Kaboul, VDV and BAE on riots and Everton game


Younes Kaboul - Tottenham Hotspur News

Younes Kaboul, Rafael van der Vaart and Benoit Assou-Ekotto have all spoken about the riots and how it affects the chances of Tottenham facing Everton on Saturday.

Kaboul said: “I was really surprised by what happened in Tottenham.

“We don’t know whether we will be able to play this Saturday, as the riots are spreading across London. They look like they’re getting pretty serious.

“If it is too dangerous, it would be preferable to postpone the match for the sake of the fans’ safety.

“That is even though it is annoying for us players, especially as it is the first league game of the season. But you have to put people’s safety above everything else.”

Van der Vaart, who had been due to face England in midweek, added: “I ask myself whether the league matches at the weekend will be able to go ahead. Right now, I can’t imagine it.

“I saw the TV pictures from London and the chaos there at present is unbelievable. With things as they are, there is simply no way to organise a big international match safely. My wife Sylvie is over in England but I’ve not phoned her. Thankfully, everything is OK. It has remained calm where we live.”

Assou-Ekotto said: “Like in any riot, it’s a minority who are messing things up.

“Most people are very well brought up and very respectful. I’ve never had any problems.

“It’s the effect of the mob and not everyone is strong enough to stay outside of it all. They’ve smashed things up that people have worked hard to get.

“It’s a shame, because it’s not going to bring anyone back to life.

“I hope the match against Everton goes ahead. The season is busy enough as it is.

“If we don’t play the first match, it will mean playing two games in a week. We play enough of those in England. I hope sport will calm things down.”

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  1. The best thing for Tottenham as an area is for the game to go ahead!
    Businesses and locals need to get back to normality asap and think with game going ahead this will help to do that.
    Also, wouldnt know what else to do on saturday afternoon!!

  2. I agree, the fans bring money and spend it in local shops and stalls every matchday, the last thing Tottenham needs is to not have that money coming in after what has been happening. However the game should only go ahead if it is safe to do so.

  3. fans dont spend money apart from a beer and a hot dog with piss on it (where do they wash their hands?). Next time you are at WHL walk along and see if fans go in shops, like you dont fucking do your shopping on the way to a game, thats a myth.


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