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Younes Kaboul has come in for some special praise from Harry Redknapp.

Kaboul has slotted in at right-back in the absence of the injured Vedran Corluka and has impressed during his recent displays.

“They have all done fantastic but look at someone like Kaboul, who has come in to the team and we’ve won four on the bounce when he hasn’t been in his proper position,” Redknapp said.

“He’s still raw as a full-back, and some of his positional play is a bit suspect to be honest, but he’s shown you can work with a player.

“He’s quick, good in the air and he did a great job on (City forward) Craig Bellamy the other night.”

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  1. Why any youngster….like Bale you mean? Or are you referring to Lennon, Huddlestone, King, Dawson….all came to Spurs as youngsters. Young players are always a bit of a gamble. It makes perfect sense to come to Spurs as a youngster. Spurs have one of the youngest sides in the PL and those that can't contribute right away are often placed on loan somewhere they can develop. Rose might not be ready yet, but I doubt he'll (nor will any Spurs' supporter) forget his first goal. How many youngsters get the opportunity to start their first game against that club's biggest rival in a vital game?

  2. So much for Kyle Walkers chances then, why any young player would come to Spurs beats me. Naughton, Bostock, Rose etc.

    • Competition for places is surely what its all about, isnt it? You must admit, Younes is not the same player we had before he went to Portsmouth and arguably not the same player he was there. He has been immense at the back for us. I saw him from the sidelines against Bolton the other week and he was completely focused on his game. Your comment is very negative and there is so much for us to be positive about this season. Get with the plan and man up!

  3. Kaboul surprised everyone. Most thought getting him in Jan was a waste of money. But what a big role he has played with the absence of Corluka. Well done to him. Will be useful next season.

  4. why play a young player at right back when you can play a centre half who actually looks a better right back than the young player who is a right back??? Spurs are a better side with Kaboul at RB than Walker

  5. Kaboul has been a revelation in those games.
    Just shows you what a good coaching setup can do to improve a footballer.
    I am sure the rest of the youngsters can benefit from our expert coaching if they are willing to work at it. No just chucking in a young player to make up the numbers.

  6. On the strength of what I've seen, given a fully fit Corluka or Kaboul, I'd have to say Kaboul. He's stronger, has more pace and has the power to outmuscle marauding wingers. Harry's found another piece of the jigsaw by accident rather like he did with Bale. Never mind the World Cup, roll on next season COYS

  7. kaboul has done well but been incredibly exposed many times in games. king or dawson has come to the rescue for him. hes done well in certain things like running forward to cross the ball unlike corluka. but then kaboul can just kick it up to crouch where as corluka will always be comfortable on the ball. and talking about comparing them both. they are both great players. kaboul is a great back up player for all our line of defence. sort of like man uniteds oshea for years. but corluka is incredible. hes strong and smart and can will rarely be exposed. he deserves praise the season. but mainly huddlestone. half the team without huddlestone. he really deserves special praise and an england call up

  8. I was a bit miffed when we re-purchased kaboul but I have certainly changed my opinion of the lad. Better in the air than charlie,quicker,does’nt shirk a challenge and better going forward! That said corluka has been superb throughout the season. Just wanna thank harry and the boys,you did us proud. COYS!

  9. Kaboul has been solid at right back, just as solid as Corluka but has given us more in attack than Corluka has. Some of his runs into the box have been superb. Think Charlie will rightfully recliam the position though as he naturally plays there at Kaboul has been caught roaming a bit.

  10. Arry’s no fool- Kaboul is clearly a better player now than when we last had him. And he wasn’t bad then- just a bit naive; indisciplined, etc but bags of talent & character- remember Villa goal for 125th Anniversary? He also has great potential at RB; his crossing, power, and heart. But I also like him in midfield but not at CB- not now anyway.

  11. I hope Harry will develop Kaboul into a proper Centrehalf like Ledley -in time as he could be unbeatable when Harry has finished with him ?

  12. I was one of the fans that did not want him back, not only because of his football, but because he came from pompey, but watching him at city was the best I have ever seen him.He is physicle as well as fast and skillful, and we have to thank him for that cross that led to the goal,and we have to thank Harry for bringing him back.

    • Very funny, and correct (although he can play CB also). I always thought he ran with the ball too much and got out of position as a CB when we first signed him. When he was bought in at right back I had the feeling he may do well there.

      He always looks a little out of place as a right back, at 6ft 4in, but then Crouch doesn't even look like a footballer ;)

      His style of play seems to suit the position, and his impact/cover has helped us to the CL.

      Great team effort, and great individual performances.

    • A top player really should be able to play in a variety of positions. Like Corluka, Kaboul is big enough to play CB and skillful enough to play RB. I'm sure that with enough good training he can do well in either position.

    • Agree 100% – Harry got it wrong at ManU and BAE was horribly exposed. We only got it right after the reshufle and looked like winning it for a while. I saw that mistake coming when i saw how Harry lined us up, and I'm not paid millions to do it…! But…Harry knows his players and Younes looked a dodgy buy, but he has helped make our season with some great performances.

  13. Kaboul has done a great job in right back role in the four games he has played in. He no doubt has strength and is attack minded in any position he plays. This is exciting but at time niaive but he is young and no doubt will learn. Just a shout for Kyle Walker. I was impressed with his first senior game good pace physical and liked to get forward. I hope he gets his chance to continue to get some opportunities as think he will prove to be a smart buy. I dont think Harry sees Kaboul as a full back and i dont think Kabou would see himself as a full back but he has done a fine job and he should be commeded as should all the team.

  14. I thought it was a waste of money bringing him back but Harry Houdini proves again that he was the right man for the job. THE GAFFER……. With King , Dawson, Woodgate, Bassong, Kaboul, Corluka & BAE, WOW!!! What a line up. Looks to me to be a fortress next season. For what I see here, Kaboul would be the perfect utility man replacing anyone who is injured.

  15. This will only make him a better player he is building confidants playing alongside Dawson and King and he likes to take people on and Playing right back gives him a chance to use is skill on the ball. He can also score a few goals and he could also play in midfield with Tom we would have one of the tallest Teams in the prem Spurs long shanks .


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