Kranjcar: I was ready to leave Tottenham


Niko Kranjcar

Niko Kranjcar admits he would have left Tottenham last month if he had received a suitable offer.

The midfielder came off the bench to score Tottenham’s winner in the 2-1 victory against Bolton at the Lane on Saturday.

He turned down a move to Werder Bremen in January and now the transfer window has closed he has vowed to fight for his place in the team.

“I talked openly to the manager and obviously I want to play football. I asked if a good opportunity came in for me would he make any problems for me leaving. But it didn’t and that’s the reason why I am still here at the end of the day,” he told Sky Sports News.

“He said he understands my position and if I stay obviously nothing changes in that respect. I will always give 100 per cent in training and keep working and fighting for my place in the team and so that’s what happened.

“I do believe that I missed games and I think every footballer misses games, and to be match-fit you have to play games so obviously in that respect it is not the best.

“But I think from my experience point of view, those games that I got chances to play in and from the goals I have scored, especially for the national team and coming on on Saturday, I am in my best footballing years.”

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  1. niko is the best…niko is better than modric…now it's niko time!!!

    harry will be saved again from him….again,again and again….
    robbie keane sad that he never saw someone with more football inteligence than him…
    …croatian national team coach sad that niko kranjcar is top 10 footballer in the world … remember,croatians are ranked as 10. national squad in the world…he must be preety sure what is he talking about,because he had modric,rakitic,olic,pranjic and many others…and he sad niko is the best

    i dont know what harry is thinking…

    ''he is not the type of player who can save teams from relegation (like modric maybe is),but he is apsolutely the player who is one of the few in world helping teams to win championships and places,and taking resposibility when no one can,and he is the best in those situations,he is a cruacial addition to every team that wants to be in top 10 in the world…'' – that said one of the most brilliant coaches croatia ever had,a brilliant manager mamstermind who trained many big clubs in europe in 80'-es …

    …believe me,i respect bale,but he cant compare with niko really,he scored only few goals in his career,he is still very young,and cant be comapred to other top players in the world,but niko is a truly world class player,and many intelligent managers see that…harry,wake up please!!!…niko will save you again,and you will forgot it again next season…ancelloti will probably take him in the summer,that he sad in the interview….but if we let niko to them they will be unstoppable,they only need one player who can serve quality balls to rogba,anelka,torres and co. …
    niko's price should be at least 30 millions,now its only 10… so the club who takes him next will get him for peanuts,like we did last year,,,2 million for almost 10 goals nad 10 assists in 3 months…crazy isnt it

  2. A proven quality international left sided player – he NEEDS to start in the next match. Harry has no reason not to start with Krancjar now – play him in the next match or we will lose him in the Summer.

    Saturday would have been a disaster if krancjar was sold last week. Lets prevent that happening in future seasons – start Krancjar against Sunderland!

  3. and he would be okey theat he is a substitute for this kid bale,can you imagine that,and he was a complete star in a team where ever he played…he is a beautiful personality…
    very very soon every big club will want him,just give him few minutes in the pitch in CL,and he is gone….
    …so we have a player who is a worl class being okey with substitution on a REGUAL basis harry redknapp…he only needs few more games,he is very tolerant…and bale was a ghost in 50% of all his matches,because you want to kill the kid without replacing him…and he has now injury problems when we need bale,but wasnt so desparately needed in all those premier league matches….kranjcar could handle them without problem like last year,and bale could be fit now…harry harry bad boy

  4. Niko's response to the Press (?) was just so classy. Not too many player can be so humble after scoring such a great goal after sitting on the bench for so long.
    Suspect he still needs a little more time to adjust to this year's team formation. Think it's best for him to come in again as a substitute,maybe for 2nd half to ease off the pressure after so much media & fan attention.


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