“I want to be a key part of the team”


Jamie O’Hara has admitted that his future could lie away from White Hart Lane if he fails to hold down a first team place.

O’Hara, a boyhood Spurs fan has been heavily linked with a possible switch to West Ham.

“I’m 24 now, I’ve had a season in the Premiership and I’ve had a couple of seasons coming off the bench at Tottenham and now I want to settle down somewhere,” O’Hara told Hawksbee and Jacobs on TALKsport.

“I want to be a key part of the team. I’ve always wanted to do that at Tottenham but if it doesn’t work out then I’ll have to look elsewhere.

“I’m not even training yet and I’m being linked to other clubs. It’s obviously flattering to have that interest from other clubs but to be honest all I’m thinking about at the moment is getting back fit and whatever happens in January is going to be a bonus.”

He added: “I want to go to a club where I can put some roots down and hopefully become a fan favourite and stay at a club for a few years. I don’t want to be coming into clubs playing for three months, coming back.

“If I do go and things don’t work out here at Tottenham then I’m going to be looking for somewhere where I’m going to stay for four or five years. That’s something I want to do now, I don’t want to be moving around all the time.

“I’ve never wanted to leave Tottenham but there comes a point in your career if you’re not playing games you’ve got to look at yourself and think well this is my career. I want to be playing football, I’m not one of these people that want to sit in the bench and play one in four.”

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  1. if he can be quoted on this, then let the mug go,i liked him when he had a run a few years ago but he can't be that deluded to think he has a spot before modds/thud/bale/lennon/vdv or even kaboul.

  2. He has been injured for a year, been happy to accept wages and now as he gets to see a return starts talking about moving on if he can't get a regular 1st team place, well I am sorry but there are far better players than him already on the bench, bugger off then you ungrateful sod.

  3. Get fit then and prove yourself then…!!! I’ve always admired O’Hara’s work rate and commitment but I feel he shouldn’t be demanding a place until he’s fit and playing well. He’s been well looked after by Spurs during a long spell with a back problem and it’s now time to repay that with some loyalty…

  4. You all dont seem to be able to comprehend a word even OHara says. Which is embarrassing. Is he saying he is better than anyone else at Spurs? No. He is merely saying, if he doesn’t cut it at Spurs, then he wants to go to a team where he will cut it. Props to the lad, he’s a good Spurs squad player but he deserves to cut out a career somewhere that suits his combative style. And he will at some point come back to haunt us.

  5. Look at this from both sides of the coin….Yes he may have been off sick for a long time, he may have been drawing a wage for a long time, he may have been outspoken on occasions BUT when he played he was 110% committed to the team and he still wants to be, maybe he can't make the grade in our new Spurs but he wants to try !!! Lets be honest to these guys matchtime must be on par with a good screw ..and what do you do if you aint getting any ?????? nuff said…


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