“Just give us our money back” – Some Spurs fans react angrily to stadium delay

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Earlier this evening, Tottenham Hotspur announced that their new 62,062 seater stadium will not see any action this year, which has led to some of the fanbase taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

The new stadium was supposed to open on 15 September when Liverpool were due to travel to N17 but safety concerns led to a delay.

Instead, Tottenham will continue playing games at Wembley until the end of this year at the very earliest.

Another update on the stadium’s development is expected in early December.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy admitted in a statement on the official Spurs website that he was immensely disappointed with the delay, but admitted that the decision was completely out of his control.

This led to some fans and those who had purchased season tickets prior to the start of the season to express their unhappiness. 

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  1. Ridiculous comments! Nobody is out of pocket as every game played at Wembley has been offered as a credit. Building a new stadium on the site of the old was always going to be difficult and this is not the clubs fault. It’s a time to stick together!

  2. Agree give us or money back, it is now being kept under false promises. Levy do the right thing give the money back with compensation for the inconvenience.
    Also why should we be charged handling fees to get tickets for Wembley this is just money generating and poor management!, Levy is only interested in profit and no doubt his bonuses!!!!


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