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Like any good fan, I get a little worked up while watching my team play.

In short, I scream—a lot.

I scream with joy when Defoe slots home an impressive goal. I scream in frustration when Kaboul thinks he can do better and leaves a porous defense all the more so. I scream directives at the team when it seems ‘arry isn’t getting it right. I scream when Adebayor thinks this is a video game and offside has been turned off. In fact, the only time I don’t scream when watching Spurs play is when Gomes is playing—because I’m too busy holding my breath.

Lately, though. I don’t care about all of that. Win or loss, the main focus of my vocal vivacity seems to be focused on prayer.

Not the “please let us smite our cross-town enemies” kind of prayer as much as the “please—for the love of Bill—get up.”

That’s all I’m asking out of my team anymore. Just get up.

Please, please, please. No, physios. Stay off the pitch. No, please put the stretcher away. Magic spray is all that’s nee—NO MARTIN TYLER THAT WAS NOT A PARTICULARLY NASTY LOOKING KNOCK, HE’S GOING TO BE JUST FINE…please.

I can’t take it anymore. Our squad list is thinner than Brad Friedel’s hair. My face is changing colors more often than Sandro’s hair.

Blackburn, then, is just about the last team I wanted to see this weekend. Thanks, mostly likely, to my pleas to the heavens, it appears we somehow got out of Ewood unscathed. Relatively.

The three points, coupled with the pedestrian performances of our top-four rivals, will go a long way in helping us move up the table.

But we’ve been a mainstay at the top of another table for what seems like about six years. As usual, Tottenham Hotspur leads the league in players sidelined and nursing injuries.

According to physioroom, we have seven players out for the foreseeable future. The league average is between two and three.

Why is this? Are we an especially physical team? Not hardly. Are we weak and paper-thin? Only in defense. By all accounts, our trainers seem competent, and Redknapp doesn’t have a history of running his team ragged in practice—it seems just the opposite.

And they’re not third-teamers nobody’s heard of, either.  We are without three clear starters for the long term, and one Jonny Evans or Nigel De Jong horror show away from Roman Pavlyuchenko, CB.

What’s the solution, then? Whine when our players are called up to international duty? Put the entire team in cotton wrapping?

I’m not so sure. But I’m a fan. It’s my right to complain, knowing full-well I couldn’t do it any better.

The answer potentially lies in numbers. We have the highest number of players out, so perhaps we should have the highest number of players period. Especially in defense.  Cahill could’ve really helped shore up the defense, and although Bassong wanted to go as part of the deal, we need to buy someone like Cahill in January, while working hard to ensure that we keep Bassong. And Kaboul.

And the fact that I’m having a hard time naming another non-injured center back just goes to prove my point.

As long as we keep players with knackered knees and groins of glass, we need backup. And backup for that backup.

Please. I’m begging. Don’t make me scream.

By Cliff S

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  1. I remember going back to the 90's and injuries were pretty bad then (remember 'sicknote' anyone)?? I can't really ever remember having a settled 10 or 11 for a long period…. PERIOD. You just have to look at teams like Everton. By that I mean if a team like Everton had our injuries could they actually field a team over 16 years of age? I mean no disprespect to Everton what-so-ever, just simply we have had pretty bad injuries for a number of decades now, which a lot of teams in the prem would not cope with that easily.. Got to be a reason, eh??

  2. when we won the league…(yes!! we did!! ) we had a first team squad of 16 and IIRC only 14 were used and we had very few injuries when the game wqas a lot rougher than it is now.

    So, either what we seek is always fragile, or our medical staff are crap, or we are just unlucky, or WHL is jinxed.
    Injuries more than anyhting esle have kept us OUT of the top four for near 20+yrs

  3. The squad limit these days is 25 including 3 keepers meaning 22 outfield players, if we have 7 players out that leaves us with 15 players, we will just have to continuing battling along and hoping we pick up battling victories like we did against Blackburn getting in numbers doesnt work these days and of those 7 players, 4 are defenders and this seems to show we need to improve there the injuries we have are a just an excuse, we are only really missing Dawson from out first xi we are winning and dont look like losing we should all stop looking at injuries ready for an excuse to make when we do lose and support the team that is looking stronger than the year we made the champions league!

    • We are winning but lets be honest we are a living on borrowed time Wigan Newcastle Blackburn have all helped prolong that time. Harry needs too ease our defensive part off our four game or time will be up and another draw or defeat will arrive. Last season we played the same except with King playing this year in more games we have won more games Van scored 11 goals Crouch provided most of the chances Defoe was benched and Pav we stayed in 5th waiting for January push into fourth it never came Van dired up Crouch forgot how too score his onw goals Defoe was blunted by splinters on the bench Pav the same and the rest is history we finished 5th. This year it started of like a bad dream then the nightmare stared fading with King Parker Adebyor all coming in and we started playing good football with clean sheets unbeaten Wolves Liverpool then Harry praised our defence and attack and changed the fucker when Van came back from his hammy rest and goals went in from Van and also went in at the other end with our overworked defence. Then the dreaded injury curse struck and our inept Medical staff showed why we have the worse injury record in the premiership Lennon three months last season resting his groin then he broke down in training he got sent too a German man who recommended five more weeks rest . Since he has come back you could see he his protecting it from hard tackles and he is scared too take his man on the outside something this lad loved doing its not healing with rest. Huddlestone played last season with needles something i don't recommend because it hides pain and does more damage and this is what has happened you could see he was not fit his passing was weak because his ankle was in pain and finally he had the operation and sadly it looks like the extra damage these needles have done could mean he may never recover like Freddy Flintoff i hope and pray he does come back better and stronger. .We had Bales back every time he went down we heard howls of pain from young Bale and then protecting his back he got damaged by Adams. King is a bloody mystery he has operations on a groin and his knee yet he cant train we have teams getting frozen in chambers oxygen tanks and Ledley swims and rides a bike too play in the over energetic premiership is priceless or a indication why we have the worse medical staff on record. Oh i forgot Lennon in pain walking off and Harry telling him too get back on and the sickness fiasco Pienaar groin op. We are getting a new medical centre and hydro swimming pool soon if i was Levey i would do what Liverpool did and sack the whole medical staff and start a fresh we have done the right thing making a training pitch the same has our white heart lane pitch will also help hammys and ankles from suffering from a different playing surface before games .

  4. With king and gallas in the squad, there always be at least one place occupied on the physios chair. And with the rest weve just been unlucky. Sandro, Corluka, Niko were all injured on international duty which we can’t do anything about! We have been lucky in a sense though, we have probably the easiest part of the fixture list, and we have just 2 games until a two week break so hopefully we can get all the boys back for the busy december period!

  5. I wonder how the thought of potential injury plays on the players minds, maybe it interferes with an all out performance for fear of injury. However Bale seems to be an exception, he really does seem to go flat out, and gets taken out a lot for it. So how does he manage to walk away from the Stoke and Blackburn style of tackle and remain fit every week??!!

  6. Our injuries used to terrible and laughable like Arsenals. Yes, sicknote. This did actually change for a period when Frank Arensen came in as DOF and revamped the whole way the club runs and the medical staff. Perhaps it is just a bit of bad luck at the moment, or that our players are slighly older, slightly more fragile and taking longer to heal. King and Gallas are the obvious ones, but Dawson has been picking them up recently and I worry that Sandro's telescopic frame and style might, stonking as he is, leave him prone to injuries.

  7. Think I would rather see Pav at centre back than Bassong. Now Rose is fit again I was rather hoping Harry would take our Cameroon duo to Kazan, one way of course, and let them get the local bus to team up with their fellow countryman, Sam.

  8. Sandro, Krankie and Corluka were all injured while on International duty, nothing to do with Spurs. King's is longer term, but Gallas' is, I believe a result of having to play so many games with an injury last season as our defensive problems intensified. Where we've fallen down (excuse the pun), is not getting the correct diagnosis for Gallas' and Dawson's injuries and the same with Huddlestone, who clearly wasn't right when he returned after a lengthy spell out. We're forgetting that last season, we had all of the above out and more for long periods and continually had to mix and match during the whole season. With the introduction of squad numbers, how can you possibly predict injuries or equally have players not registered for three months sitting around doing nothing, eating into resources we cannot afford?

  9. You cant predict injuries you are spot on but when they get them forget needles and quick fixes and our first team needs to train on white heart lane pitch because we have one of the best in the league and one of the worse injuries could be the lodge pitch.

    • That’s a very interesting idea. Are they planning on relaying the pitch at the lodge? Would that be renovated if the new stadium was built atop WHL?


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