King misses operation after lost passport saga


Ledley King

Ledley King has had an operation on his groin delayed until next week after he lost his passport.

The Tottenham defender was due to fly out to Germany and undergo the operation yesterday, but it will now be scheduled for next week.

Redknapp said: “He should have had his operation today. He couldn’t make it. Why? It’s a long story. (It’s) next week now.

“He couldn’t find his passport, so he couldn’t fly out to have it done. He mislaid it. He was going to see a lady in Germany.”

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  1. This team is just a bunch of f'ing clowns. Absolutely no desire to do well as a team. From the chairman down to the stadium staff. I can't take this club seriously anymore.

  2. get over it you pricks??? find some girls or boys?? ha ha, sib "the king", get back to your baby lotion and your right hand, stupid little wanker.

  3. haha you cocksuckers take this shit too seriously. Ok, so guys like Sib/Seb/whatever don't know as much about this as you (you should really take a walk or something, anything) but it takes one little comment and it really rattles you, doesn't it? Not much going on in your little lives, no? And it's not just him, I read these posts every now and then and you guys get so rattled over people's opinions, it's tragic. I've just served 16 months in afghan, you whiney pricks are my entertainment right now. For your own sake, look in a mirror and check how pathetic and tragic your lives must be for you to be so devastated over people's opinions while there are REAL problems in the world.

    • HawkTA, I see what you are saying, and yes, football is not the most important thing in the world. However, you still have to put your opinion forward and start calling people "cocksuckers", telling people they have "pathetic and tragic" lives. You are just as bad. They thing that rattles me is you hide this behind the fact you have served in Afghan, as if due to this, you are allowed to insult people and act high and mighty, it as if due to this you feel above everyone else. I know a guy that served in Iraq, and I respect the Army greatly, and support all that they do, but this guy who served in Iraq was an ass hole, when he was home he used to go out and smash the shit out of young lads on a Friday and Saturday night, great soldier sure, but still an ass hole, and I wouldn't respect his opinion. So well done and thank you for what you done in Afghan, but jog on pal, you are no better that everyone else that had over reacted to SIB's comments.

  4. "ass hole"? Well guess what, we're trained to be "ass holes". You go there a nice person and you won't last a minute. I know I'm no better but what kind of shit is this that a guy gets called a 'prick' for giving his opinion. Says a lot about this site and the tragic little people who use it. Like I said, tragic little lives if all your problems are football-based but it's people like you that entertain me. Getting rattled over someone's opinion – you won't last a second in the real world because EVERYONE has an opinion.

    • TA….It's a site for paople to air opinions and exchange banter, no one said football is the only important thing in our lives. Chill out dude, I dont think relations are so fraught we need to call the army in so, in the words of Hank…. Jog on pal.

  5. Lol, sorry if my opinionn offended u pricks so much. wanna know my opinion on boy bands? actually no, you'll probably top yourselves lol


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