and think that if you portray being anti-EDL as anti-English you can justify your racist bigoted bullshit. Well fuck you. I could not think of anything worse than being happy to support a club that is happy to take that filthy racist streak of piss Barton on the basis that it might get us a couple more points a season. Some principles are worth more than anything. Unfortunately, cunts like big g wouldn’t understand. Luckily there are many more decent Spurs supporters that understand these simple things.


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