Jol: It is extra special because it is Tottenham


Martin Jol wants to celebrate an “extra special” match against former club Tottenham on Sunday with three points.

Jol insists he only has fond memories of his former club and, while looking forward to the match, is only concerned with securing victory.

“It is extra special because it is Tottenham,” he said. “The first and main thing is that we get the points.

“It doesn’t matter who we play, but it’s probably the first time that I see the fans again and play against Spurs.

“Of course they are getting on and have improved. They have a great squad.

“We saw [against Rubin in midweek] they played six or seven youngsters, but did well against a very good side in Europe. I always like to watch them.

“It was a great time I had at the club. Three years and four months.

“I still have positive feelings, which is the most important thing.

“And even in that last game you could get some positives out of it and it is a long time – three years and four months.”

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