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It must be that time of month again where Tottenham striker Robbie Keane is linked with a move to Celtic.

The Republic of Ireland international is linked with a move to the Scottish outfit in every transfer window.

According to The Sun, the 29-year-old is a target for the Scottish outfit and could make the switch in January.

Do you think that Keane will leave Spurs in January?

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  1. I think he will stay at spurs !!!!!!!!! Celtic is not biger club than tottenham!!! if he go there that will be a step back in his carier!!!

  2. What a load of rubbish. Keane won’t jump ship again for a good couple of years. If Robbie’s miss’s wouldn’t move to Liverpool, which is what part of the problem was, why doe’s the Sun think she’d move to Scotland. Are the journalists really that bored, they need to get a life.

  3. celtic are a much bigger club than spurs u fuckin muppets u think spurs can sell out 60,000 stadium every week?what have spurs ever won fuck sake all spurs are and ever will be is an average team in england

  4. if u put celtic in prem they’d struggle get into top 12! Spurs would easily fill 60 000 every week, no doubt! So hard to get a ticket now days, lookin forward to new stadium. Go home and look forward to your high profile clashes against the likes off kilmarnock and aberdeen u scottish fairy!!

  5. Hey Celtic,

    Spurs are a good team that competes in one of the world’s best leagues, Celtic are an average team that competes in one of the weakest. If you are such a big club, then how come your best players keep on getting poached by the likes of Sheffield Wednesday (Di Canio) and Nottingham Forest (van Hoojdonk)?

    You do well to source some of the best young talent, and you are an attractive proposition to older players, but 99% of players will regard any top ten Premiership team as a bigger club than your lot.

  6. i think that keane will eventually come to celtic but when hez about 40. as for this petty argument about whos the bigger team, u cant even compare as celtic are in a league that has very little income and spurs prob get twice or more as much money.

  7. A/ Celtic couldn’t afford the fee
    B/ Celtic couldn’t afford his wages.

    It’s just Celtic trying to make out they’re a big club again.
    A big, skint, club.

    End of.

  8. Celtic are a bigger club with bigger history than spurs. We would jump at the chance to play down south and only reason we are not wanted is because within a season or two with the money given we would take a eurpean spot and possibily win the epl within 5 years which wouldn’t look good a scottish team winning the premiership. Why has welsh teams been givin the go ahead in the past and not celtic and rangers ? Celtic have more fans than most teams in england across the world.

  9. If either celtic or rangers played in the epl they would get relegated in their first season, and would also struggle to compete at the championship level in the next. Defending like that for kenny millers second goal at the weekend just doesn’t happen in the epl. As for being a bigger club with a bigger history, please don’t be so silly. Winning the spl can only be said to be as good as winning league one, making allowances the championship at a stretch (which is a fancy way of saying you have come 21st).

    Finally you can have keane as long as we get brown in return.

  10. You talk shite mate ;-) couldn’t ever see tottenham in the last 16 of champions league we are a better team on a european level also if u remeber correctly celtics youth team beat spurs 2-0 at start of season

  11. 1. Celtic are a far bigger club than than the yidds, Tottenham may be argued to be bigger by because they can pay big for players at the moment because of the money in the EPL at the moment and the lack of money in the SPL at the moment and i would agree that Celtic would be shit in the EPL if they were thrown into it as they are at the moment because we have spent fuck all money on players for about 6 years now and the EPL clubs are breaking transfer records every transfer season. But if Celtic where to be given 40 million and ticket into the Epl then i think matters would be very different.

    2. I do beleive Keane will come to Celtic some time, as every good irish person does but i’m not sure if he will come THSI january, i’ve heard rumours of a switch for him, Celtic giving Tottenham Scott Brown who is highly overvalued at the moment at £12 million for some reason and i beleive this because Harry Redknap seemed to be very interested in him last transfer season and Celtic getting Robbie Keane who is probably valued bang on at £7 million for Scott Brown plus £5 million from Tottenham which Celtic would jump at and i think that Robbie is becoming surplus to requirments at tottenham at the moment despite scoring 4 goals against burnley and totenham would also gain out of it by getting a young highly valued player out of it and the tiny sum of £5 million by EPL standards.

    3. I was at Wembley for the Wembley cup just before the start of the season and a Celtic team which i would say is the worst i have seen played Tottenham of the park…

    another thing, do Tottenham fans sing any songs apart for shouting Yidd Army every 15-20 which is repetative and to be honest very shit, No disrespect but your team is and always will be a little club who spend and spens but never actually do anything.

    Hope you finish above Arsenal though,

    ” Hail! Hail! “


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