Kranjcar: Everyone should support Modric


Luka Modric - Tottenham Hotspur News

Niko Kranjcar has defended Luka Modric by claiming that his Croatian team-mate should not be criticised for his behaviour this summer.

The unsettled Tottenham midfielder will not face Manchester United this evening .

“It is his decision to make and something he has to go through with the club,” Kranjcar told the London Evening Standard. “No one deserves to judge him if he decides to go because he has given three fantastic years to the club.

“I think as a friend you support them no matter what they decide to do. He has played every game with his heart and if he gets an opportunity or the club decide to sell him, everyone should support his decision. It is his decision not ours and it’s not up to us to convince him to stay or go.”

“If the club don’t sell him he will continue to play his football for the club as always because he loves the game,” Kranjcar added. “He loves it too much not to give his best. Everyone should expect him to give his all to the cause. I’m sure he will put in a great performance when selected.”

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  1. Don't they have contracts in Croatia then? Modric has shown himself to be a sulky, greedy little turncoat & should not receive any salary until he decides that Spurs are not beneath him. Sell him by all means…but NOT to Chelsea.

  2. Put him in the reserves .Fine him one months wages.No one is bigger than the club.Let it be shown that this is what happens with a player who acts like a child

  3. WHY?????

    If he had acted like a man and had gone about it the right way and not gone public about a private conversation with Daniel, then I might. He has done nothing to earn my respect.

  4. Surely it is the clubs decision when he has 5 years left on his contract and we hold his registration, if the Russian mafia pay enough offload him, in excess of £40 million, head not in the right place, suggest he looks on top of his body between the shoulders

  5. Krancjar is his mate, what else is he going to say?

    Levy has held out for weeks now, only 9 days to go. Don't cave in now. If Modric won't play suspend his contract as has happened to players before.

  6. Very wrong Niko Loyalty is a big thing with Spurs supporters ! he signed a 5 year contract with us last year, now he wants to go to Chelsea and you want us to support his decision get real man !! its all about greed !

  7. We will support him, now all he has to do is support us, be professional and honour his contract. If the club decides he can walk out on his contract they will notify him. In the meantime, any money that Chel$ki may have illegally promised him is not our concern.

  8. if he and his agents would have stayed quiet, and waited for a club to make an appropriate offer, it might have been easier to let him stay or go.

    getting fed-up with people saying 'sell him',.. don't these people realise that the only offer we've had is £22m.
    if his agent arranged the move, he shudda worked out if chelsea were gonna offer the right money !

    £40mil,let him go,…. £22mil let him rot.

  9. Put an end to this now Levy. He has showed his true colours, now show him the door.

    30 – 35 million + Drogba.

    If not let him rot in the reserves, don’t even let him train with the first team.

  10. Cant blame a player who want to play in a far better team bigger club and CL football take your money and buy 4 more players if they are any good then we will buy them in January once a selling club always a selling club.


  11. Leave modric alone, yes he did say he wants to play for chelsea but neverless he will alway play his heart out for tottenham and look at our fans when he came on during our last friendly game, the reception was amazing. I don’t blame him if he wants to go because we bloody failed to qualify for the champions league.


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