Kaboul: I didn’t want to leave Portsmouth


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Younes Kaboul has claimed that he never wanted to leave Portsmouth.

The defender re-joined Spurs in January after he was sold by Pompey due to their financial crisis.

Kaboul said: ‘I didn’t want to leave Portsmouth and I never asked anyone to leave the club.

‘But they needed the money and when they told me that, I said “yes okay. I will do what I can do to help you”.

‘It was difficult to leave, but I was happy that the club got some money for me.

‘It was good to see the fans again and it was nice that they appreciated me. I definitely appreciated them when I was at Pompey.

‘I have great respect for people like this. They had to travel and know that they will be going down this season.

‘But I think it’s only some clubs in England that have fans like this – nowhere else in the world. In France, this would never happen.’

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  1. Ha, love this one, “yes okay. I will do what I can do to help you. If that means going to a bigger, more sucessful club and getting paid more then I’ll do it, I’ll do it just to help you.”

  2. Aren't pompy not selling out the smallest ground in the prem because their team is failing at the moment? Funny that.

    How did Kaboul do what he could to help them either? He was sold from one club to another without any input what so ever.


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