Keane refuses to talk about his Spurs future


Tottenham striker Robbie Keane refused to answer questions about his future at White Hart Lane after scoring in the 2-1 win over New York Red Bulls.

The Republic of Ireland international blanked reporters who asked him about his future after he put in a disappointing display in New York.

Keane recently returned from a six-month loan spell at Celtic and has also been linked with a move to Aston Villa.

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  1. fickel spurs fans forget that keane was arguable our best player a few seasons back, his been through a bit and found his form back at celtic. we should deffo keep him he will alomost be like a new signing for us i just [email protected] understand why people want o see the back of him

    • Another who cannot actually understand the term 'fickle'. It means of a changing nature, here one day, gone the next. (A bit like Keane perhaps?). Spurs fans are far from fickle, as we pack out the lane, regardless of our league position, that's loyal, that's passionate, that's a fact mate!. Keane is reaping what he himself had sewn, and who can blame us. Keane had ample opportunity to stamp his mark on his return and failed miserably in the process. His belligerent behaviour and petulance, made Harry loan him out , and look how well Spurs did without him, also a fact mate.As for playing for Celtic, well sure he did well, who wouldn't?. So please don't blame us fans for his poor form eh?, fickle my Arsenal!

      • Keane's main fault has been his immense 'ego'.He thought he was too good for Spurs and now the truth has caught up with him.He only now is realising that he is no longer in the shape he was 5 years ago.His conceit has lead him to think that he did not have to train harder as he got older.The result is that he no longer has that edge that made him a great striker.His performace in New York was only mediocre.The old Keane(and defoe or Pav. if they had been playing) would have scored 3 goals.To wallow in sentiment about past glories is to destroy progress.Keane must GO.

  2. nat, you must be blind if you cannot see he doesnt have the heart to wanna be at spurs anymore, the sooner we get rid the better

  3. It's not about being fickle. He was one of the best players 'a few seasons back' and he found form at celtic…so what; I could find form at celtic. If we want to move forward and look to challenge the top three and champs league we need some real quality up top, I think we are fine in the other areas with a few tweaks here and there. COYS

  4. I no people didn’t like the way keano left us for liverpool but just remember everyone makes mistakes but at least he had the balls to admit it and move back to the club when we needed him! The lad has scored over 100 goals for spurs and I for one think he should be kept because I feel he still has a few more left in him! Keano has been a great servant to our club! Sometimes I feel the word legend is used a little to loosely but I think Robbie Keane is a legend and in 20 years time he will be talked as one by the fans who doubt him! COYS

    • Oh for crying out loud, what the hell do you see? Keane a LEGEND!, please mate learn to watch the game and not the headlines. Keane was substituted more than any other player I've ever known, by every manager who he played under. His 'form' only flourished when Berbatov came, which makes Berba the genius, not Keane. His pointy, shouty, chasing may make you like him for his willingness to please, but in a team perspective, its disruptive and ineffective. Well I guess your easily pleased, but how well did we do without him?, bloody well to be sure, to be sure, get rid asap Harry

  5. the sooner he goes the better.a player who cant think his way out of situations on the pitch.he showed no loyalty when a offer came in from liverpool .the problem is villa may also see what most of us know.he deserves no loyalty back and it was a major mistake to make him sends the wrong message to the rest of the team.p.g he goes anywhere.but go.

  6. It's not about anything other than Keane's Desire, passion and form, in recent seasons (before the move to Liverpool) there was never a need to question none of the above with Regards to the player, … but since his return he seems to be lacking passion, and desire which in turn has lead to a consistent dip in his form, look what we achieved when he was at Celtic, he left, the team seemed to click more, as he was Captain it was difficult to leave him out, but he wasn't really firing on the pitch… I think even Keane knows it's time to move on, I just hope it happens soon, not out of hate but because I strongly believe it's the best for both parties.

    • Well sorry, but i think you're wrong. I went out and celebrated our' lottery win' whan Liverpool poached him. Are you forgetting the amount of times Jol and Ramos subbed him?, more times than any other player I recall!, nope running around like an idiot may fool some, but footballs about team work, not the Robbie Keane show, good riddance to a poor captain and even poorer servant!

      • In your 3-54pm post you praise berbatov up, a man who refused to even pull on our shirt then you slate keanes desire to run his balls of for our club! Then come on keane a poor servant I would take one keane over a hundred berbatov’s. Plus seriously since berba stopped playin with keane he hasn’t exactly set the world a light has he!

        • I stated a fact, that it makes Berbatov a better player than Keane has ever been or ever was!. Thats a fact matey, not praise for the man but more for his ability. Dont put words into my mouth in a vain attempt to detract from what I actually stated. Would have Berba back? well I'd sooner Keane stay if that was the choice, but hopefully it wont be!

  7. What are you talking about, Essexian? 05-06 and 06-07 under Jol saw him playing the best football he's played in a Spurs shit. He forced Defoe out of the team and formed a lethal partnership with Berbatov.. Which then lead to Defoe wanting out and moving to the south coast.

    It's obvious he's past his best and 'Arry probably still hasn't forgiven him for that forbidden trip to Dublin he organized but a poor servant? You're out of your canister, mate.

    • Erm, think again, Defoe was't forced out by Keane, Keane sulked that's for certain but it was more of case of being badly advised by his then agent, more than wanting to leave the Lane. Berbatov made Keane look half decent, be interesting to get the actual facts of the times Keane was subbed or was sub under Jol, and Ramos because one of us has a poor memory and mines fairly good most of the time, game on eh?


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