Jordan: Redknapp is very tactically aware


Harry Redknapp is very tactically aware, Joe Jordan has claimed in an interview to back the credentials of the former Spurs boss.

Redknapp was dismissed in June after Spurs missed out on Champions League football for the second season in a row when it all looked so positive in January.

I’m not going to question Harry’s man management skills, they have been there for all to see, but as for tactics. If we cast our minds back to the away defeat at Arsenal, the game against Norwich at the Lane and some of the choices at Villa away lead me to believe at the time that we needed a greater tactician.

In AVB we have a manager who prides himself on the tactical aspect of the game, hopefully we should reap the benefits of this if he can get us playing in the “Tottenham” way.

Jordan said in an interview with the Daily Mail: ‘Some of the things I’ve read since Harry left have made me chuckle,’ he said.

‘We were told he was not only being replaced by a younger man [Andre Villas-Boas], but a young man who was a tactician.

‘It suggests some people don’t rate Harry on tactics. That would be wrong.
‘They say his style is about motivation, but he’s far more than being purely a motivator.

‘No one who knows him or has worked with him would think that. Harry spends a lot of time on preparation.

‘He keeps the game simple and wants the players to enjoy what they’re doing. He lets them play and is confident in their ability.

‘They will have responsibilities, but he thinks long and hard about who he names, the teams he wants and the best way to take on the opposition.
You cannot possibly say he is anything other than very tactically aware.

‘He is a brave manager who’ll change things when needed. If it means changing, say, from three defenders he will make that decision.

‘He can blend players, form partnerships. He can mentally picture a Rafael van der Vaart working with a Peter Crouch and scoring goals from the start.

‘He has a great memory and will recall a player he saw only once 10 years earlier.’

He added: ‘There was a blip, there was the link with the England job, but none of it affected the team. We were still playing well but just not scoring goals.
‘The disappointment was missing out on the Champions League because of Chelsea’s success.

‘Harry’s legacy is a squad that can take the title back to Spurs.’

‘I’ll keep fit, I will watch matches, I’ll keep in touch with the game. I want to work and so, I think, does Harry.’

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  1. Agreed. Except that the Arsenal game was lost through poor tactics. Also the lack of squad rotation cost us every year at the end. Overall I believe that publicly courting the England job and refusing spurs new contract, followed by his conducting later negotiations through the media led to the end of his time at spurs. He will be missed, but I can see why he was sacked.

  2. Aww come on he has to think long and hard just to remember his name(and he may have forgotten yours already). On a positive note you will be described as a 'triffic' bloke cos that stops him having to fill in any details. As for tactics .. you have to be 'avin a larf …

  3. colin I dont understand the enigma code

    Harry finished fourth and the three sides who finished above him are amongst the best in europe. the wba keeper in my opinion threw threw the arsenal game away so arry would have finished third. AVB did shit but we replaced arry with a tosser=make sense?

  4. One bit of Jordans dribble cracked me up ‘He has a great memory and will recall a player he saw only once 10 years earlier.’ yep thats the problem Saha, Gallas, Nelson etc all not good enough for spurs.

    He doesnt stay up to date with the modern game, there is a reason England and Spurs didnt want him, added to the fact that he hasnt been at a bigger club in his whole 30 years of management, I am a spurs fan Jordan, watch every game and let me tell you Redknapp is not a tactician he has no idea.

    He simply picks a team and hopes that we win, if things go wrong he doesnt know what to do, the best managers Fergie, Mourinho etc change a game when the players dont deliver which is exactly why there is a need for a manager in the first place, at spurs the players managed themselves and thats the problem, no discipline, not fit enough and the regulars knew that even if they had a terrible game they wouldnt be subbed or dropped

  5. Well, after all, Harry did gave us some good football to watch after he took over. I still remember games under Ramos which feels painful to watch.

  6. Well i can remember readin somewhere that the players never practised corners!!!
    have to admit his B plan was never seen!!!!

  7. The team we had last season when in contention for the title,a tactful manager would av been able to rotate the squad round enough to at very least stay the 10pts above the scum.

    If it had only been this yr it cud b put down to a blip,but the fact remains that he done it the season before wen he managed to go on a 13 game run in that was the likes of a relegated side.once a blip,twice ur doing somethin wrong and to say uv ad an awesome season finished 4th after throwing 10pts advantage and title challenge away is jus the reason why I think he should av got sacked even if chelski didn’t steal CL

  8. During the game at Arsenal, Harry never got off the bench. It was at the time the England speculation was in full swing. It was like he was just sitting there watching a car crash. He either didn't care or know what to do. He had to go.

  9. Arry lost me at the Villa game when at 1-1 he had Defoe set to come on and he heard Newcastle were losing so he threw on Parker , if we won that it wouldnt have mattered what chelsea had done in CL final. negative tactics


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