Kaboul completes move from Portsmouth to Tottenham


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Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that they have completed the deal to sign Younes Kaboul.

The defender returns to White Hart Lane from Portsmouth, just twelve months after he left Tottenham and will provide competition at centre-half.

Kaboul made 50 appearances for Portsmouth, scoring five goals.

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  1. Im more pleased with this signing that Eidur i mean we have 4 strikers harry use them, we dont need 5. Wat we do need is a central midfielder. Wat we do need is sum pace on the flanks, oh wait thats right you’ve loaned out Gio. And today another classic ‘arry mistake, if youre gonna take defoe off (which was an error) replace him with a midfielder and push Luka in behind crouch were winning 1 nil not losing, we dont need 2 strikers on

  2. This signing worries me greatly. He did show raw ability in his first spell at the lane but showed a complete lack of understanding of how to play in a defensive unit and was often caught out of position or hared off up the pitch leaving a gaping hole in the defense. Maybe a stint on the south coast has taught him a thing or two. Here’s hoping.

  3. What the hell is happening here? It was such a relief seeing him leave and now we got him back, worst signing of the season by far.
    On the other side, I think Eidur is a quality player. Only problem: We don’t fkn need him (no disrespect)!! This will be the final stab for Pav, sorry to see him go, and it’d surprise me if Eidur will be happy about being 3rd (or 4th) in the pecking order…May this season end happily…

  4. Kaboul will offer competition for the centre-halves and cover too. He also allows for coverage in midfield. If Dawson or Bassong go down we are screwed. Ledley can’t be relied upon even with a weeks rest between matches and Woodgate might be done for the season. Yes there were other’s like Palermo’s Kjaer and he is good, but how good? The Serie A is different from the Premiership, the speed alone is a huge difference.

    With Kaboul we know what to expect, a raw defender who at times is unpredictable. But he is an imposing player, speedy and exceptional in the air. He has one quality that we have yet to see on a consistent basis from our centre-halves, he scores. Plus for £5M we didn’t have to speed huge for unknown quality.

    Eidur’s purchase will likely mean that ‘Arry will continue with his experiment of playing a forward wide on the left or right. He was never a prolific scorer but he did create many goals for Chel$ea and then Barça. He also holds the ball up very well, much better than Defoe, Crouch and Keane.

    Obviously with Eidur coming in means that one of our forwards will leave and with Birmingham going on record to state their interest in Pavlyuchenko we know who it will be. I’ve also read that the Spammers are interested in taking Bentley for the remainder of the season, which I would disagree with right now after Bentley’s past two performances. Now if only Mourinho would come in for Jenas!

    Yes it is strange that we keep going back for players we already had but we have also had 3 managers in 3 years, which didn’t show stability either. However I don’t think I seen four players return to their previous club within 18 months of their departure.

  5. Surely there had to be someone better than kaboul available. Makes me wonder if they did it because of the moneys owed to us by Pompey so it made sense to levy off the pitch rather than on it. .

  6. Enorme Nuez,

    What the hell do you think you’re doing?

    Don’t you know that it’s unacceptable to do any of the following on this website:

    a) agree with anything that Harry Redknapp (the man who has made our team top 4 challengers) says or does
    b) support a struggling player (Bentley)
    c) present a reasoned argument
    d) use punctuation,
    e) spell Pavlyuchenko correctly
    f) use a f***ing cedilla when writing Barça!!!

    I suggest you return to the Guardian website before the likes of Davspur send you over the edge!!!

  7. Funny stuff matty boy. You’re obviously bored of davspur, rumourman, the equaliser, or whatever he decides to call himself at this moment, along with many other visitors to the numerous spurs’ blogs.

  8. Amusing stuff matty boy. You’re obviously bored of davspur, rumourman, the equaliser, or whatever he decides to call himself at this moment, along with many other visitors to the numerous spurs’ blogs.

  9. R.E STONEY, dont forget Kaboul was playin under ramos and Gomes had only just come to english football so too play behind a dodgy keeper at that time and ask him to play well is asking alot, dont forget Wenger was after him too, i think now Gomes looks solid and with daws playing well he provides good cover and poss regular when king leaves. Eidur never scored for monaco, hardly started for Barca and as no paces bad move 4 me


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