Keane describes Galaxy move as “a dream come true”


Robbie Keane - Tottenham Hotspur News
Robbie Keane has described his move from Spurs to LA Galaxy as a ‘dream come true’.

The striker stopped short of claiming that he supported Galaxy as a boy!  All Spurs fans should in all honesty recognise that although he wasn’t at his best when he returned from Liverpool, he did score 100 goals for us.

“I have always wanted to come and play in MLS so it’s the perfect combination for me and a dream come true,” he said.

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  1. The real “dream come true” is that a team stupid enough to pay Beckham $500,000 per week, had not learned from their earlier stupidity.

    I wonder what will happen to the super-injunctions now?

  2. A few years back,I was ecstatic when he left,money in the bank and lot’s of it,but we bought him back,got Liverpool out of the mire and now we’ve lost another pile on this over-rated,greedy knob-head,whose actually benefited by being useless. So when other fans ask about the benefits of signing a long term deal, look at this guy?

  3. Still puzzled why Redknapp bought him back off Liverpool and then played him for a few games, dropped him, loaned him out etc. How much money has that lost us, 10-12M? Nice one Harry, thanks. Your judgement on this was shocking. Wheeler dealer, my a***

  4. 5million and a life in LA?

    You betcha it’s a dream come true, compared with half that to play for Leicester here.

    If he’s honest though, it’s him being put out to pasture and it’s the end of a meaningful career for him.

  5. Can’t believe you guys are dissing the bloke. 123 goals in 306 games for Spurs, he’s a WHL legend.

    Good luck to him, even though he’s past his best I was still a bit sad to see him go.

    I’m just pleased he’s hasn’t signed for another PL club and come back and haunt us.

    Now we have space for Rossi.

    • I am disrespecting him, because he disrespected us, and then when it all went wrong for him, he came back with his tail between his legs. Immediately following his and the Incredible Sulk's shenanigans, we then suffered the worst start in our history.

      Totally unreasonable of me I know.

  6. was good player in his day an was paid handsomely for it but end of the day he cant finish. And when he cocks up runs around arm-waving shouting at teammates or ref deflecting blame. Funny enough finishes ok for Ireland, as big fish in small pond. Not surprised hes gone to play ‘soccer’ taking the $ right to the very end. Is money all that ever motivates these 70k pw + score bonuses (70k pw then!) for I dunno how long he must have more than he can spend.

    • I swear to God, it never ceases to amaze me how deluded you lot are.

      Damn right he’s going to go where the money is. I would and so would you and everyone else on this post and if you say otherwise, your either lying to yourself, or you just don’t have enough of an insight into yourselves and what motivates us as humans beings. For most of us mere mortals, football is mere entertainment and watching it on TV is as close as were ever going to get to the real thing. In the process of doing so, we try to identify with the teams we watch and end up forming an emotional tie with the team we feel best represents us; we have no financial investment from doing so. So we sit here and talk about loyalty till the cows come home. For professional footballers, its their damn job. So when a club offer a player an extra 100-200K a week, are you seriously going to sit here and critisise them for doing so?

      Get real peoples.

      • Yes I am going to criticise them. I remember a time before the obscene amounts of money came in and corrupted this game, there used to be a lot more loyalty in the game.

        I am less scornful of those who want to move onto a more successful team, or if they move on if they can't get a regular first team place (though PSB is excluded from these sympathies for reasons given above), but when you hear people like Keane talking about "dreams", and Robinho who didn't even know which team he had signed for, you get to realise that the only reason they were able to use your team as a stepping stone, was because we were loyal and built the team with our hard earned.

        In the past five years, PSB is estimated to have over £20mill in wages and signing fees. That is the equivalent of about 150 times the average weekly wage.

        If you want to understand about loyalty, you need to think about Alan Smith at Leeds, who loved the club so much, he wanted to spend his whole career there. When Leeds were facing bankruptcy, he was told that unless he accepted a transfer to Manure, the club would fold. He was crying, when he was forced to accept the transfer.

  7. Andrew you're missing the point, well my point to be precise. I couldn't give a rats testicle about how much they're on or where they get it from as ultimately it's us the fans who've created this monster. But I object to disloyalty and bs. Keane was feted by the fans, their reward was a transfer demand and subsequent transfer. This after a proven illegal approach by Liverpool. We as a club bought him back, lost a pile on him and then lost more having to loan him out to Celtic and latterly West ham. I blame no-one, except Harry for doing so, perhaps Levy for allowing Harry to do so? Loyalty is you point out is a two-way thing, contractually we were obliged to pay Keane 55k per week, when he was playing shite, injured or on loan for the length of his contract. well the same applies to Modric, and we should expect the same, though in Modrics case hopefully a better level of performance on the field than Keane. Levy's perogotive is to use the remainer of Modric's contract to get the best deal for Spurs, no-one else, certainly not Chelsea or Mordric, he made is choice when putting pen to paper.

    • I don't make you wrong. When you see these stories about a player signing a new contract, it normally comes with a big pay rise, as well as employment security that we can only dream about. They want to accept the money, and they want to accept the security of employment, but what they don't want to do is to rule out a better offer if it comes along.

      During the meantime, just after he signs the contract, if he then trips and breaks his leg, and never kicks a ball again, the team are obliged to pay him for then entire length of his contract, which is six years in the case of Modric.

      Personally, I'd like to see a few more cases of clubs suing players for breach of contract, and the losses incurred as a result.

      • Absolutely, but I'd advocate a points deduction and stringent financial penalties more than the current slapped with a feather duster. I wanted Levy to take legal action against Betbatov and Man Utd in 2008, after some flagrant tapping up which resulting in the player refusing to honour his legal obligations, all compounded by the fact it was live on SKY ! They (Utd), even kidnapped Berbatov, who was only granted leave of absence after Spurs agreed a deal with City!, now c'mon even I could make a case out of that in court surely?. Now we've the same as regards Chelsea, and I'm hopeful this time Levy goes for the jugular and Roman's over-filled wallet!

        • It would be nice to hear Levy say something to the effect: "He is not for sale, and if you make another offer in full knowledge that he is not for sale, we will report you for "tapping up" our player.

          If I recall, there have been three incidents of tapping up, and each time, Levy has accepted £1 mill for the Spurs Charitable Trust. Personally, I'd rather see us going for points deductions.

          A;though the circumstances were different, I recall the case of Adrian Mutu, who was ordered to pay Chelsea £18 mill after being sacked by them. For many players, this is the equivalent of five years wages. If a player breaches his contract, and then loses the equivalent of five years wages, that will soon get people thinking about the real meaning of a contract.

          The allegation made against Ashley Cole, of threatening to score an own goal if he wasn't allowed a transfer, could and should have been dealt with in the same way. SACK THEM AND THEN SUE THEM.


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