Kranjcar ready to leave Spurs


Niko Kranjcar

Croatia midfielder Niko Kranjcar has warned Tottenham that he is ready to leave the club unless he gets more regular football before the end of the season.

Kranjcar feels that at 26-years-old he needs to be playing on a regular basis after just starting four games for Spurs this season.

“I’m ambitious and I want to play football, especially in my best years,” said Kranjcar, 26.

“If I was a young lad, I would wait for my chance, but obviously 27, 28, 29 are the best footballing years.”

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  1. Sad. Don’t know why Harry has played him so little. He could have rotated him with any of our attacking midfielders and kept everybody fresher. The injuries to Bale and VDV have probably had fatigue play a large part, and playing Kranjcar more would have avoided this. We would probably be further up the league as a result. Rotation, or lack thereof, has been Harry’s biggest mistake this season.

    With VDV’s latest antics and poor performances, i’d rather he left instead and brought some money in. No doubt he would, despite his age still command a bigger fee than Kranjcar.

  2. He’ll go with my blessing. I don’t want him to leave but I understand his frustration. Redknapp kept saying he’d get his chance, then bale was out injured for 2 months, but he went and bought pienaar. What a waste of money he has been. Useless. No wonder niko has got the hump. He’s a very capable player who has been overlooked for players of lesser ability.

  3. Let's not forget that Niko was injured at the start of the season. Then he struggled for form. Then he came in and was the match winner for a few games. But a midfielder has to produce more than just goals – unless they score so many that is. Niko has been unlucky, but the 3 month period from Dec to Feb was so good to us, that there was no way he could break in to a winning team. Then we signed Pienaar. So it is even harder to get a place. Like O'Hara, he will need to leave for guaranteed 1st team action. Alexis – A club like us cannot rotate a winning team.

    • He got a chance, scored two match winning goals, then dumped. What did he do wrong? What didnt he produce? He had two games to produce something, which he did, but you want more.

  4. its a shame was a great song, youre right mate, i love the plaintive cry at the start, i bet you sing that in the bathroom when youre nuns out


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